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Posted by Donna Dale Elliott on Saturday, October 21, 2005 at 20:24:00 :

In Reply to: San Francisco Favorite Spot posted by Ron Filion on Friday, October 14, 2005 at 16:32:00 :

Being a native San Franciscan I have many many favorite places.

Narrowing it down to just one was difficult as it seems that my favorite place depended on my age and time of life. I decided on Golden Gate Park, but then I needed to narrow it down even further, as there are at least a hundred places that are my favorite in the park.

My favorite place in San Francisco that brings joy and warm family memories and feelings is the Children's Play Ground, over by the tennis courts on the east end of the park, a little ways past the Bocci Ball Courts, depending on how you walked there. The stone house that is still standing, had baby swings hung under the overhang, that is where I first learned to swing.

There was a snack bar if memory serves me right. There were flowers, bushes and the best trees.

My parent's would take my brother, sister and I there. There were regular swings and double swings, several different kinds of slides and several sand boxes and lots of room to run.

The Carousel sparked my love of Carousel horses and animals, the music was loud and fun, watching the man pull the lever to start and stop it the Carousel Fascinated me and I marveled that he could walk the carousel to collect tickets when it was moving and never fell, not even once.

The path we walked down to get to the play ground had a grassy slope to roll down, so fast, laughing, again and again we would roll down until we were too dizzy to stand. There were pony rides there most of the time, it was more expensive then the carosel ride so we did not ride them as often which was ok with me.

The absolute must see for us city kids was the little farm in the middle of the play ground. A barn with a wooden fence around it, and a little old lady who was a farmer she fed and watered the animals and took such good care of the goats, sheep ducks, chickens and other little critters, and on the east end were a bunch of little rabbits houses and hotels, with ten, twenty maybe thirty rabbits, climbing in and out and hopping around. They were fun to watch and sometimes, if they were not too many of us kids hanging over the fence she would let us pet them, or put feed in our hands so we could throw the food for the animals.

My brother had won a duckling at the State Fair one year, we named him Donald and he lived with us and he kept getting bigger and bigger, my Mom and Dad said Donald how to go so he could live a good life, we went to the farm and asked that lady farmer if Donald could live there and she said yes. We bought him there, she took care of him, and he lived a long time there.

I wonder who that lady was and if she realized how much joy and happiness she gave to all of us children.

Donna Dale Elliott

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