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1919 Marin Marriage Announcements

The Marin Journal
Thursday, January 9, 1919 - Page 5

Brief mention. A score or more of their friends gave a surprise shower party to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. O’Connor Saturday night at the home of the bride’s mother here.  Mrs. O’Connor was Miss Rita Jones.

Couple’s Marriage Surprises Friends
The announcement of their marriage made here Monday by Harry E. Parker, general agent in San Rafael for the Northwestern pacific Company, and Mrs. Vinnie D. McCamish, was a complete surprise to their scores of friends.
Without taking into their confidence any of their acquaintances, the couple left last Thursday morning in an automobile for Napa, where they were married. After a little wedding dinner there they left for Sacramento, spending the rest of the week in the capital city. They are now receiving the sincere congratulations of their many friends.
“Soldier” Elder Takes Oakland Girl Bride
“Soldier” Elder, whose real first name is Willis, and who will be remembered by many here as one of the S & A Moving Picture Company, as well as a prizefighter, was married here Monday by Judge de la Montanya, to Miss Florence Green of Oakland. Elder gave his age as 29, and his residence Evansville, Indiana. Mrs. Elder said she was 32.
Elder is now in the military service, but expects, he said, to “go back into the fighting game” when he is discharged from the army.

Marin Journal - Thursday, Jan. 16, 1919 - Page 5
Jan. 10
Edward Webster, 23, and Winifred Tuohey, 24, both of Oakland
Jan. 10
Clarence E.  Comstock, 33, Hercules, and Marie A. Hebrard, 33, Santa Rosa
Jan. 11
Harry W. Meyer, 30, and Irene M. Lemmon, 24, both of San Francisco
Jan. 13
Andrew Gowen, 24, and Irene B. Littleton, 20, both of San Francisco
Jan. 13
Dwight M. Bliss, 22, Oakland, and Irene I. Jones, 20,  Watsonville
Jan. 14
Matsu Morita, 31, and Louise Calhoun, 27, both of San Francisco
Jan. 14
Andrew Donizelli, 49, and Rosa Quierolo, 46, both of San Francisco

Marin Journal - Thursday, Jan. 16, 1919 - Page 3
Saturday. Mr. Walter H. Robinson of Bigelow and Lincoln avenue was married at the Palace Hotel to Mrs. Edith A. Jones of San Francisco.
A marriage license was issued in San Francisco Saturday to John Koerner, of Marshalltown, Iowa, and Miss Virginia Hartman, of San Rafael.

 Marin Journal - Thursday, Jan. 16, 1919 - Page 8

The marriage arranged between Mr. G. Neaves Parez and Miss Winifred Mason, daughter of Mrs. Chas. Mason, will be solemnized on January 25 at Christ Church, Sausalito, the Rev. Dr. St. George Buttrum officiating.  All friends will be welcome at the church.

Marin Journal - Thursday, June 12, 1919 - Page 5
June 7 Albert B. Chamberlain, 27, and Alva Quant, 24, both of Petaluma
June 7 Robin Hart Osborne, 24, and Genevieve Kaiser, 21, both of San Francisco
June 7 Ray Lunny, 21, and Madeline Wilson, 18, both of San Francisco

Marin Journal - Thursday, June 26, 1919 - page 3
June 20 Harry N. Willis, 22, and Cora L. Nichols, 17, both of Sausalito
June 21 Harold Edward Hubbard, 21, and Mildred Agnes Peterson, 18, both of San Francisco
June 21 Charles A. Nelson, 36, and Lucille A. Kennard, 28, both of Corte Madera
June 22 Tony S. Pimentel, 22, of Berkeley, and Lucy Landi, 20, of Oakland
June 23 Laurence C. Honn, 28, of Sacramento, and Georgia R. Sauvage, 19, of Santa Rosa
June 25 Forest C. Young, 33, and Vida L. Clover, 26, both of Santa Rosa
June 25 Richard F. Day, 25, and Billie M. Lindley, 21, both of San Francisco
June 25 Rudolph D. Venitz, 30, of Indianapolis, Ind., and Gertrude C. Sheehan, 21, of San Rafael
June 25 Thomas Lewis, 21, and Ethel M. Murphy, 18, both of San Francisco
June 25 Arthur Smoot, 21, and Alameda Thomas, 17, both of Oakland
June 25 Frank S. Rogers, 35, and Beatrice A. Leaf, 23, both of Mill Valley

Marin Journal - Thursday, July 3, 1919 - Page 3
June 27 Morris Bernstein, 46, of Oakland, and Sadie Carter, 42, San Francisco
June 27 Henry Savidge Robbins, 27, Grandhaven, Mich., and Margaret Fuller Kinkelin, 22, San Francisco
June 28 Charlie Hilll, 24, Oakland, and Agnes Cousins, 21, San Francisco
June 28 Robert L. Strimpel, 31, Los Angeles, and Elma E. Murphy, 18, Santa Rosa
June 30 George A. Phillips, 21, and Myrtle Merrell, 18, both of Oakland
June 30 William H. Osborne, 36, and Ethel M. Marshall, 36, both of San Francisco
June 30 Thomas M. Prior, 24, and Ella M. Laird, 21, both of San Francisco
June 30 Luis Armanasco, 22, San Francisco, and Charis Thompson, 18, Seattle
July 1 Arden Carter, 25, and Melvina Lyons, 24, both of Oakland
July 1 William Henry Peters, 32, F ort Baker, and Marie R. McConigley, 23, San Francisco
July 2 Peter W. Hanberry, 29, and Eva A. Rea, 23, both of San Francisco
July 2 James D. Rodney Jr., 35, and Jessie Gossett, 29, both of San Francisco
July 2 Thomas Rowlands, 66, and Mary MacLennon, 60, both of  San Francisco

The Marin Journal
Thursday, December 18, 1919 – page 8
Vera Dolores ELKINS and Herbert Earl WORRELL of Idaho were united in marriage in San Francisco on Wednesday, December 10th. Mr. Worrell served with the American army overseas, returning to his father’s ranch in Idaho last summer. He and Mrs. Worrell will remain in Mill Valley until winter is over.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, December 18, 1919 – page 5
A marriage license was issued last Saturday in San Francisco to Samuel HELMAN, of Ross, and Dorothy KRUSE.

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