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We are unable to reply to requests for personal research
beyond the specific lookup offers that are listed on the various "Lookup Help" pages.
Each day, this website receives well over a thousand visitors, so we receive many requests for personal research. We're not professional genealogists or certified record searchers, and we also have jobs and families, not to mention the fact that each day consists of only 24 hours! We truly wish we could help everyone, but as much as we enjoy genealogical research, we're not qualified to do this kind of work for you professionally, and we just don't have the free time. Because of the volume of requests, we no longer have enough time to send individual replies to everyone who writes for personal research help. We're sorry, but requests for personal research will most likely be deleted without a response. Thank you for your understanding. Please take some time to browse through this website! You will learn about many resources and other types of help that are available to you!
If you are contacting us with regards to your name and birth date being on the internet, please note that we did not create the California Birth Index. The originator of that index is the California Department of Public Health. Thus, we cannot remove you from the index because we did not create it or maintain it. You will need to contact them directly. All requests to us will be ignored. Also, please note that we are NOT affiliated with Findthebest.com or Mooseroots.com.

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