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1906 Marin County Births

1906 Marin County Birth Announcements in the Marin Journal

Thursday, Feb. 15, 1906 - page 3
Born in Los Angeles, January 29, to Mrs. Anna Noble, nee Barstow, a son.
Thursday, April 19, 1906 - Page 3- Local Notes
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph CODONI, Friday morning, a girl.
Thursday, May 24, 1906 - Page 3- Local Notes
Of course, Town Recorder J.J. MURRAY is a little “chesty” these days.Big, healthy baby boys don’t come to a fellow’s house every day.Mrs. Murray is doing well.
Thursday, June 28, 1906Page 3- Local Notes
Born – to the wife of George F. BOYD, in San Rafael, a daughter.
July 5, 1906Page 8- Local Friends Will Extend Congratulations
From Petaluma Argus

A daughter arrived on June 23rd to gladden the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lionel SMITH of San Rafael.Mrs. Smith was formery Miss Vesta GULDE and she has many friends in this city where she has frequently visited her cousin, Mrs. Harry F. Smith. 

Thursday, August 2, 1906 - Page 3 - Local Notes
Coroner SAWYER is about the happiest man in this section of the country these days and politics have nothing to do with it either.Last Saturday evening a young man tipping the scales at 10 pounds made his appearance in the Dr.’s household and now all is joy.
September 6, 1906 - Page 3 - Local Notes
A boy has come to make the home of E.D. DOODY happy.
September 20, 1906 - Page 5 - Brevities
The home of Henry IVERSON has been brightened by the advent of a big, healthy girl.Papa is now open for congratulations.
September 27, 1906 - Page 3 - Local Notes
A boy recently arrived to brighten the home of S. LABEL, the cigar man.
Thursday, November 1, 1906 - Page 3 - Local Notes
Another San Rafael man has been made happy.A 10 pound boy arrived at the home of Leslie E. WARDEN on D Street last Friday afternoon.All are doing nicely.
Thursday, November 8, 1906 - Page 3 - Local Notes
A daughter arrived to make the home of M. LIEBERT happy one day last week.They are stopping in San Francisco for a few months.
Thursday, November 29, 1906 - Page 5 - Brevities
The arrival of a baby girl is announced at the home of William PIXLEY at Corte Madera.
Thursday, December 5, 1906 - Page 3- Local Notes
A baby girl has arrived to make happy the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. MOORE at Mill Valley.
Thursday, December 13, 1906 - Page 3 - Local Notes
A girl has arrived to make the home of Dr. J.A. McNEAR of Point Pedro happy.
Born – In San Rafael, December 9, 1906, to the wife of W.A. HELLWIG, a daughter.
Thursday, December 20, 1906 - Page 3 - Local Notes
Born – In this city, December 17, 1906, to the wife of H.R. EKLUND, a daughter.
Thursday, December 27, 1906 - Page 5 - Brevities
A boy arrived at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray KEATON on Christmas Day.

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