Marin County Genealogy

1991 Marin Marriage Announcements

Marin Independent Journal - Wednesday, April 3, 1991 - Section B, page 2
March 20 Robert J. Stover of Marin City and Wendy J. Williams of Marin City
March 20 Lap Thanh Tran of San Rafael and Ten Rhi Tran of San Francisco
March 20 Michael J. Root of Petaluma and Rae A. Fraire of Petaluma
March 20 Steven M. Stimple of El Sobrante and Heidi A. Volk of Nicasio
March 21 Norbert Collins of Inverness and Janet E. Richards of Inverness
March 21 Glenn R. Campbell of San Rafael and Vicki L.Weiss of San Rafael
March 21 Shahrod R. Shojazadegon of San Rafael and Mahtab Shahrvini of San Rafael
March 28 Raymond J. Schrick of Novato and Julianne Tomlin of Novato
March 28 Ivan I. Corkland of Woodacre and Rachel R. Levy of Woodacre
March 28 Lester E. Schlesinger of Mill Valley and Alicia Dreesbach of Mill Valley
March 28 Arthur M. Klurstein of Paris, France, and Michelle L. de Roco of Belvedere
March 29 Duncan M. Williams of Ross and Ana R. Amour of Mill Valley
March 29 Stephen A. Gardner of Richmond and Ellie B. Jacobson of Richmond
Saturday, July 6, 1991 - Section B, page 2

June 26
Charles N. Harris IV of San Rafael and Anne E. Broughton of San Rafael
William R. Biggers of Mill Valley and Karen C. Gallion of Mill Valley
Eric L. Nordskog of Sausalito and Maryellen Water of Sausalito
Baudelio Martinez of Petaluma and Maria A. Martinez of Rohnert Park
Howard L. Janssen of Concord and Tiffany A. Edwards of Concord
Michael H. Sitzer of Greenbrae andDeirdre Mary Sheen Frontczak of Point Richmond
Robert F. Nilsen of Kentfield and Julia A. Burns of Kentfield
June 27
David A. Buxton of Danville and Christine L. Iderton of San Rafael
Bruno A. Tapolsky of Sausalito and Vivian R. Wohl of Sausalito
John J. Irwin of San Rafael and Anne-Marie C. Miller of Fairfax
Mark W. Airey of Novato and Barbara R. Parker of Novato
Robert S. Schonefeld of Sausalito and Cristene V. Collier of Sausalito
Thomas M. Connolly of San Anselmo and Kimberly B. Smith of San Anselmo
Benjamin M. Bonso of San Rafael and Selina Owusu of San Rafael
Mark A. Challinor of Chicago and Elizabeth A. Schroll of San Rafael
William E. Dunlap Jr. of San Rafael and Judy A. Tarbuck of San Rafael
John M. Madigan Jr. of Kentwood, Mich. and Leslie E. Pence of Belvedere
James L. Woolwine of San Rafael and Elaine M. Fonseca of San Rafael

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