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1921 Marin Marriage Announcements

Marin Journal
Thursday, January 27, 1921, Page 5
Miss Lucretia McNear Bride in February

The date set for the marriage of Miss Lucretia McNear, the pretty daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. B. McNear, and William Thomas, son of Professor and Mrs. W. Scott Thomas of Berkeley, is February 22.

Miss McNear is a graduate of the University of California of the class of 1919. Miss McNear will be the honored guest at a number of social affairs in the weeks preceding the wedding date.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, March 31, 1921, Page 8
March 26 – Joseph F. SOLDAVINI, 22, and Adele COOK, 20, both of San Rafael
March 28 – John E. COLTHURST Jr., 21, and Zola May ALMY, 18, both of Sacramento
March 28 – Roger COIT, 38, and Frances HALL, 33, both of Oakland
March 29 – Charles ROEDER, 55, and Frances RICHART, 55, both of Vallejo
March 30 – Thos. B. WILLIAMSON, 21, and Vitta MURRAY, 18
March 30 – George KINNEY, 52, Santa Cruz, and Adele MERRICK, 32, San Francisco
March 31 – Robert J. BRIDWELL, 21, and Eva ROGERS, 18, both of San Francisco
March 31 – Carl E. MODISETT, 21, and Mabel HOMMANS, 19, both of San Francisco
March 31 – Albert KELLER, 42, and Edith CURTIS, 44, both of Sausalito

Marin Journal
Thursday, April 14, 1921, page 5
April 7 :
Thomas M. KENNY, 30, and Lora CLEM, 24, both of San Francisco
Frank KRAUSE, 21, and Sadie L. STRINGER, 18, both of Oakland
April 8:
William F. GERRITSON, 21, Tomales, and Juanita M. McMULLIN, 18, Petaluma
April 9:
Robert L. JACKSON, 27, Centerville, Tenn., and Johanna KOHLER, 23, San Rafael
Ernest A. RODGERS, 30, and Bernedina STEELE, 29, both of Santa Rosa
April 10:
Alfred P. Nelson, 21, and Mabel H. USINGER, 18, both of San Francisco
April 12:
Otto GIBSON, 35, Spokane, Wash., and Luella AITCHISON, 22, Oakland
April 13:
Ernest F. RIDLEY, 28, Santa Rosa, and Helen EVANS, 28, Camp Meeker

Marin Journal
Thursday, April 21, 1921, Page 5
April 15:
Frederick C. SCHAPERKOTTER, 26, Los Angeles, and Esther L. TELFORD, 24, San Francisco
Roland P. PRENTYS, San Francisco, and Margaret MESFIELD, 21, Sausalito
April 16:
Paul H. MAKINSON, 32, and Irma LANDON, 23, both of San Anselmo
Otis P. COSBIE, 27, and Helen J. FOLEY, both of San Francisco
Charles C. GARNET and Ida LOVE, both of Ross
April 17:
John H. GLENN, 37, San Francisco, and Lillian A. CLARKE, 28, Larkspur
April 18:
Sanford C. MORBERLY, 28, and Phyllis E. RAYNAUD, 20, both of San Anselmo
April 19:
Jessie W. COLE, 28, and Clorine R. GUERARD, 18, both of Oakland
Carl KINCAID, 33, and Helen W. MACKAY, 21, both of San Francisco
Rudolph D. LANG, 28, and T. F. BRUNINGS, 25, both of San Francisco
April 20:
Thomas J. DYE, 30, Salt Lake City, and Rowena L. STEVENS, 28, Los Angeles

Saturday morning at the First Congregational church in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives Rev. C. P. Martin united in marriage Miss Irma Landon, of San Anselmo, and Paul H. Makinson, also of San Anselmo.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, June 2, 1921
page 3
Julia SILVA, former wife of Frank EDMISTON, of San Rafael, was married Tuesday in Santa Rosa to Roy W. BROWN, of Sonoma. Mrs. Silva was employed by the Carson Glove Company.
page 7
May 27:
Wm. J. FARRELL, 32, and Irene C. BURNS, 32, both of Petaluma
May 28:
Antonio S. AZEVEDA, 34, Tulare, and Inez M. FONTES, 19, Bolinas
Christopher J. HIRD Jr., 30, San Francisco, and Inez T. FAUDA, 24, Fairfax
Geo. R. MEADEE, 30, and Maude OWEN, 24, both of San Francisco
John P. O’BRIEN, 27, and Lucienne M. LVALLEE, 26, both of San Francisco
May 29:
Louis J. HENRICH, 28, San Francisco, and Dixie RICKEY, 24, Eagle Rock City
May 31:
Carlo BROGIOLI, 36, and Mary MESTRI, 35, both of Kentfield
Barney A. HOFFMANN, 23, and Marie A. VERHAEGEN, 22, both of San Francisco

