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Radio was new, and what was TV?

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Posted by Jim Carroll on Friday, June 22, 2007 at 07:31:56 :

Oh the evenings when we would gather around the old radio to listen in on the adventures of the masked marvel and his companion Tonto. It took an immagination at that time, but somehow we survived.

Then there was that radio program that came from one of the drug store corners, around 4th and Market (not Woolworth's at the Flood Building at Powell), and we would all gather around it to see how it was produced. When it was over the hawkers would come out and demonstrate the newest opener or finest electric (yes, there was electricity in the 40s) hair cutter tools. Now they sell pots and pans with the latest non-stick surfaces. Then, we might even get a sample but it wasn't the squeezings of a lot of carrots and bananas; but, it was the experience of visiting downtown and not having any money we could not go to a movie.

There was no television (what, you say?), and when it came in we would all gather around the little screen which would have that marvelous plastic gizmo to look through that would magnify what was an experience. Oh, you had to have someone by the antenna to rotate it and fine tune it just to see that 6" screen.

And wonder of wonders, how could the kids of those days get along without their cell-phones. Heck, we were lucky to receive 25 cents a week for an allowance and another 25 cents so we could buy milk at school. And if there was anything left over, we had to turn it in to the nuns for the pygmy babies (and they all were in China, because the nuns never heard of Africa).

Somehow we survived, but we thanked our lucky shoes (no, make that a pair of shoes because most of us only had one pair) that we weren't raised earlier when there was no radio and the kids of those days would have to go down to the corner store for the bucket of beer! And beware, you never spilled a drop bringing it home...

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