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The Funhouse at Playland

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Posted by Gene Murray on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 22:41:07 :

One of my fondest memories as a child was the Big Slide inside the Funhouse at Playland at the Beach. Anytime a friend's birthday party involved a trip to the Funhouse, the Big Slide had to be contended with. Maybe one's first trip there you could get away with simply going on the Record, the large spinning disk that flung the unlucky off. Maybe you could get away with going down the smaller slide off to the side. But sooner or later, whether it be because of peer pressure (a big deal to a 10 year old!) or the taunts, you'd have to kick off your shoes, pick up the old piece of potato sack, and climb those stairs that seemed to go up forever. Then at the top, looking down the apparent sheer "cliff" of polished wood, you'd screw your courage up and inch yourself up to the point of no return and down you'd go. Once done, you couldn't get enough of it, and I believe I still have the scars from all wood burns I received as a result. I think its sad that the City's children lost this "right of passage" when Playland went away...

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