Marin County Genealogy

1996 Marin Marriage Announcements

Marin Independent Journal - January 1, 1996
December 1 James Poon of Mill Valley and Won Hee Rhee of Pusan, Korea
  David Branscomb Cothran and Lisa Buttrey of Stinson Beach
  Roderick Hugh Alexander McKay and Elaine Margaret Anderson of Vallejo
  David Walter Guinther and Amy Lucille Filley of Sausalito
December 4 William Rawle Shoemaker and Barbara Alice Armington of San Rafael
  William Fredric Kellen and Stephanie Marie Stitt of Corte Madera
December 5 Edy Israel Diaz and Carla Raquel Torres of Novato
December 6 Knox Lytton Webb III and Laura Lynn Lopez of Fairfax
  Ernest Anthony Salazar and Kathleen Theresa Boitano of San Rafael
  Carlos Alberto Da Costa and Charlene Louise Naber of Novato
December 7 Rudolph Paiz and Laura Lee Floura of Pt. Richmond
December 8 Jaime Cenina De la Cruz of San Quentin and Cynthia Mendoza Vidal of Vallejo
  John Francis Decker of San Quentin and Susan Renee Evans of Shasta Lake
  Dante Damion Parker of San Quentin and Ta’Taneshia Sheara A. Lawson of Seaside
  Jason Jarvis Hall of San Quentin and Michele Lee Hoffman of San Jose
  Harold Kevin Moore of San Quentin and Cynthia Louvenia Hood of Oakland
  Douglas Robert Collier of San Quentin and Mary Earline Williamson of San Leandro
  Peter Thomas Edelbacher of San Quentin and Lesley Doreen Carr of London, England
  Alfred Renee Dyer Jr. of San Quentin and Patricia Ann Williams of Antioch
  David Eugene Carter and Carol Anne Currier of Petaluma
  Ricardo Vasquez of San Quentin and Shannon Lynn Cantwell of Chico
  John Wesley Grant Jr. of San Quentin and Yolanda Denise Wilson of Stockton
  Ronald Don Butler of San Quentin and Latisa Marie Brooks of San Francisco
  Thomas Strozier Pittard and Michelle Rene Wood of Belvedere
  Diego Jesus Gonzalez and Martha Ochoa of San Rafael
  Vincenzo Vita Rondinella of Nonantolal, Italy and Tsuen Lamb of El Sobrante
December 11 Bejan Aminifard and Olga Valeryevna Kazakova of Novato
  Darrell Lee Dotson and Lottie Sue Farris of Oklahoma City, Ok.
  Douglas Noe Reyes and Ana Patricia Campos of Richmond
December 12 James Edward Schumacher and Patricia Alix Hunt of Sausalito
  Peter Brandtner and Deanne Delbridge of San Francisco
December 13 Martin Douglas Robinson and Trina Chen Blessing of Chino Hills
  Adam Zabiullah Ahmadi of Hayward and Ana Maria Orantes of Greenbrae
December 14 James Peter Stalsworth and Kristine Foremaster of Mill Valley
  Byron Alfredo Morales and Helen Carola Orozco of San Rafael
December 15 Harry Dwayne Schuck and Helen Marie Ryan of Greenbrae
  Robert Longstreet of Menlo Park and Elaine Livengood Mills of San Rafael
  Kurt Robert Kvam and Laura Marie Crunelle of Novato
  James Gradey Jones and Brooke Elise Van Natta of Santa Cruz
Marin Independent Journal - January 14, 1996
January 2 Paul Schimmel and Suzanne Elizabeth Jack of Mill Valley
  Steven Bradley Martin and Briana Marie Dondero of Austin, Texas
  L. William Franke and Ling-I Chen of San Rafael
  James Edward Harrington and Anna Marianne Bass of Bolinas
January 3 Jesse Ronald Dunn and Sandra Lee McEwan of Higley, Ariz.
  David Kellow Starr of San Rafael and Saskia Starr of Commugny, Switzerland
  Jonathan Clark Erwin and Patricia Jean Messex of Mill Valley
January 4 Gerald Bruce Levine and Deborah Lynn Korss of Belvedere
  Jorge Adalberto Gutierrez and Tina Louise Guerrero
January 5 Joseph Mano Holzer of Mill Valley and Carolina Cornelia Van Den Berg of Petaluma
  Gary Paul Johnson of Ross and Clarence Leon Johnson of Novato
  Mikhail Alexander Apouchkine and Marina Alexei Koukharenok of San Francisco
  Robert E Patterson Elmer Jr. of Norfolk, Mass., and Helen Beal Parkman of Sausalito
January 8 Peter Augustine Breen and Ione Marie Bezenek of San Anselmo
  Edwin Guillermo Alvarado of San Francisco and Karne Murphy of San Anselmo
  Thad Feral Cordes of San Rafael and Lorraine Kay Mitchell of Greenbrae
January 9 Ricardo Ortiz Escobar and Marina Mejia Vazquez
  Wayne Jason Frelot and La Twila Renee Sims of San Rafael
  Stevenson Lee Brooks and Carole Jean Campbell of Fairfax
  Honorio Samai Reyes and Fledida Feby Calderon of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal - February 5, 1996
January 12 Gregory Metz Thomas Jr. and Micaela Zurita Merce of San Francisco
  Johnathon Charles S. Haynes and Christine Anne Grainger of Fairfax
  Marcus Joseph Ledergerber and Estella maria Reda of Emeryville
January 16 Hubert Edwards Turner and Mabel Marie Croughan of Novato
