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Posted by Dianne Hardin on Friday, July 15, 2005 at 08:20:47 :

When I was 10 years old (born in 1945) my Mother and grown sister took me and my niece to "the City". We were going to the movies. It was my Birthday, Jan. 25th. I got to pick out the movie I wanted to see. I remember standing on a corner which may have been on either Market or Mission street. There on each corner was a movie theater. The movie I picked was starring Danny Kaye. I think it was titled "Daddy Long Legs". I think it was in 1955. The cross street may have been 4th or 5th streets. I bet there are no movie theaters left in that area. The only 'theater' left is the Orpheum in the area, and it has live acting only.
Does anyone remember the Lucky Lager Beer / Burgermeiser Beer building up on the hill about the end of 10th street? You could see it from the Central Freeway. But you could smell it too. You could smell the malt brewing. mmmmmmm!!!! "Burgermeiser, A truely fine pale beer". It's amazing what you remember as a kid.
The Emporium department store on Market street had an ice rink on the fifth floor of the store. The ice was pink color. My Mother took me up to the rink just to see it. No one was on the ice at the time. It wasn't very big area.
I also went to the old studio where channel 5 KPIX broadcasted from. That was about 1955? I saw one of those big cameras that a camera man operated. It was aimed at the 'test pattern'. There was nothing going on, on that particular 'set'. My Dad was an electrician and was working at the station that day. He was an 'inside wireman'. He worked at Pacific Fire Extinguisher Co. at 142 Nineth street x Mission and Howard sts. His local union Electrical Workers # 6 was also located on 9th street. I spent alot of my life on that street when I got my first job in San Francisco. It was at the corner of 9th and Howard sts. Larry Barrett Tire co. A family owned and operated business. I worked there from 1979-1985. I was a receptionist-cashier. There was a Chevron / Standard Oil station as part of their business. The company had been in business since 1920. They had the old gas station photos there to prove it. When gasoline cost 26 cents a gallon. The Barrett family also owned the block between 8th and 9th sts. and Harrison and Ringold alley. It used to be called "Jack Barrett U Drive". They owned the Chevron station lease on Jerrold & Toland streets in the produce district too. The Bay-To-Breakers-Race always came right past and around that corner (9th and Howard) coming up from Howard street to 9th. Then right on 9th to Market. Crossing that to Fell street to Hayes street hill.
A dear friend of mine was Edward Francis Dowd. he was a bronze caster. He worked for the Phoenix-Day co. The company also known as the Thomas Day co. They made and moulded the light poles that stand on Market and Mission sts. Edward was born about 1888 in San Francisco. When he was 18 years old he work ed as the company's bronze caster making those fixtures. He lived on Red Rock Hill and actually slept through the 1906 earthquake. That hill is solid!!! In his spare time he hunted at the duck club he owned at Drawbridges in the lowland sloughs near present day Newark, Ca.
Dianne Hardin -- A genuine California Native

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