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1938 Marin Marriage Announcements

San Rafael Independent, Saturday, May 21, 1938 page 2
Frederick Alton EGERSDORFF 26 11 6th avenue, San Francisco Izetta Lucille BROWN 20 2339 California St., San Francisco
Theodore Francis BRAZIL 27 72 Alexander Ave. San Rafael Helen Gertrude WHITE 26 Route 1, San Rafael
Floyd Robert MARSHALL 22 Larkspur Florence Ilene CLARK 18 Larkspur
Anthony FAUSTINE 40 Box 66, San Rafael Jessie M. WEAVER 39 West Fifth St., San Rafael
Charles Lee CARTER 23 1050 Post St., San Francisco Helen Loraine SAVAGE 24 1050 Post St., San Francisco
Roy Irving HILL 39 119 South Kilkea Dr., Los Angeles Catherine Daly RILY 27 616 15th St., Bellingham, Wash.

San Rafael Independent, Thursday, November 17, 1938 - Page 1

Mr. and Mrs. Antone Zunino, who were married on the 28th of last month, were the honor guests at a family dinner given for them by Mrs. Ernest Zunino.
San Rafael Independent - Saturday, Dec. 10, 1938 - Page 3
Intention to wed
Wesley J. Burnett, 23, Bancroft and Piedmont streets, Berkeley, to Ellen Lurose Kolbfell, 22, same address.
Edward Franklin Benson Jr., 26, Union street, San Francisco, and Audrey Ellinore McKenna, 26, 53 Manor Road, Manor
John E. Johnson, 22, Baltimore, Maryland, and DeFayne Cameron, 21, Novato
Carl J. Emerson 59 834 Niagara Avenue, San Francisco Elizabeth E. 
43 Sacramento December 3, 1938, Rev. Charles L. Mears 
officiating at Fairfax
Raymond I. Cassidy 21 Tamalpais Hotel, San Rafael Beulah Irene Brewer 19 Tamalpais Hotel, December 3, 1938 Judge J. B. Lovell officiating at San Rafael
Manny Sherman Mansfield 41 16 Glen Drive, Sausalito Myrtle Gertrude 
42 6408 Hobart street, St. Louis, Missouri December 6, 1938, 
Rev. Fred Schlinkmann officiating at San Rafael
Albert Logan Williams 22 1411 Berkeley Way, Berkeley Lucille Gladys 
21 Fowler December 3, 1938, Rev. Robert C. Eaker officiating at 
John W. Snowball 46 Knights Landing Eleanor Thresher 26 1601 K 
street, Sacramento
October 2, 1938, Judge Edward I. Butler officiating 
at San Rafael
James Joseph Brogan 32 540 Fell Street, San Francisco Lorena M. 
18 Shasta Hotel, San Francisco December 2, 1938, Judge J. B. 
Lovell officiating at San Rafael

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