  Phong Dinh Mai and Amy Loretta Hart of Mill Valley
  James Andrew Graham Jr. and Sheila Ann Kim of Novato
  Leslie Lionel Petrini and Laurie Ann Petrini of Foster City
January 17 Dennis Bernard Canning and Linda Jo Madesen of Greenbrae
  Ivory Stamps and Natalia Alexandra Sidiakina of Tiburon
  Adolfo Montiel of Petaluma and Victoria Ann Lopez of Pt. Reyes
  Joseph Anthony Greenwood and Tanya Lasalle Caravelli
January 18 Caleb Benjamin Klinge and Rachel Dawn Adams of Novato
  Errol Fitzroy Maynard Jr. and Jo Ann Zepp of Tiburon
  Eric Gordon Laughton and Lucia Maria Costa of Novato
January 19 Kenneth Laurence Steidle of Terra Haute, Ind. and Heather Dianne Rusmussen of Petaluma
  Frank John Pulay and Mona King of San Francisco
  Ronald William Pereira Jr. and Thora L. Magnusson of Hollywood
January 22 James Cosgriff Sturdevant and Therese Marie Lawless of Kentfield
  Mario Alameda of San Rafael and Rosa Isabel Urena of Richmond
  James Clarke Widgren of Tiburon and Alla Olegovna Fadeeva of Bryansk, Russia
Marin Independent Journal - February 12, 1996
January 23 Robert Allen Stites and Julie Lynn Kenney of Fairfield
  Arnold Paul Scherer and Christina Ann Bainbridge of Novato
  Hector Julio Flores-Escalante and Kara Casey Carter of Kentfield
  Kevin Michael Kavanaugh and Lisa Dean of Los Angeles
January 24 Steven George Armigo of San Rafael and Dalva Martins Pinho of Corte Madera
January 25 Mae Westerling of Tiburon [apparently the groom’s name was left out]
  Raymond Carl Dapiran and Mary Ingrid Noreen of San Rafael
  Miron Zeev Grosvirt-Dramen and Maria Mercedes Azcarate of San Rafael
  Kambhiz Amireghassemkhany and Negar Farroukhnia of Mill Valley
January 26 Tyree Hardin Byrd and Dawn Catherine Irwin of San Rafael
  Jose de la Paz guzman Castillo and Ivon Cecilia Reyes of San Rafael
  John Robert Sullivan and Blanca Lidia Castillo Munoz of San Rafael
  Alan Warren Simons of Mill Valley and Elaine Maria Blank of Greenbrae
  Richard James Pennington and Lise Kristine Danielson of Oakland
January 29 Bennett Duff King and Kathleen Susan Kapps of Larkspur
  Luis Antonio Gonzalez of Corte Madera and Margarita Martinez Reyes of San Rafael
January 30 Richard Pinckney Lake Neill and Sarah Willard Whitney of San Francisco
  Robert Clyde Carpenter Jr. and Elizabeth Tracy Chatham of Novato
  Zukile Temba Ndulo and Lisa Ann Williams of San Francisco
  Robert James McClure and Carol Eileen Lizama of Petaluma
Marin Independent Journal - March 2, 1996
February 2 David Wayne Hodge of San Quentin and Tracy Gwen Alarcon of Oakland
  Albert Cunningham of San Quentin and Eva Carletta Clanton of San Jose
  Anthony Joseph Wilson of San Quentin and Gay Letitia Walker of Oakland
  Robert Edward Hawes Jr. and Vanessa Lynn Jenkins of Vallejo
  Richard Lacy Letner Jr. of San Quentin and Magdalene Ann Wilson of Concord
  Wayman Blocker Jr. of San Quentin and Anita Danae Robinson of Oakland
  Charles Griffin of San Quentin and Tajai Michelle Calip of Oakland
  Peter Francis Healy and Annette Marie Riley of Cotati
Marin Independent Journal - March 3, 1996
February 5 Michael Thomas Antongiovanni of Novato and Tammy Lee Aselson of San Anselmo
  Kelly O’Ryan Morgon and Natalie Jo Hopman of Novato
  Nadeen Abbas of San Rafael and Katie Sookbirsingh of Petaluma
February 6 Charles Holland Tannlund and Clarissa Ann Marshall of San Anselmo
  Silas Nathaniel Weston and Teena Louise Scovis of Bolinas
  Randy Mark Valdez and Lorena Marivel Martinez of San Rafael
  Salvador Zepeda Magana and Norma Orithela Rosas of Novato
February 7 Alfredo Chavez Esquivel and Maria de los Angeles Gonzalez of San Rafael
February 8 Grier Timothy Argall and Jennifer Sue Tara of San Anselmo
Marin Independent Journal - March 4, 1996
February  9 Hugh James Ralston of San Marino and Elizabeth Marie Engle of Ross
  John Lawrence Woodall of San Rafael and Rosemary Bourne of Greenbrae
  John Stephen Simon Jr. and Kesa Sophia Som of Novato
February 12 Jeffrey Joseph Safin and Gabrielle Bernadette Giorgi of Tucson, Az.
  John Forrest Murry and Susan Virginia Wilcox of Greenbrae
  Steven Dennis Strauss and Joan Barnes of Sausalito
  Christopher John Doherty and Laura Christine Rice of Chicago
  Andrew William Shaw of North Adelaide, Australia and Simone Katherine Gros-Balthazard of Muir Beach
  Patrick Jean-Phillip Burger of San Rafael and Wanita Chuenrukchart of Union City
  Glenn Robert Lundberg and Kimrose Windele Fischer of Novato
  Randall Herman Schroeder and Teresa Mary Marchio of Midland, Mich.
