Alameda County Genealogy -

Source: The Year Book of Miss Ransom and Miss Bridges' School, 1920-1921
Published by the Students of Miss Ransom and Miss Bridges' School, Piedmont, California

Marion RANSOM, A.B.
Vassar, Radcliffe
University of California
Executive Secretary

Matilda WILSON
Financial Secretary

Elizabeth Hall BLAKEY, A.B.
University of California
Academic Secretary

Social Secretary

Eleanor MORRIS
Assistant Financial Secretary

Eleanor MOORE

House Manager
Bryn Mawr, Cornell

Caroline Sloane LOMBARD, A.B.
Bryn Mawr
Assistant in English

Martha Rice FURLONG, A.B.
Bryn Mawr
Assistant in English

National Academy of Design, New York
Drawing and Painting

Augusta BRIGGS, A.B.
Mathematics and Chemistry

Latin and History of Art

Helen S. LAUTZ, A.B.
Bryn Mawr

Florence LOCKE
Oral Expression

Hester LEVIS
Swarthmore, Boston School of 
Physical Education
Physical Director

Clara Anna McREYNOLDS, R.N.
McNutt Hospital, San Francisco
Trained Nurse

Florence BEARD, A.B.
University of California
Biology and Physiology

Josephine JOBARD
Universite de Dijon

Universite de Nancy
Assistant in French

Elizabeth BEALL, A.B.
University of California
Assistant Physical Director

Marguerite RICKARD
Royal College of Music, London

Deborah BIXBY
Susanna BRYANT
Elizabeth HAWKINS
Sally LANG
Virginia PERKINS
Betsy TAFT
Harriet WALKER
Elizabeth WOOD

