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Posted by William Freeman on Saturday, August 02, 2008 at 16:56:22 :

My wife and I honeymooned from our home in Southern California to San Francisco in January 1976. (The last time before that I had been in the City was in 1969, while I was a navy sailor. I went in and out under the Golden Gate three or four times aboard my ammunition ship, by day and night.) We packed our warm clothes and rain gear, but the weather was just beautiful for the whole week. We could not have ordered better.

We went to Paoli's Restaurant, twice, what a wonderful place- we learned all about the joys of real Italian dining there, inexperienced kids that we were. The staff all wore tuxes and were soooo polite and helpful, even tho we were the out-of-town rubes. We liked watching the "Godfathers" file in and out. And the veal- marvelous.

We went to the Buena Vista for Ramos Fizzes in the morning, just to get us "in the mood" for the day. We went to the Cliff House and played the antique coin-operated games, had some walk-away shrimp cocktail at Fisherman's Wharf, hung out in Golden Gate ark and went to the zoo. At the Lombard Hotel where we stayed, there was an Indian restaurant that introduced us to tandoori cooking. I love San Francisco, and we have been back a dozen times since then.

My great-great grandfather lived in SF during the quake of 1906, and is buried there.

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