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Posted by Donna Dale Elliott on Tuesday, July 11, 2006 at 23:13:44 :

In Reply to: Favorite Waterside Contest posted by Ron Filion on Thursday, July 06, 2006 at 16:58:09 :

San Francisco’s Ocean Beach is my absolute favorite waterside. It was across from “Play Land at the Beach”. The Beach is still there, Play Land is just a fun memory.
As a child my family went to Ocean Beach all of the time. The beach was clean then with lots of sand dollars and sea shells and at certain times of the year lots of creepy seaweed. My parents were young and from the mid-west and found they loved the Ocean and taking their three children to run on the beach several times a month. When our Midwestern relatives came to San Francisco to visit the Ocean was the first place they wanted to go; they were always amazed at its greatness. I collected seashells, unbroken Sand Dollars, beach glass and rocks; I kept my collection in several cigar boxes. I loved that I could see the Cliff House from where we frolicked.
As a teenager summer days at Ocean Beach hanging with my friends, laying in the sun getting tanned with my own super suntan oil (baby oil with iodine in it). Watching the sunsets; Beach parties at night always with a big bond fire blazing. We always had so much fun.
When life would get too overwhelming, decisions having to be made, just thinking about life and what it had to hold. I would bundle up in a heavy coat, tie a scarf on my head to keep warm on a cold, foggy morning and set out to walk along the Ocean Beach the surf crashing, the white caps high and strong and beautiful. It seemed the colder it was and the louder the crashing the easier it was to think.
I continue my love of Ocean Beach sharing it with my children, grandchildren and yes, my little great granddaughter. My relatives that come to visit still make sure that the first place I take them is to see the ocean.
I still walk at Ocean Beach but now only on warm sunny days. I no longer bundle up to walk on cold foggy mornings to think. Now when I need to think, I bundle up bring a hot cup of coffee and sit in my car to watch the whitecaps crashing against the beach. The louder the crashing the easier it is to think.

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