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Posted by Thomas Whiteley on Monday, October 31, 2005 at 08:00:29 :

In Reply to: Seals Stadium posted by Rosemary Penna U'Ren on Sunday, October 23, 2005 at 20:41:57 :

Memories of Seals Stadium!

If you were a kid and belonged to the Christopher Milk Club (George Christopher owned a milk dairy and was later mayor of San Francisco), the price to see a Seal’s game was twenty cents.

Our grandfather was an avid Seals fan. He took us to many Seals games to what we called “The Green Monster”, Seals Stadium. I seem to remember it being Kelly Green. When the Giants took over Seals Stadium grandpa would say, “Bring back the Seals”! I agree! Bring back the Seals”!

We lived in Eureka Valley and to get to Seals Stadium you just simply took the 33 bus towards the east and walked a few blocks. Also, if you took the 33 bus west bound at the end of the line was Golden Gate Park where you could see the 49’ers play football at Kezar Stadium.

A feature of Seals Stadium’s location was of interest to adults. There were three breweries on opposite corners from each other sharing one corner with Seals Stadium. Hamm’s, Lucky Lager, and Burgemeister.

A favorite song from the stands was, “Three blind mice”, which we sang whenever the umpires were introduced or made a call we did not agree with. When a call from the umpire was especially questionable, fans would throw the padded seat cushions at the umpire. In those days the umpire would simply move to avoid getting hit and get on with the game. Things are different today!

In 1957 at the last game the Seals played they had “fan appreciation day”. We got to take photographs of the players and talk to them. I still have my pictures taken with my Brownie Hawkeye 620 roll film camera.


By the way both sides of my mom's family arrived in San Francisco before 1850, and my brother and I are collecting lots of interesting information about our family. Topics like Seals Stadium are of great interest to us.

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