Elinor MOLLER has been living in her home in Oakland.
Mr. and Mrs. George NICKEL (Ernestine McNEAR) have left their farms near Los Banos and have settled permanently in Burlingame.
Mrs. Henry HEILBRON (Hazel LAYMANCE) has been living in Sacramento, buty with social functions and her two small boys.
Mrs. Earl Cecil LONG (fay FAIRBANKS), whose husband is stationed at the Naval Station on Manila Bay, is enjoying "the unusual life of the tropics and the Far East," making occational interesting visits to China and Japan.
Bina Moseley has been working for two years in the Letterman Hospital in San Francisco.
Mrs. Maurice J. SULLIVAN (Gladys WILSON) has been living in San Francisco.
Helen BANNAN, last October, resigned from her position as assistant to the Dean of the Graduate Division of the University of California to become the wife othe the geologist, Dr. Frank S. HUDSON.
Mrs. Percy Victor CLIBBORN (Katherine Russell SMITH) has been living at her home in Jerome, Arizona.
Mrs. Haold HAVENS (Lillian BARNARD) has bought a house in Piedmont, where she is now living.
Mrs. Carey Sterling HILL (Lilla LOVELL) is living in Los Angeles.  She has a second son, Robert.
Mrs. George MARWEDEL (Dorothy TAFT) has a daughter, Elizabeth Brett MARWEDEL.
Mrs. Charles Allen ANDERSON (Edith ATKINS) is living in Berkeley, doing work at the University of California hoping to get a degree.  Her small daughter Patricia, is at the John Muir School.
Mrs. Thomas BUNKER (Helen ACKER) has been living at her home in Oakland.
Helen COOGAN has married Robert Gemmel ADAMS and lives in Chico.  Mr. ADAMS owns and manages a rice farm just out of Chico.
Mrs. Ambrose Everts GREEN (Catherine De MOTTE) has a new son, Marshall De Motte GREEN.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wheeler HEAD is living in Oakland.
Mrs. Stanhope Wood NIXON (Doris RYER) is living in New York.
Olive THACHER has been living at her home in the Ojai Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph BUTLER (Leslie JONES) moved from Fresno to Oroville and are now building a house on their ranch outside of Oroville.
Gertrude BAKER has opened her own studio of music in Burlingame, and also has classes in San Francisco and South San Francisco every week.
Claire GAZLEY is teaching in Roseburg, Oregon, as supervisor of music.  There are four schools including the High School and she is supervising the music of each one, including several glee-clubs and an orchestra.
Mrs. Andrew Stevenson HEILBRON (Laura CURREY) has been living on a ranch at Dixon.
Mrs. Harold Rannels KELLEY (Dorothea TORREY) has a new daughter, Jean Torrey KELLEY, born last fall.
Mrs. Carlos McCLATCHY (Phebe BRIGGS) has a son, James Briggs McCLATCHY.
Mrs. Horace PILLSBURY (Dorothy HUNDLEY) has a daughter, Ann Watts Pillsbury.
Kathryn THOMAS took her M.A. at Columbia last year.  She is now in Manchester, England, teaching salesmanship.
Mrs. Walter VAN DYKE (Helen GOODALL) is living in Los Angeles.  She made one or two visits here this year.
Mrs. Joseph WADSWORTH (Alice COOK) has a daughter, Phulis Timson WADSWORTH.
Alfreda WRIGHT has been doing secretarial work in San Francisco at the Seattle Flour Mill.
Mr. and Mrs. Deming WHEELER (Dorothy DEMING) are building a house in Santa Cruz.
Mrs. Madeline Chambers BARKER has been living at her home in Oakland.  She has two children.
Mrs. Joseph Pierce COLLINS (Sue COOPER) has been living at her home in Fresno.
Elva GHIRARDELLI has gone to Europe with her mother after the marriage of her sister, Juanita to Harry MAGEE.
Mrs. Herbert Lincoln HUBBARD (Philena WETMORE) has been living at her home in Redlands, but spent the summer in Los Angeles and THanksgiving with her family in Oakland.
Harriet HUNTER has spent the winter at her home in Oakland.
Minerva LOVELL has gone to Honolulu to be bridesmaid to her cousin.
Mrs. George Willard MILLER (Edna SIMMONS) is living in Oakland, and a "lively young son" absorbs a great part of her time.
Helen HOLMAN is secretary to her father who is editor of the "Argonaut."  She has recently returned from an Eastern trip.
Mrs. Harold Rowland McDONALD (Doris SHAVER) has been living in Fresno.
Mrs. Blaine ROGERS (Dorothy PATTERSON) has a new daughter, but as yet has been unable to decide upon a name for her.
Mrs. Samuel W. TERRY (Ellis MORRIS) has a second son, Henry.  She has been living at her home in Berkeley.
Winifred TINNING'S mother writes us that Winifred has been in the southern part of France "working with one of the Anne Morgan units in the devastated region of the Aisne, acting as a chaffeur, driving Ford trucks to carry supplies of all kinds to the people of fifteen or twenty villages."  She has been in love with the country and keenly interested in the people who are so appreciative of the help and so ready to adapt themselves to new conditions.
Mrs. Robert WAYBUR (Anne Elizabeth CROWDER) has settled permanently in a home in Piedmont.
Mrs. Elwood WRIGHT (Estelle COOKE) has another son, called Elwood Wellman WRIGHT, Jr.
Jean WRIGHT was married early last fall to Allyn WOOD.  She is now secretary to the Alumnae Association.
Anna BARBOUR is engaged to be married early in June, to Gustaf LINDBERG.
Mary ADAMS, after graduating from the University of California in 1920, went East.  She and Doris DURST and Mary Louise MICHAELS and two other girls made a very gay and energetic party on the Sierra Club trip last summer.
Elizabeth BARROLL spent the winter in Pasadena, coming up twice to visit Mrs. Chales Zook SUTTON.
Madeleine BENEDICT has been City Bacteriologist for the City of Alameda. She is now engaged to be married to Leroy Monroe GIMBAL.
Barbara CHAMPION was married in February, to Joseph Houstan EASTMAN.
Mrs. John OKELL (Harriet WALSH) has spent the winter at her home in Oakland.
Mrs. John H. RUSSELL (Amy REQUA) is living in Los Angeles.  She has a son, John Lawrence RUSSELL.
Mrs. Arthur SELBY (Marjorie HENDERSON) spent the winter at her home in Oakland.
Mrs. Charles Zook SUTTON (Amy LONG) was matron of honor at her sister Sally's wedding.
