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Posted by Jim Carroll on Thursday, June 21, 2007 at 11:39:55 :

I was trolling through some of the old posts and saw one which reminded me of something that I really had to laugh at, during the time and for a long time afterwards. As some of you may recall, the nuns tried to keep a real tight ship, and even when they couldn't be around their influence was well-known. After I had returned from Korea and went to City College, there were a number of us that were double and triple dating. (It was a real old Model A delivery truck!) Finally, and I won't name the gal or her school, Joanie broke out in laughter and told us a story of the Hell-bent nuns at her school and the use of the Chronicle. Seems that they were told never to go out on a date with just a single boy in a car (can understand that one...) and if they had to go on a date with more than two couples to bring along a Chronicle. No, the Call-Bulletin, the Examiner or News would not do. You had to make sure that it was the Chron because of the green pages, and the girl had to spread those green pages on the boy's lap so there would never be the temptation to hanky-pank! Yes, this did happen and it was happening in 1956. I wonder if that green sheet had anything to do with the message that was being sent.

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