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1907 Marin Marriage Licenses

Marin Journal entries - January 1907
January 2 Timothy F. O’NEILL, age 25, and Carrie I. HULL, age 19, both of San Francisco
  Lovill A. DECKER, age 18, and Fannie A. HUMASTON, age 22, both of San Francisco
January 3 Wm. HURTMAN, age 21, and Alice C. WEBSTER, age 17, both of Alameda
  Harry DOBSON, age 38, and Ruth E. WEBSTER, age 22, both of San Francisco
January 4 J. W. BAILEY, age 53, and Anna M. DEARDORFF, age 36 both of Eldridge, Sonoma County
  Fred BERRY, age 26, and Mary A. TEIXEORA, age 22, both of San Rafael
January 5 Peter BLOCK, age 33, and Elizabeth I. ANNIS, age 29, both of San Francisco
January 7 Peter LE CAM, age over 21, of San Rafael, and Rose MASTOLA, age 18, of Sausalito
  S. J. PEDRUSI, age 54, and Amelia BOSSY, age 42, both of Berkeley
January 8 John I. BEATTIE, age 24, of Santa Clara, and Hilda F. MAYER, age 22, of Mill Valley
  R. G. CLIFFORD, age 24, of San Rafael, and Edna E. SIDES, age 22, of Berkeley
  Wm. W. WALMSKY, age 39, of San Francisco, and Eunice HOBBS, age 41, of Oakland
Jan. 10 Geo. B. STURM, age 25, and Agnes BACCUS, age 24, both of Oakland
January 11 H. L. VOORHEIS, age 34, of Bakersfield, and Ida NEIS, age 24, of Sausalito 
  Wm. TREACY, age 28, of Mill Valley and Winnie BRADY, age 19, of San Rafael
January 12 Alexander McKAY, age 25, of Oakland, and Alice McMURTRY, age 22 of San Francisco
  Sloman SMALL, age 42, and Mary P. CORRINE, age 30, both of Stockton
  Durphy D. INSLEY, age 32, and Nora DYER, age 31, both of San Francisco
  Charles H. PINNEO, age 25, and Margueritte A. PERRY, age 20, both of New York
  R. H. NEAL, age 21 and Rosa McMAHON, age 24, both of Oakland
  Bernard BENGTSSON, age 35, and Alexanderina KOHAK, age 24, both of Sausalito
  Claude JACKSON, age 35, of El Capitan, New Mexico, and Mary M. WILSEY, age 31, of San Francisco
January 15 Arthur W. STUDLEY, age 25, and Frances M. WRIGHT, age 20, both of San Rafael
  Augustus H. RODKE, age 32, of San Francisco, and Kathryn A. REDMOND, age 32, of San Rafael
  James R. MELROSE, age 21, to Katie E. STRUBEL, age 18, both of San Francisco
January 16 A. G. SCOWN, age 66, to M. A. OLIVER, age 47, both of Novato
January 17 B. J. BALL, age 43, to Mrs. H. M. GILMER, age 38, both of Visalia
January 19 Joseph MARSDEN, age over 21, of Inverness, to Mabel T. REED, age over 18, of Berkeley
  A. E. McNAMARA, age 35, to Mattie H. NARVOEZ, age 35, both of Oakland
  Manuel BETTANCOURT, age 28, to Marguerite HARRIGAN, age 29, both of Mill Valley
  Millard H. SHAW, age 22, of Berkeley, to Edna G. KING,age 20, of Alameda
  Jose T. SOARES, age 46, of Sebastopol, to Guilhermina A. MARIA, age 36, of Larkspur
  Ed F. ROLFF, age 33, to Rosa MOFFAT, age 35, both of San Francisco
January 21 Benjamin P. DU BOIS, age 35, to Katherine J. McDONNELL, age 30, both of San Francisco
  J. H. F. COLES, age 25 of San Francisco, to Mary M. SELLERS, age 24, of San Rafael
January 22 John C. KOOPMAN, age over 21, of San Francisco, to Katherine TOWES, age over 18, of San Rafael
January 23 J. McPHERSON, age 48, of Jamestown, New York, to Emma TAYLOR, age 35, of Chicago
January 25 Berneard P. BOSQ, age 39, to Andree JUVENTY, age 34, both of San Francisco
  William ROMBACH, age 21, of San Francisco, to Emma WOLFF, age 18, of San Rafael
January 28 Henry MENZONI, age 33, to Lovena PORTA, age 24, both of Novato
  Herman HOEFER, age 40, to Louise QUAPPE, age 41, both of San Francisco
  E. R. ALDRICH, age 35, of San Francisco, to Emily PEDROTTI, age 19, of Sausalito
January 29 Wm. J. FOLEY, age 23, and Kate J. TRULSON, age 20, both of San Francisco
January 30 Robert H. JAGOE, age 29, and Elizabeth JAGOE, age 27, both of Oakland
  Robert J. CURREY, age 26, and Olivia A. DALLESSI, age 18, both of San Rafael
January 31 Lew ROTHCHILD, age over 21, and Emma PRUEFER, age over 18, both of San Francisco
  Elsworth WHITTAKER, age 43, and Mae COTTLE, age 40, both of Tulare
January 14 Alexander DeSouza AVILA, age 40, of Pescadero, and Maria Mendoza TEIXEIRA, age 24, of Mill Valley
The Mill Valley Record Enterprise - January 18, 1907 - page 1
Brevities and Personals
Miss Cornelia Johnson and Mr. Chas. Gruenhagen