Elizabeth THACHER has been ill all summer and fall, but is "much better now, and up all the time."
Mrs. Horace VAN SICKLEN (Miriam BEAVER) has been doing hury duty in San Francisco during the winter.
Alice HANCHETT is playing golf in England.
Eleanor BARNARD has gone to Europe.
Margaret CARR took her A.B. at the University of Califormia this Christmas.
Mrs. Maurice Kirby CLARK (Helen BLACKBURN) has a new son, George CLARK, born in June 1920.
Mrs. Thomas Irving CROWELL, Jr. (Pauline WHITTLESEY) is living in Upper Montclair, New Jersey, where her sister, Margaret, is visiting her.
Mrs. Robert Bunting FRICK (Milva WARNER) has a sister, Florence, in the school.
Mrs. Guy Gilbert GILCHRIST (Adeline Easton HOWARD) is president of the Alumnae Association.  She comes to school occasionally, and on those visits her one-year-old son is a most popular visitor.
Lucy HALE, for the last few months, has been secretary and laboratory assistant to Dr. Chase PALMER, chief chemist of the Pacific Oil Company, whose temporary laboratory is at Avon, California.
Kathryn MAXWELL finished her Sophomore year at the University of California and then spent four months travelling in Europe.
Jean Clift SEARLES has been living at home.  Her sister graduates from here this year, having been in this school for twelve years.
Lorna WILLIAMSON took her A.B. at the University of California May, 1920.  She is abroad now.
Alice KEELER is married to Reverend J. Henry OHLHOFF.
Katharine BIXBY is taking her A.B. at Vassar this year.
Elizabeth BLISS has been living at her home in Piedmont.
Mrs. James CASEY (Katherine Curtis MAGEE) has been living at Camp Johnson, South Carolina, since last December, where Captain CASEY is stationed.
Janet Christy KNOX studied singing with Percy Rector Stephens last summer when he was in San Francisco, and in October went on to New York to continue her lessons with him.  She expects to come to Berkeley this summer and return to New York next winter.
Mrs. Francis LANGTON (Flora MILLER) has been living in San Francisco.
Amanda McNEAR has spent the winter in San Francisco.  Last summer she visited the SCHMEIDELLS at Lake Tahoe.
Mary Louise MICHAELS is taking her A.B. at the University of California this year.  She is expecting to do Post Graduate work at Bryn Mawr next year.
Doris SCHMEIDELL has spent the winter in San Francisco.
Winifred BROWN is a Sophomore at Wellesley.
Mrs. Turner BATTLE (Helen STAATS) is living in San Diego where her husband is in the Navy.
Alice DOBLE has completed her Junior year at Vassar.
Mabel DUPERU has a "glorious" two months in the Islands last spring.  She has finished her third year at the University of California.
Margaret MADISON has spent the winter in Italy, and has recently announced her engagement ot Wakefield BAKER.
Noma MATSEN has completed her Unior year at the University of California.  She is a member of the Alpha Chi Omega sorority.
Helen OKELL's wedding to Mr. Edward Franklin NOACK of Sacramento occurred in January.
Alice PRATT has been living at home in Piedmont and working in the Baby Hospital Clinic.  Her sister, Lora, graduates this year.
Hope SOMERSETT has spent the past year at the University of California.  She is going east in June to be bridesmaid to a friend of hers in Connecticut, and thence to a ranch in Wyoming to do "some real riding."  She returns as a Senior to Vassar in September, 1921.
Marion WOOD is at the University of Washington.
Alice REQUA is living at home in Piedmont.
Elizabeth BIXBY has a "job" working for her father, "doing some secretarial work, but mostly riding."  Moreover she manages to have a good time on the side.
Gertrude BOSWORTH has finished her second year at the University of California.
Florence BREED has been a Sophomore at Wellesley this past year.  She expects to enter the University of California next year and then return to Wellesley for her Senior year.
Virginia CRANE has been doing photography by herself at home very successfully.  She is going east this autumn to study, and when she returns she will open a studio of her own.
Margaret DUNN has been a Sophomore at Bryn Mawr.  She is going abroad this summer.
Margaret DANGBERG spent four months in the summer and fall touring the eastern and southern states in a machine.  The rest of the time she has been "enjoying life at home."
Flora EDWARDS has been living at home in Oakland.
Georgia GRAHAM has been playing with the Denishawn dancers all winter.
Helen GRANT is a Sophomore at the University of California and a member of the Alpha Phi Sorotiry.  She is often at school for her two sisters are in the house.
Dorothy GRISSIM spent the summer traveling through Canada, the East and South.  During the winter she has "gone on" with her French and taken a course in English History and History of Art.
Marjorie GUILD visited the Longs in Piedmont this spring.
Louise de Fremery HOWARD has married Mr. Harold BUQUET and lives in Hollywood.
Ruth JOHNSTON has been a Sophomore at Mills.
Berenice LANGTON has been studying drawing and painting in Philadelphia. Florence MARTIN was captain of water polo, on the college teams of basketball and tennis, and Sophomore representative on the Student Government Board of Bryn Mawr.
Laura MILLER has had one round of gaiety ofter her debut.
Persis MILLER was a Sophomore at Vassar this last year.
Elizabeth MOORE spent the first spemester at the University of California where she was a Kappa Kappa Gamma.  She went to Vassar for her second semester.
Margaret MUNN is at the University of California.
Harriet PATTERSON was a Sophomore at the University of California.
Patience WINCHESTER was a Sophomore at Smith.
Edwina DRIVER is to be married to Mr. Henry William HITCHCOCK, on June 9, in Santa Barbara.
Dorothy CAWSTON is now Mrs. Edward Marion FENNON.
Suzanna GUILFOYLE has begun a course at the Yale School of Arts in drawing and painting.  She is living with her sister in New Haven.

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