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Hawthorne School K to 6th

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Posted by Tom Nyhan on Tuesday, February 24, 2009 at 00:46:38 :

My twin and I started Hawthorne School in September of 1943, World War II was still on so we had blackout shades on our windows, coupons for meat etc, gasoline was rationed. Traffic Patrol Boys aided students crossing Folsom and Shotwell, later I became Lt and then Captain of the Patrol. Mrs Daly was the teacher in charge. Kindergardeners took naps in the auditorium, with classroom made blankets made of newspaper and paste. I can still taste the paste, ugh. Mrs McMillan taught 6th grade on the 2nd floor, she was married to a San Francisco Fireman. Mrs Hoppie was a favorite of all the boys. If you were lucky once in a while you would be selected to clean the erasers by pounding them on a cement wall. Kick ball was a big sport, dodgeball was bigger. Folk dancing was in, with the Mexican dance "the la raspa" was a hit. I can still hear that music. Five of my fellow student went from Hawthorne to Horace Mann to Lowell High School together. I am still in contact with 3 of them. We didn't have much, our rent at 2523 Harrison St. was $23.00 a month, but you could get into the Grand on 23rd and Mission on Saturday morning for 35 cents and see 2 cowboy movies, 3 cartoon and one serial. We had the mumps on V-J day, church bells were rings, sirens were blasting, horns were honking, my Mom brought us metal pots and wooden spoons to bang the pot and join in with the news. Hawthorne School is gone, the building is still there but it bears a different name

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