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Lived there 1930 to 1938

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Posted by Corrine Francis Powers on Wednesday, July 08, 2015 at 22:35:15 :

Hello! My daughter just discovered this site. I remember Lena Samute, her sisters Mary and Filomena. Also, Dolores Melendez.
I remember all the sisters Sister Mary Helena, Sister Mary Lewis, Sister Mary Rita (my favorite), Sister Mary Stephanie, and Sister Mary Francis, and Sister Mary Martinez, and more...

They treated us and took care of us well. We used to be able to listen to radio programs if we completed all our studies. Programs Like the Lone Ranger, Terry and the Pirates, and all the Soaps, like Ma Perkins and so forth.

We used to shell peas in the kitchen. Sister Mary Rita taught us how to roller skate. When we had dinner, we had to eat everything on the table or we couldn't leave the table. the holidays were wonderful, I was one of the only ones left during that time and was able to eat with the Nuns in the refectory (dining room).
We spent our summer down the Peninsula, where I think Foothill College is today. We would run free and play, and stuff ourselves with fruit from the orchard. On Sunday's visitors would come and spend hours, and eat lunch if I remember correctly.
All in all, although I had no family, I enjoyed my time there. I went into foster care when I was 10, and really missed it there. If you want to ask me more questions I can try and answer more. I am 87 this year, and have nice memories.

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