Alameda County Genealogy -
Oakland, Alameda County, California
Source: Aegis, 1899

The Class of June, '99
First Quarter

President, Miss Helen A. WINCHESTER
Vice-President, Miss Edith EVANS
Secretary, Mr. Walter EVANS
Treasurer, Mr. Ralph SUMNER

Second Quarter

President, Mr. Ray McCARGAR
Vice-President, Miss Jacqueline MOORE
Secretary, Miss Della WEST
Treasurer, Mr. Ralph SUMNER


1. Mr. Howard M. ATWATER
2. Mr. Traylor Wilson BELL
3. Mr. Prentiss BEE
4. Mr. Warren BEE
5. Miss Edna Olive BRANCH
6. Miss Annette Evelyn CANFIELD
7. Mr. Morton COLLIER
8. Miss Myrtle CROMWELL
9. Miss Grace Irene CUMBERSON
10. Miss Marietta Rose EDWARDS
11. Miss Emiline Elizabeth COBBLEDICK
12. Miss Grace E. DAWSON
13. Miss Edith Rutherford EVANS
14. Mr. William Walter EVANS
15. Mr. James ELLIS
16. Miss Eva Alberta FULTON
17. Mr. Fred FURNISS
18. Mr. Harry GILBERTSON
19. Miss Hannah HAMPTON
20. Miss Clara Malintha HOAGLAND
21. Miss Mary Crawford JOHNSTON
22. Mr. Arthur Francis KALES
23. Mr. Louis KENNEDY
24. Miss Edna B. KINNARD
25. Mr. George V. LAWRY
26. Miss Josie Ethel LEMON
27. Mr. Arthur W. LUTHER
28. Miss Maud Anna LOVEJOY
29. Mr. Frank Elmer MARCHAND
30. Mr. Erle McBOYLE
31. Mr. Ray McCARGAR
32. Miss Flora Olivia MILLER
33. Miss Jacqueline Anne MOORE
34. Miss Helen MOREHOUSE
35. Mr. Guy NEEDHAM
36. Miss Mabel Vivetta NEFF
37. Mr. Lester NEWMAN
38. Mr. Harry K. NOURSE
39. Miss Sarah Elizabeth PULLEN
40. Miss Mabel Clare ROGERS
41. Miss Geraldine SCUPHAM
42. Miss Mary Severance SHAFTER
43. Mr. Horace H. SMITH
44. Mr. Sumner S. SMITH
45. Miss Maybelle Frances SPARKS
46. Mr. Ralph SUMNER
47. Mr. Walter STEVENS
48. Miss Louise WALCOTT
49. Miss Della Elizabeth WEST
50. Miss Margaret WHITE
51. Miss Ida WILKES
52. Miss Carolyn Adams WILLIAMSON
53. Miss Helen Ada WINCHESTER


1. Mr. J.B. McCHESNEY, Principal.
2. Miss G.M. FISHER, History and Mathematics
3. Miss E.A. PACKARD, Head of English and History Departments, English
4. Mr. Charles L. BIEDENBACH, Mathematics
5. Mr. S.P. MEADS, Head of Natural Science Department, Physics
6. Miss K.M. WERTZ, Head of Department of Mathematics
7. Miss Caroline M. CUSHING, English
8. Mr. E.F. BURRILL, Head of Department of Ancient and Modern Languages, Greek and Latin
9. Miss Margaret WYTHE, Botany and Zoology
10. Miss WILLIAMS, Mathematics
11. Mr. John M. PATTON, French, German, and Mathematics
12. Miss MINNIE BUNKER, Greek and Latin
13. Miss A.W. BREWER, English
14. Mr. Fred G. COTTRELL, Chemistry
15. Miss A.I. GALBRAITH, Latin
16. Miss C.M. PALMER, Physical Culture
17. Miss L.E. JOHNSON, History
18. Mr. Richard PARTINGTON, Drawing
[19.] Miss Margaret HERRICK, Drawing

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