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1922 Marin Marriage Announcements

The Marin Journal
Thursday, March 23, 1922, Page 8
The marriage occurred Thursday of last week of Miss Katherine JENSEN, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Oehler, and Alfred B. RAISCH, son of the well known contractor. The ceremony was performed at the home of Mrs. Oshler in San Anselmo by Rev. F. M. Cross. Miss Margery Clemenson was bridesmaid and Charles Shade ascted as best man. The couple are now enjoying a motorcar honeymoon in the south.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, May 4, 1922

Page 1
Wedding Ceremony A Congregational Church

The Congregational Church was filled to capacity last night with guests attending the ceremony which united in marriage Miss Jessie L. OSTEYEE and Rev. Earl WELLIVER. The marriage was the culmination of an acquaintance which began many months ago when the young couple met in church work.

The groom graduated a week ago from the theological seminary at San Anselmo. The bride, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Osteyee, was attended by her sister, Miss Gladys Osteyee, as bridesmaid. The church decorations, subject of much favorable comment, were the work of R. L. Duncan, assisted by several girl friends of the bride. The ceremony was performed by Rev. C. P. Martin.

Following a wedding banquet the couple left for a short sojourn in Nebraska and upon their return they will prepare to depart for missionary work in the Orient.

Page 4
Word has been received here that Neil HUNTER, formerly of this town, but now of Niles, and Miss Anna FINNEGAN of San Francisco were married last Thursday.

William  FLEMING who formerly worked for Mr. Butler, married E. Dasie (sic) ELLISON of 1018 Ellis Street, San Francisco.

The wedding of Miss Amanda McNEAR and William HENDRICKSON Jr., which took place Saturday, April 29, united two very prominent families. The ceremony took place at one o’clock at the Episcopal church, Ross; the wedding breakfast and reception were at the McNear home. The bride who is a very pretty girl, tall and slight, wore a wedding gown of white chiffon embroidered with pearls, over white satin. Some of the prettiest girls in society were in the bridal party. Miss Doris Schmiedell was maid of honor. The bridesmaids were Miss Elizabeth Schmiedell, Miss Mary Julia Crocker, Miss Elita Adams, Miss Jessie Knowles, Miss Alice Requa and Miss Aileen McIntosh. The best man was Alfred Hendrickson, brother of the groom. The ushers were Barroll McNear, Harry Crocker, Willliam Schumann, Edward Malthy, Gordon Johnson and James Moffitt. The McNear house is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Ross. The reception was held in the garden. After the honeymoon the couple will be with the McNear’s for a short timeuntil they take an apartment in San Francisco.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, May 18, 1922, Page 1

Bride and Groom Sail For Honolulu

Miss Gertrude MINTON, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Henry A. Minton, became the bride last Saturday afternoon of Nicholas Kittle BOYD at the Presbyterian Church here. The ceremony was performed in the presence of a large number of friends and relatives by Rev. Herbert Thomson, pastor of the church.

Scores of automobiles were drawn along the curbs of Fifth avenue to receive the wedding party and the guests after the ceremony, which was followed by a reception at the Minton residence. The young couple motored to Hopland for the week-end and early this week sailed for a honeymoon trip to Honolulu. Upon their return they will reside here.

Miss Jean Boyd was maid of honor and the bridesmaids were Miss Cynthia Boyd, Miss Ethel Lilley, Miss Isabel Sherman and Miss Caroline Avery.

Benjamin Foster, a cousin of t he groom, was the best man. The ushers were Joseph A. Donolue Jr., John Kittle, Arthur Evans, Clinton Jones, Lucio Mintzer and Edward Hills Jr.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, June 15, 1922, Page 5

Following their wedding at St. Dominic’s church in San Francisco this week, Mr. and Mrs. William H. SHEA are enjoying their honeymoon in the Sacramento Valley. Mrs. Shea was Miss Mae JOSEPH, daughter of Joseph Joseph, official of the Monticello Steamship Company. The groom is an employee of the San Francisco post office.
Stockton Couple Wedded Here
Miss Emma RENNER, sister of Mrs. William Sorensen, became the bride last Saturday of Percy BARR, of Stockton, in a ceremony performed by Justice of the Peace Herbert De La Montanya.

Miss Renner was a guest of two or three days previous to the wedding of Deputy Coroner and Mrs. Sorensen, who attended them at t he ceremony. The groom is employed in a large meat market in Stockton, in which city they will make their home. 

The Marin Journal
Thursday, June 22, 1922, Page 4

The marriage of Charles R. SYMES to Miss Emma M. LACKWANDA of San Francisco, took place Wednesday, June 14 in the city. Mr. and Mrs. Symes will reside on Blithedale avenue, near Forest, in a cottage purchased some months ago by Mr. Symes.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, August 3, 1922

Sammy Worth To Be Blushing Groom

Sammy Worth is to play second in a two-member team of the matrimonial league. For that reason he won’t be at his old place with the San Rafael team next Sunday.

The charming lady’s name is Miss Ruth Moore, and she is employed at the Wells-Fargo Nevada National Bank, where Sammy also makes his living.

This information was whispered last Sunday, but Sammy kept the date of the event secret. It is presumed, however, that it will take place Sunday or before, as the couple expect to enjoying their honeymoon very shortly.

Worth is one of the best known semi-professional baseball players in the bay section. Although he has played with many scores of teams elsewhere, he has always been a favorite here and has played with San Rafael perhaps more than with any other team.

Captain Randolph Weds San Rafael Bride

Captain Samuel L. Randolph and his bride, who was Mrs. Ellen K. Evers, are enjoying a honeymoon following their marriage by Justice of the Peace H. De La Montanya last Saturday.

