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She Found Her True Love

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Posted by Jeanne Moore on Friday, July 08, 2005 at 10:41:52 :

My grandmother, Jeanne, grew up on a farm near a little town called Eysus in Southern France. When she was a teenager, a handsome young man named Pierre came to work on her farm. She took a liking to Pierre, and her father did not like that. So, her father fired Pierre and did not allow Jeanne to see him again.

Pierre left for America and arrived at Ellis Island in late March, 1906; he then headed for San Francisco to work in the laundry of his cousin, Pierre Barbe. He arrived in San Francisco just before the earthquake.

In the meantime, Jeanne refused to marry any of the farmers her father picked out for her. She later told us, "I didn't want to marry a farmer and get dirt under MY fingernails!"

She arrived at Ellis Island in 1907 and headed for San Francisco to live with her sister Gracieuse and her husband. She learned that Pierre, the handsome man she'd met while he was working on her farm was living in San Francisco.

When she found him at Pierre Barbe's laundry, he was on a ladder just inside the front window arranging a window display. She looked up at him and asked,

"Is your name Pierre?"

He replied, "Yes."

She asked, "And do you have blue eyes?"

He replied, "Yes."

And then she said, "Come down here; I want to kiss you!"

They were married for almost 60 years when Pierre died at the age of 84.

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