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Posted by Marcia Wright on Friday, November 29, 2013 at 21:05:18 :


New St. Paulus Lutheran Church. PURELY GOTHiC STRUCTURE. The Interior of Native Woods in Natural Finish. TO BE DEDICATED NEXT MONTH. Of Ancient Exterior Architecture, the Interior has Beauties of the Modern Art. At the southeast corner of Eddy and Gough ptrfets facing Jefferson Park, the most beautiful plat in the thickly populated part or the city, there have risen the walls and the pointed spires of an edifice soon to be dedicated to divine worship by Saint Peulus German Evangelical Lutheran congregation. A general impression of the front is given by three deeply arched doorways with open gallery above, and a large rose window sixteen feet in diameter. Oa each side rises a tower, the main one on the corner being square in form with a belfry and octagonal spire surmounted by a copper cross, rising to a height of 150 feet from the sidewalk. '1 he octagonal tower on the

opposita side ia surmounted by a spire somewhat lower. The side of the building on Gough street is relieved by transept gables, side staircases, the chancel and sacristy annex and a spire at the extreme end. The structure, which was designed by Architect J. F. Krafft and erected under his supervition, occupies a space of 76 feet ou Eddy street aud 115 on Gough. 'Ihe nave is 52 by 75 feet. Passage to the vestibule is through three entrances 12 by 32 feet. On one side is the anteroom and on the other the tower and staircase. Along each wall about the middle of the building are side entrances reached by ahon flights of steps. The chancel is 21 by 35 feet, with the sacristy on one side and the pastor's study on the other, with a private stairway to the basement. A gallery runs along both sides and the end. Over the vestibule the choir loft is situated. The seating capacity of the church is about one thousand.

Most of the basement Is above ground. It Is apportioned into three classrooms for (the day school, a teacher's office, necessary cloakrooms and lockers, a large Sun-day-school room, a meetlng-roon and library. In the rear there is a sub-basement 34 by 74 feet containing kitchen, pantry, furnace, coalbins and a playroom lor children. The basement story is 16 feet in the clear, the nave 48 feet and the transepts ansi chancel 40 feel.

Ttie celling of the nave Is in the form of a five-centered arch; that is to say, an arch composed of five segments with groined intersections at windows and transeots. Tbe cbancel is roofed over in groined arches rising from twelve clustered pillars and naif pillars . Each pillar Is formed of six cluttered columns with ornamental gotblc capitals. Pure gothic style marks the whole interior. There Is a large window 15x21 feet back of the altar with mullion and tracery work, filled in with rich stained glass. This window is flanked by two smaller gothic windows. It is ornamented with three emblemsó the Bible In the center, a baptismal font to the left and a chalice to the rightó while the point there is a dove, emblematical of the Holy Spirit. On one side of the altar, in a bay or chapel, will ba the baptismal font, and on the other, alongside a pillar, the pulpit, reached by winding steps. The prevailing color of the interior Is brown-olive, relieved by the warm-stone color of the pillars and arches. The ceiling is in natural wood construction with the natural wood finish of cedar and redwood. All the side and front windows are stained glass in warm red, brown and yellow tints. The wainscoting and doors are in oak finish. The altar is in ivory and gold set against a richly frescoed reredos wall. The cost of the structure is about $45,000. Only the finishing touches remain to be done and the church will be dedicated to divine worship about the middle of next month. It will be a proud day for the Rev. J. M. Buehler, who. twenty-seven years ago, founded tils congregation and has been its active pastor ever since.
--San Francisco Call Dec. 8, 1893, page 7

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