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Thurs 7 Jan p. 1 Dickson-Dewing Announcement It is with pleasure that the Journal announces the engagement of Miss Helen DICKSON and Mr. A. B. DEWING, both of this city. Miss Dickson is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Dickson, pioneers of this county, and is one of our popular young ladies. Mr. Dewing has been a resident of San Rafael for some time and during that time has occupied a responsible position with the Hotaling Banking Co. The date for the wedding has not been announced.
Thurs 7 Jan p. 4 To Whom it May Concern In justice to the patrons of the Ross Valley News and the citizens of San Anselmo, and Marin County, among whom, Mrs. Edna Flory, my wife and I have lived for six months past, I desire to make the following statement: By referring to Book M of marriage certificates, on page 335, records of Marin County, you will find that Wm. H. Flory was married to Edna Kennedy on June 18, 1908. The certificate being filed for record at the request of Judge W.F. Magee and signed by E.J. Connell, county Recorder. I further state that all charges alleged by a recent vicious attack from certain newspapers are likewise false. W. Howard Flory
Thurs Jan 6 p. 5 Tiburon Girl Married The marriage of Miss Agnes Beadley and Charles A. Kircher, both of Tiburon was performed Sunday, Jan. 3rd, at 10 o=clock at the residence of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Beadley.... [bride=s sister Elizabeth Beadley; couple to reside in Tiburon]
Thurs Jan 14 p. 3 Local Notes Santa Rosa papers report that Geo. Arthur and Julia L. Trask, both residents of San Rafael, were married at Santa Rosa Thursday afternoon, by Rev. William Martin, pastor of the Presbyterian Church
Thurs Jan 21 p. 5 Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. M. Blumenthal announced ... the engagement of their daughter, Rita, to Louis Abrams, of San Francisco.

The bride-to-be was born and raised in San Rafael ...

Thurs Jan 28 p. 2 Married in San Rafael John R. Van Anden and Anna C. Careny [Carney], both of San Quentin, fell victims to Dan Cupid and on Tuesday morning were married by Justice of the Peace W. F. Magee. Van Anden is a well known guard at San Quentin and Miss Carney is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Carney of San Quentin ...
Marriage Licenses Issued 1908 (published in Jan 1909 newspapers)  - Thursday, Jan 7, 1909 - page 8
Dec. 29 Francis A. LEWIS, age 30 of Roseville, and Marion WOOD, age 20, of Sausalito
Dec. 30 Robert ROSS, age 48 and Estelle L. KAUFFMAN, age 48, both of Sebastopol
Dec. 30 E. BENSEN, age 35, and M. TRATTA, age 19, both of Stockton
Dec. 30 Albert T. MOREHEAD, age 31, of Nicelans, and Pearl D. CALDWELL, age 31, of Fresno
Dec. 30 F. W. POULE, over 21, of Chicago, and Marie SHINGLEBERGER, over 18, of San Francisco
Dec. 31 C. Doyle BALL, age 21, and Myrtle E. GISH, age 19, both of San Jose
Dec. 31 John A. VELLEN, age 37, and Georgia QUEENER, age 28, both of Los Angeles
Dec. 31 Robert DAVIDSON, age 27, of Mill Valley, and Charlotte RAE, age 30, of San Francisco
Dec. 31 John MCINDEER, age 40, of Sacramento and Ardie Maria ESTABROOK, age 36 of Oakland
Dec. 31 U. S. LEET, over 21, and Edee H. NELSON, over 18, both of San Francisco
Thursday, Jan 14 - page 2
Dec. 30 Frederic CAVAROC, age 32 of Carnegie, San Joaquin County and Catharine Hermina Vogts, age 37 of Berkeley
Marriage Licenses Issued 1909 - Thursday, Jan 7, 1909 - page 8
Jan. 2 J. F. WHITTLE, age 49, of Point Richmond, and Laura FRASER, age 35, of Seattle
Jan. 2 Herbert E. BEVENZIER, age over 21, and Lucile FOWELL, over 18, both of San Francisco
Jan. 2 George M. SWEETMAS, age 25, and Minerva MADDUX, age 23, both of San Francisco
Jan. 4 George V. OLIVA, age 21 of San Francisco, and Annie DOWD, age 18, of San Anselmo
Jan. 4 W. S. DALE, age 21, and Sarah DAVIS, age 21, both of San Francisco
Jan. 5 Henry BLANCK, age 35, and Matilda N. TURLEY, age 22, both of Santa Rosa
Thursday, Jan 14, 1909, page 2
Jan. 6 Peter I. MCLAREN, age 21 of San Anselmo and Alice TRAVIS age 18, of San Francisco
Jan. 6 John HURLEY, age 26, and Lottie FERRARI, age 19 both of San Francisco
Jan. 6 Alfred L. ATWOOD, age 36 of Mill Valley, and Lottie A. ROBSON, age 31 of San Francisco
Jan. 6 G. T. BOURNE, age 24 and Rebecca J. CORBETT, age 24 of San Francisco
Jan. 6 Ralph B. SCANLIN, age 22 and Margaret RYAN age 21, both of San Francisco
Jan. 6 Alexander HUTCHENSON, native of Ireland, age 28 and Thyra EKEDAHL, native of Sweden, age 27, both residents of Los Gatos.
Jan. 7 D. W. PETERSON, age 32, and Louise M. STRAIT, age 18, both of Oakland
Jan. 7 H. N. GUTHRI, age 23 and Olga Grace PANSCH, age 23, both of San Francisco
Marin Journal - Thursday Jan 21, 1909, page 5
Jan. 12 C. SWANSON, native of Sweden, age 31, resident of Oakland, and Etta M. ALLEN, age 22, resident of Oakland
Jan. 12 Charles W. ARMSTRONG, age 19, resident of San Francisco, and Stella Mae WISER, age 17, of Mill Valley. Cathrine ARMAGER mother of the boy accompanies the pair and gives her consent of the marriage, while the father of the girl, Samuel E. WISE consents by letter to his daughter being married
Jan. 13 Henry G. CLARK, native of Pennsylvania, age 48, resident of San Francisco and Maude Mae B. BURTON, age 40, of San Francisco
Jan. 13 Fred FOX, age 19, of Oakland and Rosely SEELEY, age 16, of Oakland, The mothers of the two parties giving their consent by letters sworn before notaries
Jan. 13 T. W. CORDWELL, age 23, and Ella JACKSON, age 22, both of Oakland
Jan. 19 Henry RODGERS, age 52 of Pasadena, and Katie BERNIS, age 50, of Fresno