were married at San Francisco Jan. 6th. Miss Johnson was a former Valley girl and was well known here.

Miss Hilda Mayer Becomes Bride of Dr. J. I. Beattie
A very pretty wedding took place at the Outdoor Art Club at noon on Saturday the 12th, when Miss Hilda Mayer was united in marriage to Dr. J. Irving Beattie, of Santa Clara; the Rev. Frederic H. Maur, of Oakland, officiating. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mayer, Jr., and grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mayer, who are among the oldest residents of Mill Valley.

At the ceremony only the immediate relatives were present. Mrs. Clarence Dakin attended the bride as matron of honor and Mr. William A. Beattie, brother of the groom, was best man. The reception, which followed was attended by many friends from here and across the bay. For the occasion the Club House was bery artistically decorated by several ladies of the Club and friends of the bride.

Dr. and Mrs. Beattie will live in Santa Clara.

Marin Journal - Thursday, March 14, 1907 - Page 8
March 4
Benj. H. Griffins, age 36, of Oakland and Martha F. Schrieber, age 33, of Inverness
Chas. H. Drewery, age 30, and Katie Murphy, age 35, both of Eureka
Lucas E. Zaro, age 25, of Sausalito to Alba Campigli, age 20, of Pt. Reyes Station
March 5
Thomas L. Murray, age 41, to Alice M. Cameron, age 31, both of San Francisco
Geo. M. Cowen, age 22, of Alameda, and Grace Erwin, age 18, of Sacramento
Frank E. Barth, age 23, and Marie H. Carroll, age 25, both of San Francisco
March 6
Willard L. Dodd, age 41, and Clotilda Dodd, age 31, both of Oakland
W. J. Hefferman, age 30, and Fannie McCord, age 27, both of San Francisco
George Kinley, age 36, and Daisy B. Hammell, age 35, both of Oakland
March 7
Morris Sternberg, age 30, and Mary K. Enright, age 24, both of San Francisco
Oscar C. La Shelle, age 46, of Oakland and Ada L. Wilson, age 36, of Berkeley
March 8
William A. Day, age 30, of San Francisco, and Elma V. Bell, age 24, of Belvedere
P. S. Lawson, age over 21, and Helen A. Wayett, age over 18, both of San Francisco
March 9
Harry Thomas, age 23, of San Francisco and Mary Marshall, age 24, of Sausalito
Chas. E. Felch, age 56, and Elsie J. Stephens, age 38, both of San Francisco
William Larsen, age 39, of Sacramento, and Martha Raven, age 40, of San Francisco
March 11
John Collins, age 28, and Jessie Drummond, age 24, both of San Francisco
W. F. Bacon, age 39, and Etta A. Grandjean, age 20, both of Oakland
 March 15, 1907 - Page 1

Miss Elisa S. POLLEY and Mr. B.P. SEARIGHT were quietly married at St. Luke’s Church, San Francisco at noon last Saturday. Miss Polley is well known in the Valley.