Captain Randolph is well known through his long connection with San Quentin prison, where he has held the position of Captain of the Yard for many years. The bride has resided in San Rafael for several years. They will make their home at San Quentin.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, September 7, 1922

Corte Madera
Two weddings on one day was our record on last Saturday, when two of our girls were married on that day.

Miss Isabel Dolan of Chapman Park and Joseph C. Granville of Ross were married at St. Anselm’s in San Anselmo Saturday morning. A delightful  wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride, after which the young couple left for a motor trip through the southern part of the state. Mr. and Mrs. Granville will make Ross their future home.

On the evening of the same day, Miss Irma Wilson and Chas. Banzet were united in a quiet ceremony at the home of the bride, after which they left for a two weeks trip. The young couple expect to make Corte Madera their home, for a while at least, having rented the Bartlett house on First street for the winter.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, September 28, 1922


A marriage license was issued in San Francisco on Wednesday to Fred Woods and Lotta M. Rutherford, both residents of Sausalito. Mrs. Rutherford is the widow of the late John Rutherford and resided on Lower Santa Rosa avenue for several years.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, November 23, 1922

Marriage Licenses
Nov. 16 – Max GUETTER, 21, San Rafael, and Amalda THUMLER, 18, San Anselmo
Nov. 17 – Harry PAGET, 37, and Harriett CURTISS, 29, both of San Francisco 
Nov. 18 – Albert CHIARONI, 22, Occidental, and Geraldine JOHNSTON, Inverness
Nov. 18 – Frank A. DOUGLAS, 22, and Gladys WARREN, 19, both of Healdsburg
Nov. 20 – Allison H. SHELDON, 50, Clayton, and Theresa SEIDLINGER, 38, San Francisco

The Marin Journal
Thursday, November 30, 1922

Marriage Licenses
Nov. 23 – Morris EISNER, 24, and Viola A. THOMPSON, 23, both of San Francisco
Nov. 23 – John GISON, 53, and Mary L. PRINDLE, 53, both of Oakland
Nov. 27 – Herman KETTERER, 40, Alameda, and Maudie SHEPHERD, 37, Santa Rosa
Nov. 27 – Henry G. INGLER, 41, and Jennie L.  JANES, 32, both of Oakland
Nov. 27 – John L. WRIGHT, 25, and Lorraine GATES, 20, both of Santa Rosa
Nov. 28 – Frank THOMAS, 52, and Mary  LILJE, 51, both of San Francisco
Nov. 28 – Henry SCHINDLER, 21, Petaluma, and Lucia BLACKMAN, 18, Santa Rosa
Nov. 29 – Laurence C. BENINGER, 31, and Elsie WIEGANDT, 24, both of Mill Valley

The Marin Journal
Thursday, December 21, 1922

Marriage Licenses
Dec. 15 – Geo. B. COTTINGHAM, 48, San Francisco, and Laura J. MILLER, 47, Berkeley
Dec. 18 – Thos. LOGUE, 39, and Ethel VIVIAN, 34, both of San Francisco
Dec. 18 – Gustave A. EINSELEN, Jr., 32, San Francisco, and Elizabeth Ann VON GYENGO, 16, Mill Valley
Dec. 19 – Peter V. BRUNNER, 65, San Francisco, and Mary ORB, 54, Fresno

The Marin Journal
Thursday, December 21, 1922

The marriage of Miss Bernice McBRYDE, alocal girl and daughter of Mrs. Laura McBryde, and William HARRIS, will take place January 3, it is announced.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, Dec. 28, 1922 - page 1

Wedding Ceremony On Christmas Day

December 25th was a day of double significance in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles STOCKING.

In addition to the yuletide happiness which gave pleasure to the family, there occurred at the home a pretty ceremony through which Miss Abbie M. Stocking, their daughter, became the bride of Hubert Southwood BOONE.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Lloyd Brown in the presence of the members of the families and a few close friends. The bride’s brother, Clayton Stocking, was best man, and Mrs. Kate Aver was the bridesmaid.

Following the ceremony the guests enjoyed a wedding supper at t he home, the young couple leaving immediately afterwards for a short honeymoon trip. Upon their return they will make their home in San Rafael.

The bride is a charming and popular San Rafael girl, and the groom of New York, is an engineer, having been employed on several projects by large firms.

The Marin Journal
Thursday, December 28, 1922

Marriage Licenses
Dec. 20 – Alfred SOLDATI, 29, and Hilda MORGANTINI, 19, both of Petaluma
Dec. 20 – Richard A. JACKSON, ?2, and Helen CAVERLY, 36, both of Oakland
Dec. 21 – George H. ROBERTS, 21, and Emma A. GLENN, 18, both of Mill Valley
Dec. 21 – Milton JACOBS, 21, and Florence L. STINER, 18, both of San Francisco
Dec. 21 – Jack O’NEILL, 28, and Frances NOBLES, 18, both of Cazadero
Dec. 22 – Fred C. STAMMLER, 42, San Rafael, and Dolly GLASS, 26, Marston, Mo.
Dec. 23 – Ernest H. ADAMS, 35, and Hazel QUINN, 25, both of San Francisco
Dec. 23 – Carlton RAMSEY, 33, Harrisburg, Pa., and Margaret HEESE, 32, Martinsburg, Va.
Dec. 23 – Ian RUSSELL, 21, and Helen HOOVER, 18, both of San Francisco
Dec. 26 – William STEELE, 39, Pescadero, and Catherine BAUMGARTEN, 24, Schulenburg, Tex.
Dec. 27 – Clark WAYCROFT, 35, and Freda L. INGWERSEN, 26, both of Petaluma
Dec. 27 – Frank ROCCONI, 26, and Emelia VESNAUER, 18, both of Alameda
Dec. 27 – Bart P. MALONE, 25, and Ethel SUSAVILLA, 25, both of Sausalito

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