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1990 Marin Marriage Announcements

Marin Independent Journal, January 1, 1990 (Marriage Licenses)

Dec. 26

Thomas R. LINDEN and Cynthia D. ROGERS of Sausalito


Michael W. CANADY and Elizabeth A. ASKELAND of New York City


Wesley G. ARNOLD and Michele M. CAVANAGH of Corte Madera


Steven A. PIERACCINI of Petaluma and Michele J. JANIKOWSKI of Novato


Michael W. HAHLBECK and Cheryl L. CATTAN of Petaluma


Lloyd B. MADDEN and Wendelle L. RAWLINSON of Eugene, Ore.


Daniel A. KENILVORT and Marlana L. CHRISTIAN of San Rafael


Thomas C. PATTERSON and Lisa LARIMER of Tiburon


Christian P. FREDERIKSEN and Tara L. CRAWFORD of Mill Valley

Dec. 27

Adam J. NUMARK and Zita V. CSUKAS of Sonoma


Mark D. IOMAS and Trudie L. PHILLIPS of Tiburon


Marin Independent Journal, Sunday, May 27, 1990 - Section B, page 2
May 22 Steven P. Shoen and Karla A. Jacobs of Novato
  Frank M. Belluardo and Kathleen A. Henry of Mill Valley
  Richard G. Fasbinder and Susan B. Levine of Sausalito
  Carl F. Jacob and Mary Serbes of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal, February 24, 1990
Feb. 15
James C. Bessolo and Nicole O. Perry of the Bronx, N.Y.

Kenneth D. Lippiof Fairfax and Leanne M. Barsotti of Novato

Kelly E White and Shannon E. Garnerof San Rafael

James E. Toner of Colma and Shannon K. Keating of San Rafael

Matthew R. Dawson and Heidi K. Schulz of Novato

Aril Yucelen and Tina G. Rile of San Rafael

Jose L. Rios of San Francisco and Susan M. Lawsonof San Rafael
Feb. 16
Gerald V. Clement and Patricia L. Hoff of San Rafael

Rodney F. Courtney of Larkspur and Regina S. Whyteof San Anselmo

Mohammed A. Moten of Chicago and Yasmeen K. Patel of Petaluma

Paul Grace and Kornelia H. Diederich of Corte Madera

James E. Robertson and Nani B. E. Maunupau of San Rafael

Rattan G. Mirchandani of San Rafael and Anita T. Mirchandani of Sunnyvale
Feb. 20
Eduardo L. Jimenez and Coralia Ramirezof Novato

Philip D. B. Daviesand Kerry L. Sandler of Fairfax

Hollis J. Key Jr. and Peggy A. Sulloof Niceville, Fla.
Feb. 21
Gregory A. Turpan and Katherine W. Flynn of Berkeley

James G. Andrews of San Francisco and Gayla Melonas of Larkspur

John W. Knebel and Marie E. Sosso of Novato

Robert M. Suryar and Kimberly L. Raum of Inverness
Feb. 22
Stephane N. Recollonand Linda D.Nickens of Novato
Marin Independent Journal, Friday, May 4, 1990
April 12
Edward P. Schmit III of San Quentin and Amelia M. Kahiffof Fremont
Aaron Wysingerof San Quentin and Dori Kromreyof Dublin
David A. Sires of San Quentin and Debora D. Smithof San Jose
Prince L. Mathewsof San Quentin and Donna L. Ransburg of San Francisco
Dave Turner III of San Quentin and Tina M. Cabralesof Manteca
Mario R. Molina of San Quentin and Michelle D. Burgerof Concord
Ralph L. Beeman of San Quentin and Paula Makridis of San Francisco
David Nevarez of San Quentin and Monica M. Duranof Madera
April 13
Jamie A. Green and Veronica M. Sandstrom of Novato
Clinton M. Ferrier and Heather A. Bell of Tiburon
Paolo Pompanin of Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy, and Carolyn Goldsmith of Mill Valley
Steve A. Kemiji and Lisa J.Gottreich of Mill Valley
Anthony J. Treacy and Marilyn F. Thompson of Mill Valley
Daniel F. Kiernan of San Anselmo and Mara Der Hovanesian of San Francisco
Michael S. Shapiro and Gayle L. Skimokaji of Sausalito
Mark V. Klopp and Megan McNally of Hoffman Estates, Ill.
Peter Sagues and Alexandra L. Chetrit of Larkspur
Philip M. Shawand Joanna A. Sellers of San Anselmo
April 16
Gerald E. Anderson and Christi A. Olsonof San Rafael
David M. Estes and Karen L. Maitland of Mill Valley
Salvador S. Atueof Tiburon and Susie E. A. Checkley of Corte Madera