February 13 Thomas Cerrit Bernot and Carol Lyn Gallegher of Novato
  Luom Tran and Ngoc Bich Duong of Novato
February 14 Kirkman Noel Amyx and Katherine Desborough Nash of Mill Valley
  Ernest Benjamin Hook and Noreen Killorin of San Rafael
  Scott Richard Carnevale and Elizabeth Jean Russell of Mill Valley
  Mark Owen Cropsey and Amalia Marie Katsaros of Novato
  Stephen Goff Newman and Donna Lee Wells of San Anselmo
  Paul Michael Lorusso and Tina Karin Pussa of North York, Ontario, Canada
February 15 Eric Scala Everett and Kimberly Alexander Merrill of Honolulu
  Stanley Heins and Whitney Gill Carter of Sausalito
  Peter Sommer and Heidi Marie Jonk of Novato
  Hyman Engelberg of Los Angeles and Colleen Crystal Creedon on Tehachapi
  Carlos Enrique Martinez of Novato and Prida Dorila Valencia
February 21 Sergio Villa and Margarita Chavez of San Rafael
  Pedro Reyes and Julie Ann Afsari of Novato
  Jeremy Notman and Donna Lynn Soderholm of Oakland
February 22 Randall Earl Basso and Melisse Ann Wickman of Mill Valley
  Conrad Zagory of Point Reyes Station and Mare Machette Hansen of Inverness
  Robert Anthony Morrisseau and Jamie Leann Singleton of Mill Valley
  Tilman Ross Hanson and Nancy Alice Rhodes of Novato
  Jeffrey Dean Eberhard and Laura Ann Worth of Kentfield
  Pedro Daniel Mendez and Dora Alicia Gordon of Novato
  James Miller Woodward and Melissa Marie Beckstrand of Novato
  John Alfred Fino and Joan Christine Dallara of Lakewood, Colo
February 23 Stiles Briggs Thissell of Marshall and Marina Guimaraes Lobo da Cunha of Novato
  Gary Lynn McLaughlin-Levitt and Ana Paula Ruiz Uberreich of San Rafael
  Kenneth Joseph Mogan and Mary Louise Merrill of Novato
February  26 Yechiam Omi Chamdi and Ayelet Avisara of Richmond
  Ivan Alberto Correa and Marisol Urquijo of San Rafael
February 27 Thomas Baird McKenzie Jr. and Deanna Marie Stefani of San Rafael
  Todd James Godwin of Berkeley and Jonita Loutricia Fair of Albany
  John Casey Horan and Maria Christina Fernandes of Larkspur
  Jonathan Blair Puckett and Peri Life Penman of Corte Madera
February  28 Steven Alfred Morales and Sheila Maria Lehane of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal - April 4, 1996
March 1 Stephen Kittredge Rockwell and Adela Staffl of Fairfax
  Joseph McMulty and Baby Martin of Mill Valley
  Jon Leslie Hofdahl of Dakota Dunes, S.D. and Odine Maria Beattie of Mill Valley
  Michael Stongin and Barbara Jane Granoff of Mill Valley
  Frederick Winslow Collins of Sausalito and Ragnhild Close of Novato
  David Boyd Inman of Sonoma and Susan Angela Cawley of Petaluma
  Steven Peter Gallagher of Sunnyvale and Julie Ann Hayes of Sausalito
  Edgar Araldo Gramajo Perez and Aracely Silvia Reyes of San Rafael
  Michael Jerome Hecker and Lisa Joan Hanks of Fairfax
March 4 Thomas Raymond Donnelly of Greenbrae and Maria Suzette Castro of San Anselmo
  John Francis Ambrose of San Martin and Carol Ann Grove of Novato
Marin Independent Journal - April 7, 1996
March 5 Gary Allan McCamish of Pt. Richmond and Susan Elaine Miller of Santa Rosa
  Jorge Orlando Ramirez and Christina Louise Peirano of Novato
March 6 Farzad Gozashti and Sallie Dekruyff of Petaluma
  James Burns McPhail and Kathryn Elaine Colbourn of Sausalito
  Jude Salles and Rozilene Reis Azeredo of Fairfax
March 7 Daniel Amilcar DeLeon and Christy Lee Toquinto of San Rafael
  Ruben Amilcar Pineda and Tanya Lynn Bearden of San Rafael
March 8 John Robert Lehman Jr. of San Francisco and Susan Mary McDaniel of Atlanta
  Ruben Mario Arce and Alicia Frias of San Rafael
  John Martin Keogh of Mill Valley and Andrea Christina Walter of San Rafael
  Nasser Zahedi of Washington, D.C. and Maryam Ettehadieh of San Rafael
  Martin Zabaleta and Susan Abigail McGrath of Mill Valley
  Arnold Andrew Peterson and Sara Lillian Koenig of Inverness
  William Michael Elliott and Deborah Anne Roberts of Larkspur
  Hans Juergen Althoff and Erin Kathleen Clarke of Tiburon
March 12 George Pierre Faucher and Catherine Anne Biernier of Larkspur
  Ignacio Lechuga and Erika Pineda of Marin City
  Stephen James Cirby and Kristine Marie Folwer of San Rafael
  John Howard Bostrom and Joyce Ann Berry of Tiburon
March 14 Paul Andrew Bunten and Cynthia Sue Abraham of Corte Madera
  Steven Richard Varney and Kathleen Marie Pickens of Novato
  David William Ament and Ruth Raffaella LaMorte of Novato
  James Dix Lieuallen and Patricia Jane Whitney of San Rafael
  Bruce Eliot Marks and Linda Esther Gordon of Tiburon
  Darwin Usiel Lopez and Ana Silvia Reyes of Richmond
  Jeffrey Lee Whitman and Elizabeth Cassetti of Novato
  Christopher Baldwin McCluney and Teresa Ann Fung of Larkspur
  Francisco Antonio Funes and Alma Rosa Martinez of Novato
March 15 Stephen Richard Janachowski and Ruth Sandra M. Terrado of Mill Valley
  Christopher Todd Lum and Margaret Rose Bolton of Kirkland, Wash.
  Christopher John Thomsett of Bolinas and Jennella Joye Roark of San Rafael
  Paul Nathanial Dines and Holly Kathleen Watkins of Sausalito
  Gary Robert Levenhagen of Novato and Telma Batista Moreira of Kentfield
March 18 Jacob Joshua Gaines and Eugenija Pleskyte of Tiburon
  Christopher Veijo Sarhanis and Adrian Rosa Palhares of Fairfax
  John Francis Janisen of San Rafael and CindyLu Overhouse of San Quentin
  Geoffrey James Nocar of Novato and Jennifer Marie Sanders of Walnut Creek
  Steven Michael Seina and Dana Lynne Dufrane of Larkspur
  Scott Allen Hall and Kelly Suzanne Le Cocq of San Rafael
  Peter Plorez and Kimberly Dee Hoyle of San Francisco
March 19 Steven Lesser Ross and Rose Juleen Fontanella of Novato
March 20 Christopher Douglas Mitchell and Angelica Catherine Monet of Fairfax
  Christopher Roy Strodder and Cinthia Louise Thomas of Mill Valley
March 21 Philip Frank Bombace and Nancy Jane Williams of Mill Valley
  Trenton Alan Poggenpohl and Sharon Katrina Rael of Novato
  Miguel Vallejo and Maria Cristina Mantilla of San Francisco
  Jay Jian Lin and Christina Sung-Hyun Hong of Novato
  Manfred Knof and Fabienne Lotterio of San Rafael
  Evan Aaron Naylor and Michelle Eileen Millard of San Rafael
  Felipe Antonio Mendoza and Josefa Guadalupe Lara of San Rafael
  James Fraser Simpson and Sally Ann Spencer of Mill Valley
March 22 Kim Alexander Wagner and Mary Lea Blaisdell of San Rafael
  Farokh Monemzadeh and Pearl Sachiko Shiromo of San Rafael
  Randy Clay Black and Carole Ann Baty of Anchorage, Ala.
  Fred Lewis Rothman and Barbara Karen Houck of Mercer Island, Wash.
