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Posted by Mickey McCall on Friday, July 08, 2005 at 17:52:17 :

San Francisco was the "THE City" when we were growing up, and when we made a shopping day we dressed up wearing our Sunday best, gloves and hats included. We would take the train and then ride the cable cars, eat at the Wharf and have a wonderful day of it. Sometimes we would visit my mother's cousin's family who lived near the park. Once we visited my Great Uncle Will and Great Aunt Lillian. She was such a gracious lady and when she passed she remembered I loved her red glassware and she gave it to me. I still display it in my china cabinet, and now my granddaughters and I use it for tea when they come to visit me.
My Great Aunt Anna was born and raised in San Francisco, and she told me of how when the earthquake shook, she just sat up on her bed and watched her dolls slide down the pipes that were against the walls in her room. She told me of how they had to camp in the park until all was clear for them to return to their homes. She thought it was great fun, but she remembers her father being very upset that she and her sister enjoyed the "adventure".
San Francisco holds many memories for me from 1st formal dates at the Top of Mark, shopping trips as a young girl, family stories of the earthquake in 1906, learning how to drive a stick shift car up and down hills, even having my brakes go out on me on the "windiest street in the world" as I took a friend on a tour.
The most fun was sharing these memories with my son's 8th grade graduating class from a small country school here in Siskiyou Co. We took 18 kids, 4 adults, and stayed at a bed and breakfast for 3 days and 2 nights. Most of them had never been to San Francisco, and some never out of the county. Some experienced 1st taxi rides, 1st visits to a zoo, 1st visits to museums, the Exploratorium, the Wharf, Alcatraz, and a walk thru the Park which was just down the street from where we stayed. That was 18 years ago, and still when I see some of these kids, grown with their own families they tell me how they have made a point to share those memories with their kids by taking them to visit "THE City" of San Francisco.

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