The Marin Journal
Thursday, June 16, 1921, page 5
June 11:
Manuel C. MOTTO, 29, Modesto, and Caroline AGOSTINHO, 20, NICASIO
Americo GERVASONI, 24, and Elma WOHLERS, 21, both of Petaluma

Marin Journal
Thursday, August 4, 1921, page 4
August 1:
David H. WATERHOUSE, 21, San Francisco, and Sigrid J. PETERSON, 18, Eureka
August 2:
William H. AKINS, 48, and Mary E. JENKINS, 38, both of San Francisco
Edwin J. CARLSEN-COWLES, 34, and Aida SORENSEN, 29, both of San Francisco
Lloyd N. CASE, 22, San Jose, and Evelyn F. HART, 22, Santa Clara
August 3:
John BROUSSET, 33, and Tillie ELGIN, 39, both of San Francisco

Marin Journal
Thursday, September 1, 1921, page 5
Aug. 25:
Rolph E. WHITMORE, 39, and Helen P. WILSON, 43, both of Burlingame
Aug. 27:
Albert R. CRUCHOFF, 33, and Lillian M. MACKERY, 36, both of Richmond
William B. YEATES, 22, Louisville, and Susan K. WIDDECOMBE, 24, Denver
Arthur HIGHT, 21, and Alma WILKINSON, 18, both of Alameda
Aug. 29:
Norman J. COLEN, 22, and Anita ARATA, 20, both of San Francisco
William WARREN, 22, and Anne NICHOLLS, 21, both of San Francisco
Emil S. MUELLER, 29, San Francisco, and Grace VANN, 27, Blairsden
Aug. 30:
Wallace R. PIERSON, 27, and Maude J. RICHARDS, 18, both of San Francisco
Victor MATSON, 21, and Lillian MATSON, 18, both of San Francisco
Charles H. WARD, 36, Oakland, and Beulah HAWKINS, 21, San Francisco
Lawrence WAINWRIGHT, 24, Washington, D. C., and Adell CHAPPELL, 24, Carmel
Aug. 31:
Fred J. McINTYRE, 26, and Rose E. GEBAUER, 26, both of San Francisco
Robert W. CHEETHAM, 26, and Helen J. WALSH, 18, both of San Francisco
Ralph ALLEN, 30, San Francisco, and Emma BROWN, 28, Oakland
Sept. 1:
Louis H. PIEDMONTE, 23, and Zaidee M. OGILVIE, 19, both of Concord

Marin Journal
Thursday, September 8, 1921, page 5
Sept. 3:
Stephen J. ONWARSKY, 22, and Alma L. HOFFMAN, 20, both of Crockett
Edward H. SCHEEL, 27, Vallejo, and Lillian WHITE, 27, Petaluma

Marin Journal
Thursday, October 6, 1921, page 5
Sept. 28:
Paul WASSON, 21, Oakland and Margaret R. DARROW, 19, Larkspur
Sept. 30:
Alexander B. MALLEY, 31, Healdsburg, and Charlotte F. REEVES, 29, Mill Valley
Oct. 1:
Frederick PATRICIO, 34, and Mary MANCEBO, 27, both of Sausalito
A. McKie DONNAN, 27, and Helen F. WHITING, 26, both of Mill Valley
Oct. 2:
Malcolm F. NAHL, 21, Alamo, and Velma MANNING, 18, Mill Valley
Oct. 3:
Robert W. BOWERS, 25, and Anna WELLMAN, 21, both of San Francisco
Joseph HORNESH, 35, and Annie DOUGHEY, 35, both of San Rafael
Francis B. GARD, 21, Kelseyville, and Emma A. JACK, 18, Berkeley
Oct. 4:
Thomas F. RYDER, 21, and Loretta RYAN, 18, both of San Francisco
Enrico FONTANA, 21, and Alvina EISENMANN, 18, both of San Francisco
Oct. 5:
Wm. H. DANIEL, 59, and Marie DYER, 59, both of Oakland

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