  Stanley Michael Goldfarb and Diane Alexandra Stewart of San Rafael
  Patrick James Hubert and Jennifer Nicole Dederian of San Rafael
  John Joseph Sayers and Kimberly Suzanne Roen of San Anselmo
  Stephen Svend Hansen and Annelise Setterholm of San Francisco
  Jerry Eugene Simpson of Penngrove and Hope Samantha Reed of Petaluma
  Joe David r obertson and Danielle Le Brunt of Richmond
  George Orest Dzul and Lena Kaufman of Sausalito
March 25 Anthony Peter Byrne and Heather Baker Flickinger of Larkspur
  John Frederick Williams and Ana Deisy Gonzalez of Fairfax
  Thomas Art-Wu Tong of Costa Mesa and Irene Ivane Go Liuson of San Rafael
March 26 Robert Kenneth Andrews and Adrienne Marie McCallister of San Rafael
  Malcolm Ross MacDonald and Vivian Yung Hsien Chow of San Rafael
  Franc DeStefano and Traci Michele Williams of San Rafael
March 27 Peter Guy Williams and Randi Frances Ryan of Sausalito
  Michael David Daly and Margaret Mary Langbehn of San Rafael
March 28 Michael Wlater Vallee and G ina Marie Damato of San Rafael
March 29 Stephen Jude Astle and Jacqueline Alice Foshaug of San Rafael
  Alberto Alexander Galvez and Joyce Herbert of San Rafael
Marin Independent Journal - April 8, 1996
March 29 Jack Morey Clayton and Teresa Lynn Gray of Mill Valley
  Gary Christopher Eger and Dana Kay Bramon of North Bend, Ore
  Bartlett Preston Bias of Pleasanton and Barbara Helen Chesnut of Mill Valley
  Claude Stuart Golden of Santa Rosa and Kathleen Rombeiro of Novato
  Michael Allan Becker and Laurice Daniel Antoun of San Rafael
  Kevin Sydney Cushing and Maria Luisa Alfaro of Fairfax
Marin Independent Journal - April 22, 1996
April 1 Christopher Paul Hill and Jody Lynn Brodzik of Chicago
  Erik Olavi Ilonummi and Maja Chrisanna Pakenham of Sonoma
  Jimmy Changeaux and Danelia Suyapa Bernal Garcia of San Rafael
April 2 James Joseph Breheney III and Lisa Ann Ehrenfeld of San Anselmo
  John Morgan Donavin and Suzanne Alexandra Kempinski of San Francisco
  Matthew Joseph Orebic and Jane Osterman Watts of Berkeley
  John Kiah Berg and Nan Hee Ann Ong of Sausalito
April 3 Carl Anthony Mendes Marsak and Edda Arndal of San Rafael
  Michael James O’Reilly and Kathleen Elizabeth Auld of San Anselmo
  Thomas Nelson Rickey and Carol Lou Pebley of San Rafael 
April 4 John Collamer Duncan and Cynthia Jean Coleman of Sausalito
  Barry Paul Robbins of Sausalito and Kaisa Johanna Rautiainen of Helsinki, Finland
  Gregory Bernard Rixter of San Quentin and La Tanya Yvonne Person of Oakland
  Marcus Anthony Martin of San Quentin and Lisa Rennee Galvan of Fremont
  Gary Edmund Ford and Tracy-Jake Solomon of San Rafael
  Michael Anthony Hammond and Erin Maureen Ferguson of San Rafael
  Otto Karl Buckenthal and Christie Ann Shore of Woodacre
  Anthony Wayne Ehret and Deborah Anne Webb of San Rafael
  James Robert Cox and Cintia Carvalho Aurajo of Larkspur
  Alex Willard Kercso of Menlo Park and Sue Gail Johnston of Tiburon
  Herver Rolando Morales and Gilda Julieta Gramajo of Novato
April 5 Chris Walter Krueger and Amy Claire Pertschuk of Sausalito
  Peter Hall Hanlon of Arlington, Mass., and Tita Querine Heynemann of Somerville, Mass.
  David Masa Murotake of San Francisco and Susan Elizabeth Beran of San Anselmo
  Richard Peter Triolo and Andrea Rae Bane of San Rafael
  Donald Arthur Hawker and Catherine Goretti Tyner of Fairfax
  Charles McCarthy Evans and Gladys Conception Pino of San Rafael
  Jeffrey Mark Jackson and Kirsten Grace Seifert of San Clemente
  Jorge Antonio Villalobos and Music Priya Montgomery of San Rafael
  Jeffrey Scott Gordon and Diane Beth DiCarlo of San Rafael
  Ilya Frid and Ella Rabkina of San Rafael
  Sergio Petro Flavio Salvadori and Antoinette Louise Jorge Da Silva of Los Angeles
  William Alberto Nicoll and Eva Esperanza Delgado of San Rafael
April 8 Christopher Todd Mancini and Stacie Lyn Paraskos of San Rafael
  John Toft Ujda and Mary Brennan Branick of Covington, Mich.