Marin Independent Journal, August 15, 1990

Aug. 2
Armenia L. Cudjo Jr. of San Quentin and Krissandra L. Martinof Inglewood

Steven R. McNeil of San Quentin and Maricella Guerreroof San Francisco

Curtis J. Dawson of San Quentin and Marcia S. Marin of Los Angeles

Najji B. Howard of San Quentin and Felicity C. Price of San Francisco

Thomas L. Rutledgeof San Quentin and Sharlene P. Sousa of Clovis, Fresno County

Gary G. Rossof San Quentin and Linda Folla of Logan, Utah

Eddie Wilson of San Quentin and Jacqueline Stallworth of Oakland

Andres A. Murilloof San Quentin and Delfina A. Aguilarof San Jose

Johnny A. Thompson of San Quentin and Ma. Theresa P. Lobaton of Pittsburg

Mark K.Jonesof San Quentin and Rita D. Hobson of San Francisco

Barry L. Nunley of San Quentin and Iris C. Lankford of Berkeley

Robert K. Johnston of San Quentin and Lesley L. Bautistaof Petaluma
Aug. 8
Ronald G. Sutton and Gigirenee R. Heredia of Sausalito

Timothy E. Holtand Katherine F. Kidson of Petaluma

Michael E. Roberts and Wendy C. Oeleof Corte Madera

Jeffrey T. Mullaneyof Tempe, Ariz. And Patricia M. Morita of San Rafael

John W. Nichols of Orinda and Judy A. Carbine of Novato

Glen W. Hearrelland Kristine M. Gompper of Petaluma
Aug. 9
Van NordenLogan of Sausalito and Kathleen A. McKenzie of Ross

James R. Hundley and Jennifer A. O'Connell of Corte Madera

Bernard McEvoy of San Rafael and Roxanne Grechman of Kentfield

David P. Lindemannand Michelle L. Matheson of Castro Valley

Dorian M. VanCleve and Michelle Y. Gonzalesof Larkspur

Donald D. Shawof Santa Rosa and Elizabeth J. McBride of Greenbrae

Michael B. Anthony and Catherine M. Eager of San Diego

Randall L. Redding and Bonnie A. Lehman of Alameda
Aug. 10
Douglass A. Nadeau and Jennifer K. Kuret of Larkspur

Kevin F.Sindelarand Mary K. Wallace of San Rafael

Kennan M. Rodems and Holly A. Rhodes of Richmond

Jean-Louis Boyerof San Francisco and Patricia L. Sharpof Mill Valley

Douglas I. Millerof Cotati and Shirley A. Burkeof Dillon Beach

Henry C. Floresof Minneapolis, Minn. and Colleen T. Gillmor of Larkspur

Michael A.O'Connor and Katherine T. Morgan of Novato

Christopher A. Wallace of San Rafael and Susan N. Goode of Novato

Robert G. Casale and Monica S. Vasquez of San Rafael

Brian D. Bitter of Madera and Ellen A. Dobbs of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal, August 24, 1990
Aug. 20
Robert A. Wilson and Erica J. Blockof Sonoma

Simon Haviv and Idit Oz of San Rafael
Kenneth L. Webb Jr. and Jennifer L. Hennessey of Sonoma

Eliel G. Redstone and Linda G. Haley of Corte Madera

Galen S. Fultzand Kamila S. Harkavy of San Rafael

David J. Lawson and Evelyn L. DeRego of Woodland Hills

Rickey L. Williamsand Tara J. McNeil of Greenbrae

Steven D. Flach and Dana J. Gottliebof Novato

Marin Independent Journal, Friday, October 5, 1990 (Marriage Licenses)

Sept. 26

Denis C. MURPHY and Judith E. ANTOINE of Novato

Sept. 27

Michael G. MAYNE and Susan T. GLICKMAN of San Rafael


Michael C. KLEIN of Danville and Maria Lucia MEEKER of Novato


Mark L. PAGAN and Victoria H. TYRER of Fairfax


Raymond P. BIELEFIELD and Christine E. NANN of Petaluma


Jeffrey W. BACCIOCCO and Karena R. ZAKHOUR of Novato

Sept. 28

James T. HOECH and Tara M. O’KEEFE of San Rafael


Harold E. PENNINGTON and Celina A. CUMMINGS of San Anselmo


Jonathan M. CUTIER of Point Richman and Beth ROSENER of Mill Valley


Antony C. NAVARRO and Luana A. WHITNEY of Wailea, Hawaii


Jeffrey P. BORDERS of Cupertino and Marie L. CLYMER of Penngrove


Douglas E. LEE and Susan E. GAHRY of San Rafael


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