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Mt. St. Joseph Home for Girls

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Posted by Lisa Marrett-Vandergriff on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 07:24:37 :

My Mom, Rita grew up at the Mt. She went to live there at age 12. My Grandma and Grandpa were the cooks in the Kitchen; they lived in the old priest house on the grounds with my dad. I spent my childhood visiting my grandparents and running around the Mt. and also each year I went to Mt. St. Helen with the girls for camp. I remember it all so well and with just fond memories. Sister Anita ran the kitchen for many, many years. I remember Sister Paula, Sister Kenneth and Sister Yvonne well. Sister Yvonne was there for most of my childhood, before she became Mother Superior she was in charge of the Seniors. Gosh but those were special times. She had a sewing room in her dorm and she would take me there and I would spend the day helping her, it was very special. When my grandfather passed away suddenly the nuns held his mass at the Mt and as they carried his casket up the stairs to the second floor chapel the girls from the Mt. lined the steps in their school uniforms. It was a beautiful tribute. After he passed my grandma continued to work in the kitchen and the nuns moved her out of the house and into apartments in the mount. She lived there until retirement. I remember the old elevators and how sometimes they would get stuck and not stop at the floor you pushed but instead would go up to the third floor and just reverse and head back down. I recall one day dressing up in my grandmas clothes, high heels and jewelry and going over to show Sister Yvoone and that happening. At the time us younger girls were not allowed to ride in the elevator by ourselves. We were to use the stairs, but all dressed up and shuffling along in grandmas shoes I did not want to tackle the stairs so got in and pushed 3rd floor. Well wouldn’t you know it the elevator did it’s old up and down trick and here I am all in a panic when finally one of the nuns pushed the button to get on and the elevator doors opens to find me decked out in grandmas stuff crying. Well she gave it her best stern face and scolded me all the while trying to hide a grin. Gosh the memories flooding back to me, wow!! They are all gone now including the beautiful old building and those incredibly lovely grounds and gardens. Thank you for the opportunity to share. Mt. St. Joseph Home for Girls was a very special place and my family history is deeply tied to it.

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