  Hoa Van Nguyen of San Jose and Teresa Nga Thi Nguyen of Pinole
  Scott Bradley Martin of Holland, Mich., and Julie Laiwoon Wong of Daly City
  Dan Nobuhiko Smiley and Suzanne Lai Leon of Mill Valley
  John George Wullschleger III and Christine Paige Mallory of Salinas
  Richard Allen Bunke of San Rafael and Willow Brooke Leo of Fairfax
  Alan Mark Schechner and Rose Marie Lupo of San Rafael 
  Norvis Edenilson Mira of San Rafael and Damicela Sanchez of Vallejo
  Richard Alan Lewis and Margrit Luckenbach Hobbs of San Rafael
  Julian Yanez Soto of San Quentin and Rosa Cardenas Rivera of Menlo Park
April 9 Kert Charles Henderson Sr. of San Quentin and Lodez Marie Toliver of Fairfield
  Martin Demetrius James of San Quentin and Serenna Marie Bradley of Oakland
  Eric Dwayne Smith of San Quentin and Chanelle Smith of Oakland
  Christopher Carmelo Colon of San Quentin and Renee Lorraine Herrera of San Jose
  Clarence Buquia and Yvonne Marie Smith of Marin City
  Xuebin Ben Wong and Yujun Susan He of San Rafael
  Anthony Nicholas Catravas-Grimani and Sheila Ann Bannon of Fairfax
  Jesus Alejandro Flores and Margaret Ellen Bartholomeuse of San Anselmo
  Byron Estuardo Merida and Soraya Marena Calderon of Novato
April 10 William David Ayers and Dana Kathleen Giorgi of Novato
  Jesus Magallon and Catalina Lara of Novato
  Patrick Ryan O’Leary and Lynda Maureen Love of Novato
  Stuart Arthur Felker and Linda Diane Seitz of San Francisco
  Philip Edward Merriman and Jan Francis Kerrigan of Mill Valley
  Roy Dean Buol and Roberta Louise Carper of San Rafael
  Bret Alexander Lindeman of Fallbrook and Jennifer Lyin Egnew of San Rafael
  Ocjae John Willin and Suzanne Marie Dietz of San Anselmo
  Charles Earl Feeney and Holly Ann Biedul of San Anselmo
  Raymond Glenn Wilson and Lisa Marie Kelley of Clearlake
  Edgar Shirley Welty J. and Amy Jo Tatum of San Anselmo
  Timothy John Farrell of Novato and Mary Gabrielle O’Hara of San Francisco
Marin Independent Journal - May 15, 1996
April 10 Philip Edein Merriman and Jan Francis Kerrigan of Mill Valley
  David Lawrence Mansir and Lynn Louise Stoner of Tiburon
April 11 Stephen Lyle Quarles and Nancy Sue Emerson of Mill Valley
  John Mollett Ewing and Maureen Jeanette Passanisi of Novato
  Joseph Craig Pontes and Veronica Joyce Doyle of Novato
  Stephen Donahue Boring and Claire Noelle Terlinden of Brussels, Belgium
  Gholam Hossein Afshar Gharahassanlou and Joanne Margaret Rundle of Novato
  Robert Callison Henson and Annie Rain Fanning of Bandon, Ore.
  John Lawrence Coons of San Rafael and Katherine Louise Elwood of Novato
  Louis Gzajowski and Gaylinn Ruth Phillips of Frankfort, Ill.
  William Patrick McCartny and Deana Marie Victorino of San Anselmo
  LeRoy Arthur Diotte Jr. and Victoria Susan Pedersen of Novato
April 12 Robert Lawrence DeLoe and Mary Helen Smolinski of San Francisco
  Edgar Geyer and Monika Nowak of Munich, Germany
  Roderick Alan Mehrten and Kathleen Ann Bardellini of San Rafael
  Lance David Mansbridge and Kristina Maria Schwartz of San Rafael 
  Robert Joseph Smith and Paula Ann Gillmor of Larkspur
  Jeffrey Alan Levenberg II and Dominique Anne Atherton of San Anselmo
  Richard Mark Visconte and Andrea Hauser of Corte Madera
  Jose Antonio Oliveira Jr. and Celia Joyce De Mello of Berkeley
  Edward Buckley Hayden Jr. and Frances Elizabeth Barbour of San Quentin
  Michael Lloyd Siegmund and Rebecca Sue Miller of Walnut Creek
  Edmond I. Eger of San Francisco and Lynn Ellen Spitler of Tiburon
April 15 Richard Lee Bennett of Fairfax and Gulcin Yomleur of Kentfield
  Jerry Thomas Hancock and Lauren Elise Dessommes of Sausalito
  Charles David Davis Jr. and Daisy Diehl of Mill Valley
  Toney Homayon Mirra of Danville and Kamelia Ayatolhzadeh Kafai of Sausalito
  Alfonso Quiroz Cervantes and Susan Barbara Greving of Novato
  Fernando Juan Antezana and Bonnie Marie Austin of Tiburon
  James Michael Gordon and Jane Elizabeth Hope of San Rafael
April 16 Michael Steven Meinberg and Margaret Ann Hermansky of Larkspur
  Derek Thaddeus Bailey of Sausalito and Heidi Elizabeth Lisetor of Mill Valley
  Sean Eckols and Irene Jensen of San Francisco
  Glenn Frederick Fischer of San Rafael and Vivan Khamis Antar of San Anselmo
  James Morrow Otis and Karen Leigh Young of Mill Valley
April 17 Scott Eric Simontacchi and Irma Odily Custodia of San Rafael
  Dana William Rath and Janet Marie Ramos of Corte Madera
  Marcellino Joseph Porto and Nancy Ann Steinborn of Novato
  Julio Arturo Navas and Kristina Laney of Novato
  Paul Geffner and Lisa Maria Bennett of Tiburon
  Charles Allan West of San Rafael and Marlu Abusaid Oliphant of tiburon
  Henry Okano Bualat and Kathleen Ann Lecount of Fairfax
  Roger Glenn Anawalt and Audrey Ida Gundry of San Rafael
  Brian Morgan Kelly and Leanne Marie Piccinini of Rohnert Park
Marin Independent Journal - May 19, 1996
April 18 William Thomas Halsey and Elizabeth Catherine Monetta of Mill Valley
  Robert Michael Robertshaw and Ingrid Maria Loew of c orte Madera
  James Michael McKeown of Jackson, Miss. and Elaine Morris Graves of Ridgeland, Miss.
April 19 Kevin John Peichel of Mill Valley and Paula Ann Bernis of San Rafael
  Randall Reed Schoonover and Caitlin Lee of Fairfax
Marin Independent Journal - May 20, 1996
April 19 Clark Warren Walter Jr. and Kathleen Kealaaumoe Brown of Pacifica
  Ehren Seth Epstein and Carol Caban Loomis of Novato
  Steven Henry Skiadas and Renee Marie Sinclair of San Rafael
  Bradley Adelbert Friedlander and Teresa Lynn Haycock of Rohnert Park
  Paul Lambert Gilles of San Rafael and Lynne Elizabeth Curtin of Novato
  Charles William McGrath III of Novato and Rolonda Renne Wright of Santa Rosa
  Ralph Byron Pilley and Mary Ann Baker of Greenbrae
April 22 Stephen Simon Giannini and Sharon Suzanne Perkins of Mill Valley
  Christopher Peter Andreis and Gretchen Anne Koon of San Rafael
April 23 Richard Clay Tyrer and Kim Elizabeth Scholefield of Mill Valley
  David William Itzla and Heather Marie Dietenhofer of San Rafael
  Darris Matthew Davenport and Lia Michelle Hughes of Novato
  Jonathan Stuart Goldman of Mill Valley and Deborah Michelle Freed of Napa
April 24 Steven Warren Hallin of San Rafael and Karen Aja Kayoko Lee of Petaluma
  Peter Farrell of San Rafael and Suzanne Marie McKay of Martinez
  Matthew Michael Krupp and Jean Ann Scharer of San Rafael
  Neil Stanley Williamson and Elaine Anne Bickel of Mill Valley
  Jaime Antonio Lopez and Erika Ann Martinez of Point Reyes
  Scott Alan Lowe and Deborah Caroline Wilde of Novato
  Roger Paul Hue de Laroque and Sabine Ivonne Mairs of Vallejo
  Damian Arolodo Cifuentes Morales and Virginia Arano of San Rafael
  Michael John Duffy and Cathleen Ann Coffey of Mill Valley
  Stephan Lewis Torre and Joanne Fox of Sausalito
April 25 John Steven Gazdik and Diana Lee Crozier of Novato
  Mark David Fainaru and Nicole Sumie Wada of Alexandria, Va.
