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1946 Marin Marriage Announcements

San Rafael Independent
Monday, May 6, 1946 – page 3
Rudolph PARTIDA 34 San Francisco Laura MALDONADO 22 1517 Fifth street, San Rafael 
Richard C. ABBOTT 24 Berkeley Lois WAY 19 74 Wellington ave., San Anselmo 
Robert BLACKFORD 21 1028 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. Jeannette LUCCHESI 22 Point Reyes Station 
James E. TOLSON 23 San Francisco Mary E. REISE 20 Sparks, Nevada 

San Rafael Independent
Monday, June 10, 1946 – page 3

Robert E. LINSCOMB 23 Box 509, Marin City Zellah Mae CALHOUN 24 San Francisco 
Mario CAGNACCI 52 San Francisco Mary LOTTI 49 San Francisco
Harvey SEATON 30 Belvedere Marie NOGA 23 Belvedere 
George E. NIELSON 23 20 Hillside Ave., Kentfield Arvilla CARTER 24
23 Scenic Ave.,
San Anselmo 

San Rafael Independent
Tuesday, June 11, 1946 – page 3

Clair S. RICHARDSON 27 142 Ross street, San Rafael Rita M. TRUMBLY 25 1442 Nye street, San Rafael 
Roger R. TRUMBULL 22 Novato Jane F. STEPHENS 18 Novato 

 San Rafael Independent Journal, Monday, June 17, 1946 - page 8

Lawrence Convery, 36, and Adella P. Visen, 37, both of San Francisco
Louis Saporetti, 31, and Elizabeth Soldavini, 21, both of San Anselmo
Harry M. Cardall, 20, 341 Butterfield Road, San Anselmo, and Shirley R. Bond, 20, 21 Clark street, San Rafael
John B. Baker, 49, and Mary F. Tuttle, 48, both of San Francisco
Louis Pfaff, 30, 75 Rocca Drive, Fairfax, and Dorothy Scagliola, 24, 100 Suffield avenue, San Anselmo
Russell G. Smith Jr., 25, Box 515, Ross, and Mary D. Ward, 21, San Francisco
Marion B. Brown, 40, and Mildred C. Fourmet, 36, both of Oakland
Robert G. Colodny, 30, Berkeley, and Dorothy Newman, 29, San Francisco
Clayborn Holmes Jr., 22, and Geneva Grayson, 20, both Marin City
John J. Mangen, 23, Minneapolis, Minn., and Marian D. Monty, 21, Motley, Minn.
Nelson G. Wilhelm, 21, San Anselmo, and Alice M. Bianchini, 150 The Alameda, San Anselmo
Oliver M. Riley, 29, 60 Tamalpais avenue, and Berneice E. Anderson, 30, 129 San Anselmo avenue, both San Anselmo
Glenn E. Lilly, 21, Manitou Springs, Colo., and Loise Evelyn Hansen, 18, Mill Valley
Joseph Lavelle, 23, and Claire McPhee, 18, both San Francisco
John B. Clark, 27, Hamilton Field, and Helen Lindberg, 18, 173 Butterfield Road, San Anselmo
Byron C. Fonnesback, 24, and Anona J. West, 20, both of Colusa

August 16, 1946 – page 8

Richard J. SNODGRASS 25 Portland, Oregon Dolores LA VALLEY 18
Portland, Oregon
George Albert PARADIS 21
Ethel Louise JENSEN 21

August 17, 1946 - page 8

Andrew James Nelson
Betty Ann Wunder
2175 Fifth avenue, San Rafael
Joseph Oberti
San Francisco
Anna E. Thomas
San Francisco
Loy A. Votan
Catherine F. Wood
San Francisco
Floyd Thompson Baird
21 Chester avenue, Fairfax
Dolores Bradley
21 Chester avenue, Fairfax
Robert Norman Silvey
44 Willow street, Fairfax
Aileen Gilbert
Springfield, Missouri

San Rafael Independent
August 17, 1946 – page 5

Alyce Hambridge, A Bride of Tomorrow, At Variety Shower

For Miss Alyce Hambridge, who tomorrow will become the bride of Robert Atkinson, her mother, Mrs. Fred Hambridge and her two sisters, Mrs. Gerald Smith (Betty Hambridge) and Mrs. Charles Adam (Pearl Hambridge) entertained at a variety shower Monday evening at the Hambridge home.

Guests included Mesdames Harry Carne, William Johnson, Edward Villadsen, George Bruce, Wayne Westcott, Martha Adam, George Bechtold, Martha Yates, Ernest Ongaro, Misses Hambridge and Alice Maxwell and four relatives from the east who are here for the wedding: the bride-elect’s maternal grandmother, Mrs. Christina Coolidge, her mother’s sister, Mrs. Carl Impellitier and daughters, Joanne and Jane Impellitier of Buffalo, New York.

The wedding will be at 3 o’clock in the garden of the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ongaro on Brenfleck Avenue in San Anselmo and the wedding reception will be at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. 

Robert Jackson To Claim Concord Girl As His Bride 
At Church Ceremony Tomorrow

When Miss Jacqueline Leola Methven and Robert Boyd Jackson are united in marriage tomorrow at the First Christian Church in Concord, Rev. R. C. Davis, former pastor of the church, who has known the bridegroom since the latter was four years old, will be one of the officiating clergymen. The other will be Rev. A. C. Burgess, the present pastor.

