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Posted by Rana on Friday, November 02, 2012 at 14:20:23 :

The Bakersfield Californian October 16, 1916 Page 7
(The following are article highlights from newspaper)

HENRY MILLER, cattleman and owner of 14,539,200 acres in West died at daughter’s home in San Francisco.
Empire twice the size of Belgium left by the man who rose from position of butcher boy to land baron; was 90 years of age.
Died at home of daughter Mrs. J. Leroy Nickel, 2101 Laguna, San Francisco…
Founder of Miller & Lux…became a millionaire cattle baron. Some of his holdings are: Santa Clara County 8 square miles, Merced County 36 miles north and south by 22 miles east and west, Fresno County 1,000,000 acres, Humboldt and Washington Counties, Nevada 3,500,00 acres, Grant and Harney Counties, Oregon 7,000,000 acres…..
Miller started life as a butcher boy but ended as one of the last cattle kings of the country. From butcher boy he rose and formed a partnership with the late Charles W. Lux. They entered a small retail butcher business in San Francisco and the firm name became known as Miller & Lux. That name later became known to every rancher and cattle herder on the Pacific coast and the Central states….
Miller kept a close watch on his employees and timed his visits to his ranches when he was least expected…. Miller considered wastefulness a crime and the foreman who allowed a piece of baling wire to go to waste, or a piece of rope lie on the ground, was likely to meet the wrath of miller….
Although stern in his makeup, Miller had a big heart and left order with the foreman of each ranch that no man should leave the property hungry. ..A tramp was never turned away from one of the Miller ranches…. Miller did know the cattle business from one end to the other. He said he made $20,000,000 and more in the cattle and sheep business and no one ever doubted him.

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