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Thursday, November 7, 1929 - page 1

Stork to Visit Convict Mother
   What the fate of the baby, as yet unborn, the child of Mrs. Frances Culp Leano,  30, San Quentin convict, is to be is not yet determined.
   Mrs. Leano, who is the  wife of Everett Leano, grocery store owner of Pasadena, was set to San Quentin from Los Angeles on April 6, 1929, after she had been found  guilty of being a professional abortionist.
   Shortly after the arrival of Mrs. Leano in prison, she was examined by Dr. F. E. Garfinkle, who found she was to become a mother. She has three children by a former marriage.
   The matter was taken up with the prison board and it has authorized the warden to make arrangements at the Cottage Hospital to have the baby born there so that the child may not be brought into the world behind prison walls. The baby is expected the latter part of November.
   Just what will be done with the baby after its birth has not been determined. Whether or not it will be taken back to the prison by the mother or placed in some institution or under the care of a nurse are the questions which are puzzling the prison autorities.

New Chief In Treanor Home
Chief of Police Harry Treanor of Ross and Mrs. Treanor are receiving congratulations on the advent of a son, which occurred Monday at the Cottage Hospital.

Thursday, December 19, 1929 - page 4

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Taylor of San Anselmo are receiving the congratulations of their friends on the advent of a son born at the Ross General Hospital. This is the second child in the Taylor home.
Congratulations are extended to Mr. and Mrs. John M. Gillette on the birth of their first born, a daughter, which occurred at the Cottage Hospital, with Dr. C. B. Marston as the attending physician.

Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Whitaker are receiving congratulations over the advent of a son who was born at the Cottage Hospital. This is the second child in the Whitaker family. Dr. Harry O. Hund was the physician in attendance.

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