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Posted by Bobbie West [Smith] on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 22:45:21 :

My sister Renee Smith and I were there possibly parts of 1959-1963. I about 7-8 years of age when we arrived and my sister 3 yrs older 10-11.I remember being told that we had to be separated because of the 3 yrs.age difference.I threw a fit and was able to sleep with her for 2-3 nights.I was put in blue birds with sister celeste, then moved to brownies with sister Kenneth.I remember having to do the rosary and /or prayers every night. Eating together and washing and drying all of the dishes. the large floor cleaners were fun. we watched wrestling I believe with sister Kenneth and wonderful world of disney. She also played music or stories on records for us to listen to as we drifted off to sleep. We walked to All Hallows school down the big hill, wearing our uniforms. At school we played in the street.Dodge ball was big I think. My hair was dark reddish brown and very curly/frizzy also freckles.I got along with most of the girls, a couple maybe not so much. Also the roller rink in the basement I think. Movies friday nights, one movie I recall was THEM, giant ants.Love/hated vampire movies all the stuffed animals around my neck, no garlic. A few names I remember are mostly when i was in the brownie's are Gabriel, from Hungry I think, Belinda,Myrna, 2 Brenda's,Sonja, from chec republic , Marsha can't remember any last names.Mostly good memories not sure if anyone remembers my sister or myself, but if you do let me know. Thanks Bobbie [Smith] West

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