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Posted by Byron Oglesby on Monday, March 16, 2009 at 11:05:42 :

Wow, the memories, living in the Sunset, going to the Goldengate Park, the Irving theater on Sat (cost was 11 cents), fishing at the muni pier, 6:00 AM with a crab net was no problem but catching the H back to Market St. and transfering to the N to go was a problem. Most of the time we would ride the cow catcher and the conductor would just irnore us, if he run us off we would pull the line off the trolley. Sutros pool was a favorite where they would make you stand up to a 5 ft board, if you were taller than the board you paid full price. Then, my favorite place of all, Playland by The Sea where you were greeted by Big Bertha. My favorite eating place was Orignal Joe's just up from the Goldengate theater but for a family treat we would go to San Remo's. Remember getting swatted for screaming I didn't want 1/2 fried chicken, I wanted my chicken all the way fried. Also remember leaving the resturant one night and seeing a dixie cup (San Remo's dessert) out front and like any kid I stomped it sending the contents up my leg. WW II with the blackout
conditions and buckets of sand in the corner in case of fires. Collecting
tin cans, grease, tinfoil, news papers and buying 10 cent War Bond stamps.
San Francisco was a wonderfull city to grow up in during those years.

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