Marin County Genealogy

1908 Marin Marriage Licenses

Marin Journal - Thursday, Jan. 2, 1908
Dec. 23 Daniel W. Hightower, age 33, and Rose Bonhaer, age 33, both of San Francisco
Dec. 23 Ralph Carr, age 40, and Millie C. Smith, age 25, both of Berkeley, Cal.
Dec. 23 A. B. McCreary, age 28, and Mabel Lynch, age 22, both of San Jose, Cal.
Dec. 23 Robert A. Macondray, age 28, of Fresno, and Elsie B. Donovan, age 21, of San Francisco
Dec. 24 William Frederick Stevens, age 23, and Francetta Norton, age 23, both of Sacramento
Dec. 24 Gloter J. Rose, age 22, of Elmhurst, and Jennie B. Babandorf, age 18, of Oakland
Dec. 24 Franklin O. Clark, age 47, and Irene S. Freel, age 36, both of San Quentin
Dec. 24 Robert A. Waddell, age 28, and Lillian I. Grant, age 21, both of Concord, Cal.
Dec. 26 Harvey B. Fretheway, age 21, and Ethel Thornton, age 18, both of Stockton
Dec. 26 Charles E. Wilson, age 30, and Catherine McEllwaine, age 35, both of Oakland
Dec. 30 Pedro Castro, age 28, and Hattie Saxton, age 30, both of San Rafael
Dec. 31 Wm. A. Hale, age 21, and Margaret E. Richardson, age 19, both of Tomales
Dec. 31 Harrison M. Jaureson, age 29, and Kathryn L. Blakely, age 29, both of San Francisco [* transcriber's note: see below]
Marin Journal - Thursday, Jan. 9, 1908
Dec. 31 Albert Rehfeld, age 21, and Julia Cain, age 18, both of San Francisco
Dec. 31 Harrison Moore, age 29, and Kathryn Lenora Blakely, age 29, both of San Francisco [* transcriber's note: different surname, same marriage for him]
Dec. 31 Michael O’Connor, age 30, of San Francisco, and Blanche Cronan, age 27, of Sacramento
Jan. 2 Charles H. Stockman, age 21, of Fruitvale, and Jennie H. Pico, age 18, of Alameda
Jan. 2 W. R. Belz, age 29, and Pearl Camp, age 28, both of San Francisco
Jan. 2 Edmund E. Holm, age 21, and Isabelle Dunbar Harris, age 18, both of San Francisco
Jan. 2 A. M. Dodge, age 22, and Celia B. Wtrous, age 19, both of San Francisco
Jan. 3 Samuel Bowles, age 21, and Lena Scott, age 20, both of Oakland
The Marin Journal - June 18, 1908
Miss Edith Jones, a well known former resident of San Rafael and a social favorite of the Ross Valley towns, will leave soon to visit her sister, Mrs. Robert Benton Hind at Honolulu, where she will be married to Mr. George Cooper, an attaché of the English Government there.

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