October 25, 1907 - Page 1
Charming Valley Girl Will Soon Become Bride

Saturday evening, November 2d, Miss Pansy NEWBEGIN and Mr. Harry MORSE will be married at “Earnscliffe,” the attractive home of Judge J.J. Newbegin. Miss Pansy is one of the best known and most popular young ladies in Mill Valley and has lived here for the past 7 years.  Mr. Morse is a prominent young business man of Shanghai, China.  After spending 2 months around Chico, they will return to the Orient to live. 

Mrs. Nellie V. BINGHAM Marries San Franciscan

Mrs. Nellie V. BINGHAM of Millwood was quietly married in San Francisco this week to Mr. Charles WALDMANN, a valued employee of the firm of Goldberg, Bowen, & Co.Mrs. Bingham is the widow of the late Captain Bingham and has many warm friends in the Valley who will offer happy congratulations.

November 7, 1907 - Page 5
Dollar-Dickson Wedding
Miss Grace Dollar, daughter of Robert Dollar, a prominent ship owner and lumberman, and Fred W. Dickson, son of W. J. Dickson, a prominent resident of San Geronimo, were married in this city November 2. The ceremony was largely attended by prominent people of both sides of the bay and was one of the most elaborate of the weddings celebrated in San Rafael during the fall. Rev. W. H. Landon performed the ceremony. The bride was attired in a magnificent white brocade gown trimmed with real lace. Mrs. Stanley Dollar acted as matron of honor. She was dressed in crepe de chine. Agnes Barr and Mae Dollar, both attired in white silk, were bridesmaids. Wallace Alexander was best man. The decorations were white chrysanthemums and pink dahlias. All those present carried carnations. After a honeymoon to Europe the couple will make their home in San Rafael.

November 7, 1907 - Page 8

Oct. 30
R. R. FLEMING, age 28, and Annie TRIBOLET, age 25, both of Redwood City
Amos P. CHESSMAN, age 22, and Marguerite KENNDY (sic), age 22, both of San Francisco
Oct. 31 Wm. J. MOONEY, age 27, and Mary DE ROSA, age 20, both of Ignacio
Charles TESTA, age 28, and Levia RIZZI, age 18, both of San Rafael
W. P. Saunderson, age 30, and Mrs. Mae ROSE, age 28, both of Oakland
Nov. 2 Harold E. MORCE, age __, of Chico, and Bansy (sic) NEWBEGIN, age 23, of Mill Valley
Frederick W. DICKSON, age 37, of San Geronimo, and Mary Grace DOLLAR, age 21, of San Rafael
Frank MURPHY, age 23, and Mary RILEY, age 24, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 4 J. A. WILSON, age 44, and Clara S. LEWIS, age 40, both of San Francisco
Henry GERDES, age 48, and Emma DANIELSON, age 53, both of San Francisco
Wm E. SHEARER, age 45, of San Francisco, and Lottie V. PROBEN, age 29, of Stockton

December 6, 1907 - Page 1

Local Briefs

Mr. Stephen CORIPPO and Miss M.T. SWANSON were married Wednesday evening. Both are well known in the Valley and expect to make this their permanent home.

December 13, 1907 - Page 1
Wins Fair Bride by Ardent Wooing - Young Brakeman on Mill Valley Run, Wastes Very Little Time

A pretty little romance was brought to a quick culmination Wednesday morning when Jack HEREFORD, a young brakeman on the Mill Valley trains, was quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents in San Rafael to Miss McKILLOP, a charming young school teacher of the county seat.The fair bride was popular in San Rafael and has many friends and admirers.Young Hereford met her scarcely 2 weeks ago, and it was evidently a case of love at first sight.After 4 days of ardent wooing, he secured the consent of his adored one and the ceremony was performed without delay.The happy couple are now on their honeymoon, and at its conclusion will make their home at a little cottage in Mill Valley, where the husband has many friends and acquaintances.

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