  Gregory Walter Parkerson and Natalia Nikolevna Honryakova
April 26 Charles Joseph Meylan and Lisa Christina Hendry of Larkspur
  Timothy Sweeney and Catherine Maria O’Donell of Lagunitas
  Randall Lee Melfi and Moira Ann McKinney of Wichita, Kan.
  Richard Allan Warner and Sally Ann Valenzano of San Rafael
  Pema Sherpa and Stacey Chauvet Steele of Berkeley
  Ronald George Martinez and Audrey Jean Sadler of Mill Valley
  Johnny Alexander Roldan of Windsor and Paula Alejandra Aguerrebere of San Rafael
  John Morse Adams and laura Ruth Mann of Novato
  George Bijan Jahad and Gay Frances Leonard of Oakland
  John Lawrence Matthews and Jacqueline Brooke Robinson of Petaluma
  Gregory Alexander Sample and Megan Gail Pate of Petaluma
  Michael Scott Wegmann and Michelle Kay Morgan of Sacramento
  Stanley Keith Ogden and Dianna Helena Nicholas of Ross
April 29 Peter James Copeland Jourdan and Jeannine Marie Jourdan of San Anselmo
  Bruce Morris Kocen of Rohnert Park and Norleen Patricia Nibbi of Novato
  Seth Ari Steinberg and Danielle Brooke Roman of Tiburon
  Richard Wayne Garbarino of Novato and Lorena Leticia Velazquez
  Melvin Harvey Morgan of Mill Valley and Cherie Michelle Northen of San Francisco
April 30 Paul Thomas Slazinski and Maria Cristina De Andrade Vieira of San Rafael
  Ewan H. Johnson and Sonoko Konishi of Berkeley
  Scott Eliott Kerman and Jill Ann Speaker of Houston
  Frank Conger Fawcett and Jean Richey McQuown of Mill Valley
  Gabriel Eugene Sand and Sheri-Julianna Cynthia Swanson of Petaluma
Marin Independent Journal - June 14, 1996
May 1 Ronald James Brauner and Melissa Carola Ballesteros of Petaluma
  Michael Norton Harris and Cynthia Lee Wong of Novato
  Timothy Edward Lago and Annalisa Gonzales of Novato
  Stephen Neal Chambers and Mary Louise Cadigan of Rohnert Park
  Thomas Stanley Vasgird and Marion Frances Host of Novato
  Dustin Edward Graham and Jana Aalfs Grandy of Novato
  Edward Joseph Ivy of Corte Madera and Kimberly Hosmer Cowen of Marianna, Fla.
  Robert Jason Vierra and Belinda Sanchez of Stockton
  Davis Joseph Kest and Ingeborg Margarethe Martine of San Anselmo
May 2 Rodin Bukka Levy and Denise Marie Du Charme of Petaluma
  Charles William Amico of Zephyr Cove, Nev., and Ventana Jill Weir of San Anselmo
  John Yi and Kimberly Kumhyang Cho of San Rafael
  Michael Chang Sop Sim of San Francisco and Won Ohn of San Rafael
May 3 John McElroy Emerson and Imke Barbara Dalcolmo of Corte Madera
  Kenneth Charles Home and Diane Nadine Fischler of San Rafael
  James Lee Ferrier and Susan Gayle Essex of Sacramento
  Siegmund Damazyn of Novato and Mechele Renee Roberts of Dallas
  Daniel Warren Magyar of Roseville, Mich., and Ana Vilma Guillen of Greenbrae
  Jeff Lynn Alexander and Rochelle Ann Robards of San Anselmo
  Douglas Alan Berman and Linda Jane Siperstein of Cambridge, Mass.
  John William Silva and Susan Stancliffe of Novato
  Paul Stuart Borrow and Mary Bernadette Sobel of Rohnert Park
  Lino Cafiso of Sausalito and Esther Toyoko Koga of San Francisco
May 6 Dee Selby and Elizabeth Ann Abell of San Rafael
  Carlos Cesar Colonia and Carmen Sibrian of San Rafael
  James Riley Kirk III and Wendy Teresa Acquilino of Rohnert Park
  Gabriel Guadalupe Garcia and Joey Lynn Hunter of Novato
  Kirk Randall Williamson and Julie Ann Icaza of Berkeley
  Richard Joseph Hayes and Susan Audrey Reinhard of Mill Valley
May 7 Joe Sikoryak and Laura Antoinette Arendal of Oakland
  Vincent Lamont Rogers and Rhonda Renay Stark of Marin City
  Charles Eric Bronson and Kathy Jean Finch of Larkspur
  Jeffrey Lynn Vidal and Amy Hope Richards of Stinson Beach
  Scott Carter Thunes and Georgia Eichhorn Morf of Berkeley
  Steven Carl Coons and Diana Joy Finley of Sausalito
  Erick Mark Bailyn and Laurie Donna Ehrlich of San Rafael
May 8 Nir Hacohen and Catherine Ju-Ying of Boston
  Anthony Todd Santino of San Rafael and Natalie Joe Huening of San Francisco
  Jason August Ortega and Kristin Leigh Daer of Larkspur
  Derek Lee Hoyler and Sharon Maria Pariani of Novato
  Thomas John Spillane and Karen Denise Allen of Long Beach
  Vincent Augustine Braun Jr. and Martha Kay Upjohn of Sausalito
  Mark David Minnigerode and Laura Taggart Leininger of College Station, Texas
  Onofrio James Albanese and Karen Leigh Dolnick of San Rafael
  David Brian Smith and Laura Ellen Menane of Novato
  Geoffrey Sheldon Wells and Serena Rachelle Lee of San Rafael 
Marin Independent Journal - June 15, 1996
May 9 Charles Eric Metzger and Azella Mae Buban of Marina Del Rey
  Brian Paul McLarty and Andrea Melania Lobos of richmond
  William Clarke Marriott Jr. and Tracy Elaine Forbes of Forest Knolls
  Charles Barclay Dodge and Nicolette Michelle Roen of San Rafael
  Kenan Malak and Jennifer Lynn Puente of San Rafael
  Edward Arthur Mestre and Marlene Catherine Ballard of Novato
  S------ M----- A---- and Sukhdeep Kaur Chama of Petaluma
May 10 Jeffrey Day Perkins and Katherine Greeff Robinson of Chicago
  John Gary Fullerton and Delores Rae Sutherland of Novato
  Russell Lawrence Linscott and Donna Lyn Hamilton of Mill Valley
  Edward Theodore Bergquist and Marilyn Anne Sweeney of Novato
  Kenneth Lane Owen and Sotevy Tim of Novato
  Israel Ramirez and Gabriela Magdalena Frias of San Rafael
  Norman Jean Bourasa and Lisa Diana Hillsman of Berkeley
May 13 Peter Cain Kerner and Annette Mavis Rys of San Rafael
  Robert Cantor and Altha Gail Mason of Mill Valley
  Henry Harold Kee of Sacramento and Melodie Ann Echavez of Novato
  Steven Anthony Wilson of San Rafael and Diana Lynne Bailey of Belvedere
  Jorg Cieslok of Toronto and Kristine Kay Fish of Corte Madera
  Jacobo Abimacie Lopez and Elisa Del Carmen Sarceno of San Rafael
May 14 John Bertram Kriebel and Amy Ione Holle of San Rafael 
  Mark Albert Niemela and Cynder Edwards of Sausalito
May 15 Peter Wayne Gutowsky and Sharon Lee Davis of Albuquerque, N.M.