The bride- elect, a commercial artist and a graduate of two art schools, is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Methven of Concord. Tomorrow’s benedict is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John J. Jackson, residents of Mill Valley for 17 years. Both Mrs. Jackson and her son were born in Concord. The young man, only son of the Mill Valley couple, is a graduate of St. Ignatius High school and was a sergeant in the Air Borne Division of the Army serving a long time in the European theater and participating in the invasion of Normandy and many other campaigns. He is now enrolled at San Francisco Junior College.

Mrs. Ray Michaelson will be matron of honor for her only sister and bridesmaids will be Misses Claudette Kounhart and Carolyn Watts.

Willard Ballenger of Concord, cousin of the bridegroom, is to be best man and ushers will be another cousin, Boyd Ballenger, and Ray Michaelson, Elmer Carlson and Warren DeBenedetti.

Ring bearers at the double ring ceremony, which will be at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, will be the Neuseld twins.

Arrah Jean Hicks, Who’s To Be Bride Of Lt. Gargiulo Tomorrow,
Shower Honoree

Miss Arrah Jean Hicks, who tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock at the Congregational Church here will become the bride of Lt. Joseph Gargiulo of the Maritime Service, was guest of honor at the shower given Thursday evening by Miss Bebe Milani at the latter’s San Rafael home.

Miss Milani, who will be the bride’s only attendant at the wedding, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Milani and it is he who will give the bride in marriage.

White wedding bells in the living room were festooned from the ceiling and beneath them was a huge “panda,” dressed as a bride and holding a picture of the attractive blonde bride-elect.

On the  buffet table was a large cake with the greeting, “Good Luck, Arrah and Joe.”

The bride-elect was graduated from San Rafael in June and the guests were mostly members of her class and of Ra Ravas to which she belongs.

The guest list included Mrs. Paul Smith (Rosemary Gargiulo), sister of tomorrow’s benedict, Mrs. Esther Sanders, sister of the bride-elect., Misses Kay Mattos, Shirley Ballard, Tui Wong, Evie Harper, Rosemarie Marenghi, Won Wong, “Hank” Wadlow, Mei Wong, Jean Allen, Doris Law, “Fitty” Falk, the guest of honor and the hostess.

Mrs. Anna Hicks is the mother of the future Mrs. Gargiulo and parents of Lt. Gargiulo are Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gargulo of San Rafael. 

Monday, September 16, 1946 - Page 3

Raymond J. Anderson, 26, 210 Caledonia street, Sausalito, and Eva Mae Leuck, 33, Marin City
Charles Silva, Jr., 47, Novato, and Marion G. Little, 30, Concord
Charles P. Linthhurst, 27, and Marjorie E. Rhodes, 30, both of San Francisco
Thomas C. Sias, 28, 76 --- avenue, Mill Valley, and Patricia Stauch, 21, San Francisco
Robert L. Hegy, 35, San Francisco, and Claire Patricia Tanner, 24, Oakland
Bill Wynn Watson, 21, Portland, Ore., and Betty J. Wilson, 20, 235 Chapman Drive, Corte Madera

Marin Journal
Thursday, November 7, 1946 – page 2



Fred Earl MITCHELL 23 1 Cottage Ave., Mill Valley Lianne Elizabeth DE LaFONTAINE 20 161 Lovell Ave., Mill Valley 
John A. ROWE Jr. 50 4 Plymouth Ave., Mill Valley Ruth E. JONES 33 San Francisco 
Jakie A. TERHALL 27 66 Mariposa Ave. San Anselmo Lealvah YEAGER 30 66 Mariposa Ave. San Anselmo 
Robert E. WILCOX 33 Hamilton Field Hattie POLLARD 36 621 Fifth Ave., San Rafael 
Jonas F. C. VON ROSEN 60 Belvedere  Obera Hester HAMMER  46 Belvedere
Chester C. McLELLAND 45 1204 Third St., San Rafael Leola B. HAMILTON 40 1204 Third St., San Rafael
Verl DEIRFLINGER 34 Fort Winfield Scott  Norrine JOHNSTON 25 Sausalito
Charles E. CHANDLER 29 Cincinnati, O Helen F. KOLAR 31 San Francisco
Edward J. JEW 21 Firebaugh Jennie LEE 23 San Francisco
Thomas C. HURLEY 26 Burlingame Marilyn L. COX 24 Palo Alto
Daniel ROCHELL 26 Hamilton Field Ella Mae BROWN 18 Hamilton Field 
Robert J. DICKSON 23 Hamilton Field Eleanor DILLON 24 Rte. 1, Box 443, San Rafael 
James William HATCHER 35 S. Roanoke, Va. Charlotte Barbara YOUNG 27 22 Locust Ave., Larkspur
John HAKIN 34 Morgantown, W.Va.  Flora E. SOGUERE 26 Windsor 
Edwin Ellis RAMPONI  23 65 Belle Vista, San Anselmo Yolanda Mary DE MARTINI  22 17 Live Oak St., Fairfax 
Robert B. BAIN 69 445 Cascade Dr., Fairfax Ralcie Rene WALLACE 47 445 Cascade Dr., Fairfax 

     Saturday, November 23, 1946 - Page 3

Joe Faustine, 27, Box 154, Novato, and Barbara Paulsen, 22, 214 Belle avenue, San Rafael
William Hearn, 29, and EileenTennison, 30, both of Forest Knolls

Wednesday, December 11, 1946 - page 12

Richard R. Fleigle, 34, 4 Hart street, San Rafael, and Agnes M. Erickson, 32, 11 H street, San Rafael

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