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Posted by Teri Carlson on Saturday, September 06, 2014 at 16:26:25 :

In Reply to: Re: 1963 Mt. St. Josephs SF posted by Alice Midson on Friday, January 11, 2013 at 09:07:42 :

Alice, I did live at the Mount. Were you saying you did live there? Please let me know! :) Just e-mail me and let me know what years you lived there.

: : I didnt live at the Mt but had friends there and visited there on occasion. I went to All Hallows as well. My best friend Linda Yantasca lived there.....many memories of those times....I just remember all the beds and the Huge palm trees....I graduated all hallows in 68...I believe I started in 63...: My sisters and I lived at the Mt in 1963, I was 6. I have good and bad memories there. One of the best was learning to ride a bike and in the summer we went to Mt. Saint Helens for a week. I was a Pixie and attended Our Hallows Help school. I remember when JFK was shot, we were in class and all the nuns were crying and shaking. I remember Rosedale, the garden that only the older girls were allowed to go to. I remember Sister Rita, Miss Felita and Miss Carmen.My best friend was Tina Seaput, I still have the Buzzy Beaver book she gave me. Wow! Such a long time ago, brings back so many memories...I remember a young woman that had been raped in the neighborhood found by the nuns naked and beaten, they brought her inside and took care of her and called the police.
: : : Novenas on Monday evenings were my favorite church times. Movies on Fridays and once we danced the Maypole in Keysar (sp?) Stadium at half time.
: : : I am trying to find the Facebook page for Mt Saint Josephs, but no luck as yet. Would appreciate any help.

: Oh Wow Yes!! I remember hearing of the young girl who was beaten up and taken in I beleive that was in 1965? ....and I remember the May Day Dances at Kaisar stadium and Golden Gate park......I wish some one would start a facebook as well.....that would be awesome.....Memories...Memories

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