  Jose Luis Trenado and Blanca Silva of Santa Rosa
  Scott Andrew Keller and Shannon Marie Newbill of San Rafael
  James Russell Philips and Rosemari Anna Sudman of Sausalito
  Micahel William Johnson and Deborah Michelle Gillespie of Novato
  Aaron Allen Frank and Elyse Lorraine Marin of Mill Valley
  Christopher Flint Corsiglia of Kentfield and Stacy Lynn Kaleikini of San Francisco
  Ned Lee Fielden and Lucy Kuntz of Berkeley
Marin Independent Journal - June 17, 1996
May 23 Stefan David Loren and Heidi Ann Boortz of Lake Bluff, Ind.
  William Mark Wisler and Judy Ann Entwisle of Novato
  Gregory David Batlin and Susan Elizabeth Brennan of Mill Valley
  Harold Anthony Williamson of Rockford, Ill. and Sharon Pam Eakes of Sewickley, Penn.
  Daniel Stephen Brausch and Mary Carol MacDonald of South Boston, Mass.
  Jeffrey Scott DeWalk and Victoria Ann Hoffman of Petaluma
May 24 Bruce Lauritzen and Regina Calvo of Inverness
  John Cameron Jaros and Elisa Anne Maxey of Novato
  David Michael Beard and Emily Kuilei Kaukau of Mill Valley
  Mark Shortland and Marian Heathcote of Surbiton, England
  John Louis Palleschi and Joanna Dagmar Sutherland of Greenbrae
  Keith Michael Lachowicz of Mill Valley and Denise Anna Della Santina of Mill Valley
  Carlo Pati and Danielle Genevieve Huguenin of San Rafael
  Robert Jeffrey McDonald and Kathleen Ann Brage of San Rafael
May 28 George Michael Metlenko and Laura Lynn Mroczkowski of San Rafael
  Anthony Elliott Oliphant and Judith Rose Yanover of Novato
  Hans Alan Lapping and Veronica Zofia Mora Miezkowski of San Rafael
  Raed Kamal Kuhail and Amelia Jean Conrado of San Rafael
  Arthur Hubert Fowler and Betty Louise Foulds of Los Altos
  Dennis Allen Bird and Holly Farrow of San Anselmo
  Richard Wise Schuster and Susan Arlene Wermter of Fairfax
  Daniel James Breiner and Ming Jie Li of San Rafael
  Jon Richard Davis and Karen Lee Brandenburg of Corte Madera
  Michael Douglas Pfaff and Kathleen Ann Young of tiburon
  Richard Wu of San Francisco and Christie I.S. Kong of Novato
  Theodore Ettlinger Steiner and Judith Eileen Frost of Fairfax
  Motoyoshi Komori and Junko Kawai of Mill Valley
  Douglas Matthew Karpa and Sabrina Elizabeth Wilson of Boston
May 29 Clint Robert Welker and Erica Anne Ashe of Tiburon
  Robert Keith Jackler and Laurie Manes Kaplan of Mill Valley
  Stuart Ellis Dalziel and Kayla Ann Hileman of Petaluma
  Michael Thomas Kelly and Sharon Monica O’Brien of Daly City
  Christopher Walter Tyrrell and Sharon Lee Meijia of Novato
  Steven Martin Gavriloff and Carolyn Jean Marquardt of Petaluma
Marin Independent Journal - July 1, 1996
June 3 Stephen William Ramm and Melanie Michelle Hernand of Richmond
  Marstin Crane Talland and Linda Marie Benney of San Anselmo
  Henry Rick Palumbo of Novato and Sonia Anne Gagnon of Martinez
  Jonathan Craig Rolnick and Lisa Spann Maslow of Mill Valley
  Scott David Kennedy and Asunta Beate Pacheco of San Francisco
  Clay Andrew Purcell and Kimberly Ann Zanetti of Greenbrae
  Amir Massoud Amnir Saleh and Bibi Nargess Asaad of San Rafael
  Richard Joseph Washington of Mill Valley and Nancy Lynne Richardson of San Rafael
  Randall Gene Rudolph and Candace Ellen Shelton of Novato
  Donald Duane Duncan III of San Anselmo and Dana Michelle Knudsen of San Rafael
  Frederic Jean Francois Gallo and Jeannette Marie St. Sure of Novato
June 4 Logan McCook Roots and Linda Ann Osman of Mill Valley
  Ira Rechtshaffer and Marta Martini of Larkspur
  Bryan Scott Kelly and Pia Caroe of San Rafael
  Dixon Bogue Smith and Christine Elizabeth Kahnoski of Novato
  Brent Douglas Pullan and Donna Lynn Klaffky of Novato
  James Edward Voss and Julie Ann Valconesi of Pt. Reyes Station
  Michael Francis Zavosky and Janine Raechelle Allino of Novato
June 5 Joseph Philip Coulson and Christine Lee Hooker of Sausalito
  Jean Claude Erol of Richmond and Veronica Marie Samual of Richmond
  Gregory Reed Brockbank and Jorie Rose Rosenblatt of Greenbrae
June 6 Lieran Shields Norton and Stacey Elaine Smith of Novato
  Shigeki Takasaki and Laura Jeanne Giacomini of Novato
  Michael George Cavanagh and Britt Kirsten Danskin of Kuna, Idaho
  Victor Turkan and Kthleen Brendan Welch of Phoenix, Ariz.
