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Posted by Ramona Wright on Tuesday, February 21, 2006 at 20:25:17 :

Anybody out there remember "Good Old Gal" in the 40's. It was a three year high school in those days. The 10th grade to the 12th. The Junior High School I attended (Marina) on Fillmore and Chestnut Streets went from 7th through 9th grade. I think they call it middle school now. I use to live on Pixley Street. It was quite a hike from there to Galileo. Once in a while we would hope on the street car on Chestnut Street if we were late for school. I think it was the "F" car. Or maybe th "D" car. Looong time ago.

I don't live in San Francisco any more that is why this web site is so interesting to me. It brings me back to the "City by the Bay" I love it!

While I was going to High School I worked as an Usherette at the Metro movie theater on Union Street. It was a great job for a 16 year old gal to have in those days. You could sneak your friends into the lodges when no one was looking. It made you very popular at the time. I also later worked at the Marina Theater and the El Persido on Chestnut street. I think the pay was about $1.00 an hour or less. Hard to believe isn't it? It use to cost 75c for adults 50c for juniors and a dime for a kid to get into a movie and you would see two movies a news real a carton and maybe a travel log. Another Theater on Union Street down from Fillmor was called the Union Theater later name changed to the Rio. I don't know if it is still there it was a very small theater it was great to go there on Saturday and spend the whole day with your friends.

I want to thank Ron Filion for creating this web site. It brings tears to my eyes.


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