The Marin Journal, Thursday, November 11, 1909

Nov. 2 John W. Costello, age 27, and Margaret G. Chapman, age 23, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 3 Thomas D. Minto Jr., age 21, of Ignacio, and Thehla M. Hale, age 18, of Berkeley 
H. De F. Wirard, age 38, of Sacramento, and Duri M. Erskine, age 21, of Towle 
Thomas L. McKeon, age 24, and Matilda M. Westphal, age 24, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 4 Ludwig Mathison, age 32, and Emilia Frederickson, age 48, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 5 Harry W. Peyton, age 30, and Anna Fette, both of Stockton 
George Matulich, age 25, and Effie Elliott, age 25, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 6  Howard Plank, age 21, and Ora Myrtle Gregory, age 22, both of San Francisco 
Fred West, age 30, and Nina Olsen, age 30, both residents of Black Point 
Gerald V. Hiram, age 21, of Oakland, and Merle Helen Schland, age 18, of San Jose 
Charles Harper, age 23, and Mable Clair Egon, age 21, both of San Francisco 
A. J. Sulivan, age 21, and Sarah M. Welch, age 19, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 8 Vincent Capporilli, age 35, and Mary Antonio Valencia, age 60, both residents of San Rafael. 
August Barbire, age 26, and Adah Moose, age 26, both residents of San Francisco 
Victor Derda, age 27, of Fort Baker, and Elianora Kuopp, age 25, of San Francisco 
Daniel Gorham Jr., age 26, and Naomi Coffin, age 23, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 9 James A. Parker, age 24, of Jackson, and Josephine Madigan, age 28, of Santa Rosa 
William Struckmann, age 21, and Catherine Capelli, age 18, both of San Anselmo 
On last Saturday, Miss Lulu Carpenter, of San Quentin, was married to August Berger, of Denver, Colo. The wedding was solemnized in San Francisco, where the happy couple will reside.
Baker – McGavin Wedding

Last Wednesday in Trinity church in San Francisco, Miss Helen Baker was united in marriage to Drummond MacGavin (sic) by Bishop Ford Nichols.

The bridal party included Miss Dorothy Baker, as maid of honor, Miss Alexandria Hamilton, Miss Ruth Richards, Miss Sarah Coffin, Miss Louise Boyd, Miss Louisiana Foster, Miss Dolly MacGavin, Miss Bessie Ashton and Miss Claire Nichols.

Carhon Curtiss acted as best man and the ushers were Leavitt Baker, Phillip Baker, Eyre Pinckard, Herbert Schmidt, Herbert Baker, Roy Sommers and Douglas Fry.

The bride is well known in this city having on many occasions been here for the summer society festivities.

Mae Gibson – Robert Foster

A charming home wedding, that of Miss Mae Gibson and Robert Foster, took place in the fifth avenue residence of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick h. Gibson, in this city at 8 o’clock last evening. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Lynn T. White of the Presbyterian church, in the presence of the families and intimate friends of the young couple.

Miss Gibson was a beautiful bride in her exquisite bridal robe of white satin and lace. Her only attendant was Miss Meline Lauselle, while Arthur Foster supported his brother during the ceremony.

A wedding supper followed the ceremony. The rooms were beautifully decorated with chrysanthemums and other decorations.

After a honeymoon, Mr. Foster will take his bride to Hopland to reside. Robert Foster is the third son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Foster, of this city, and Hopland is one of their large land estates which is managed by the young bridegroom.

The marriage is the culmination of a pretty romance which had its beginning when Miss Mae Gibson was one of the daintiest and prettiest of the San Rafael school girls, and the happy bridegroom was carrying her books to school. Their engagement came later, bringing the happiest wishes from everyone – for they are more than a well liked pair, both in Marin county and in society on the other side of the bay.

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