  Anthony Glenn Buckmaster and Amy Anne McVicar of San Anselmo
  Eric Steven Davis and Victoria Reid Moir of Novato
  Michael Edgar Hogan and Miram Byers of San Rafael
  Richard Walton Williams and Denise Drew of San Rafael
  Maxton Alexander Beckwith and Sharon Lynn Kerry McClatchie of Walnut Creek
June 7 Michael Dean Jones of San Quentin and Miriam Theresa Barney of Ontario
  John Saturnino Cabales of San Quentin and Candace Sue Gonzalez of Stockton
  Courtney Tyrone Pounders of San Quentin and Crista Marie Riccomi of Colma
  Marcus Thomas Wessels of San Anselmo and Emaly Alida Vistian Thor of Larkspur
  Robert Mitchell Cassel and Birgit Kelley of Mill Valley
  Benjamin Miguel Barredo and Denise Marie Barsotti of San Rafael
  Daniel Wallace Doherty and Erin Kathleen Kashnig of White Bird, Idaho
  David Elliot Johnson of Nashville, Tenn. and Candice Elizabeth Rans of Columbia, Tenn.
  Philip Michael Cross of Sherman Oaks and Lauren Kerstin Chapman-Selby of Kentfield
  Steven Lawrence Davis of Manhattan, Kans. and Viktoria Janet Larson of Novato
  Matthew Paul Dunn and Michelle Eileen McManus of Fallon
  Douglas Michael Hecker and Marlene Ann Borges of Novato
  Kevin Mark Driscoll and Helen Winifred Wright of San Rafael
June 10 Jameson Floyd Sutton of San Quentin and Gracie Ann Andrews of Oakland
  Keith Allen Boyd and May Christina Smalley of Santa Rosa
  Jeff Donald Duhagon and Misty Lee McMechen of Mill Valley
  Daniel Keith Craik and Diane Kay Ild of Mill Valley
  Richard Carl Smith and Nancy Ann Sterne of Novato
  George Khamis Antar and Susan Jezrawi of San Rafael
  Jeremy Nichol Hoover and Renee Elizabeth Myers of Des Moines, Iowa
  David H. Treshnell and Lisa Renee Hardy of Tiburon
  Keith William Burrows and Dawn Suzanne Beck of Sausalito
  Richard Munn and Renee Marie Rodrigues of Mill Valley
June 11 Edward Tudor Wilson of San Francisco and Darcy Jane Sears of San Anselmo
  Guy James Morrison and Adrian Fried of Novato
  Robert Briggs Kittredge Jr. and Patricia Serradeil of Mill Valley
  Bradley Joseph Duft and Diana Lee Draper of Novato
  Gregory Keith Franc and Teresa Ann Morris of Novato
  Matthew Aaron Leffert and Jessica Leah Grace of Bolinas
  William Dale Fite and Sabine Marie Perrottet of Paris, France
Marin Independent Journal - July 5, 1996
June 14 Steve Kenneth Arnott and Michelle Marie Ferguson of Larkspur
  Ronnie Lee Leftridge and Dorene Rochelle Baker of San Rafael
  Jose Lazaro Ruiz Najarro and Crystal Roseann Morriss of San Rafael
  Jonathan James Jacobs and Janet Carole Garcia of Tiburon
  Russell Alan Erickson and Robin Carol Covelo of San Rafael
  Thomas Nagel and Bettina Antonie Werum of Frankfurt, Germany
  Jonah Gabril Mangis and Isabel Zuniga of Rohnert Park
  Abel Rodriguez of Richmond and Cristina Lopez of San Pablo
  Brian Keith Brown and Leianne Marjorie Messina of Mill Valley
  Kenneth Edward Carr and Joanne Soraya Klingel of Mill Valley
  William Louie Johnson and Lisa Ann Knudson of Larkspur
June 17 Gary David Friedman and Mary Lou Castellanos of Mill Valley
  John William Marlowe III and Danielle Susan Williams of San Anselmo
  Jason William McCann and Christina Maria Vargas of San Rafael
  Carson Timothy Smith and Nicole Van Russum Daum of San Rafael
  Jonathan Raphael Kaplan and Sarah Elliott Malarkey of San Francisco
  Dany Xavier Cobo and Marci Lynn Schrohe of Kentfield
  David Bruce MacLean and Tauni Marie Zabka of Sausalito
  Philip Luther Doucett of Kentfield and Marilyn Patricia Miller of Cape Canaveral, Fla.
  Adam Robert Ross and Tara Michelle Brazeal of Richmond
  Paulus Gerulacus Kraaijvanger and Danielle Genine La Torre of San Francisco
  Scott Anthony Nicholas and Niamh Mary Zwagerman of Eugene, Ore.
  Jeffrey Louis Geissberger of Greenbrae and Alexandra Ursula White of Santa Barbara
  Thomas Frederick Ziegler of San Rafael and Doreen Claire Schramm of Nicasio
  Troy Daniel Peterson and Sabra Marie Drohan of Novato
June 18 Niels Christian Legallet and Gail Joan Johnson of Larkspur
  Andreas Edward Juon of Clearlake and Karen McCracken Wilson of Nicasio
June 19 Marshall Warren Graves Jr. and Marie-Louise Masters of Sacramento
  John Wilson Barnes of San Rafael and Eleanor Ramona Bills of Tustin
  Mark Thomas Woerner of San Rafael and Dayna Patricia Wixson of Oakland
  Andrew John McMahon and Marilyn Louise Mann of Novato
  James Edward Olson and Catherine Doris Lambert of Minneapolis, Minn.
  June Norman Rae of Novato and Thu-Ha Nguyen of Novato
  Joseph Charles Pettit and Gwynaeth Mairi Atwood of Novato

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