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NOTE: Oral Histories for underlined names have been transcribed and are available on the net - click on the name to go to the Civic Center Branch of the Marin County Free Library page where they can be accessed. 
Tacchi Charles San Quentin Early Resident b. 1 March 1908

d. 7 Aug 1992

Age 72. Mr. Tacchi was born at the Remilliard Brick company, his father was foreman there. Describes the area of San Quentin peninsula as he remembered it as a boy, i.e., Company works (brick making); the five brick scows; the Chinese help; the stable; bunkhouse, etc. Also tells of San Rafael life for a boy 60 years ago; hunting freely, rambling over hills, etc. Deliniates the sites of the old landmarks (now gone), i.e., Reading Ranch, Schutzen Park, Beatrice Mitchellini Movie Studio, etc. 9 May 1980 
Terwilliger Elizabeth Mill Valley Naturalist, Conservationist, Environmentalist, Outdoor Educator b. 13 Sep 1909 Elizabeth Terwilliger was born 13 September 1909 in Honolulu, Hawaii. She has lived in Marin since 1947 and in Mill Valley since 1957. She and her husband, Calvin, have a son and a daughter. Elizabeth Terwilliger is an Audubon Society naturalist who teaches Outdoor Education classes to both children and adults as a volunteer. Mrs. Terwilliger has helped to create playgrounds, bicycle trails, the Marin Audubon society and preserve parcels of wildlife land for the public in Marin County. In the interview she discusses how she led the fight to get a bicycle path between Sausalito and Mill Valley. She also talks about her Outdoor Education program to teach others about the local environment and how to preserve it for future generations. 28 June 1972 
Thayer Laura (Mrs. Raymond) San Rafael Early Resident, Garden Expert b. 12 June 1886

d. March 1981

In Marin since 1909 in San Rafael. Lives in the same house she moved into as a bride. Great gardener, homebody. Very shy and modest. Tennis matches at the old san Rafael Hotel. Her garden is famous at 86 Culloden Park Road, San Rafael. 
Thomas Lucretia McNear (& her nephew, John Erskine McNear, Jr.) San Rafael Pioneer Family b. 17 Oct 1896

d. 3 Jan 1994

83 year old daughter of Erskine Baker McNear who owned the 3,000 acre McNear Ranch and Brickyard reminiscences about her father & mother and life at McNear's Point prior to the sale of 2500 acres of the Ranch in 1955 for four million dollars. Sub-divisions of Glenwood & Peacock Gap now cover much of the old property; summer life at McNear's Beach; China Camp; the Brickyard; schooling in Marin and UC Berkeley & Mills College are also discussed. 17 July 1980
Thomas Dr. Robert C. San Rafael Pioneer Family b. 6 Nov 1922

d. 25 June 1988

Talks alone on the history of his family. Recorded at the Novato Museum in Miwok Park. 2 November 1974
Thompson Pierce Petaluma Cheesemaker, Company Chemist b. 23 Jan 1903

d. 15 Dec 1994

Grandson of Jefferson A. Thompson - founder of Marin French Cheese Company in 1865 & General Manager of the old Company. Explains how cheese is made & distributed. He is also the Lab Man who checks on the chemistry of cheese making as well as running the business that employs 42 people. Decribes in some detail what milk consists of & what cheese consists of. The brand of cheese they make under the label "Rouge et Noir" are: Breakfast, Camembert, Brie & Schloss. All equally delicious. Since its founding in 1865, four generations of Thompsons have been working in this family business - a true success story. 16 July 1984
Thompson Edward Petaluma Cheesemaker, Company Outside Salesman b. 6 July 1906

d. 11 May 1989

Grandson of Jefferson A. Thompson - founder of Cheese Co. in 1865, tells of his grandfather's trip to California by wagon train to Marin in 1864; purchase of 700 acre ranch in 1865 for $10,000 and his early yeaars in the beginning of the cheese business. Edward had the origianl idea to have a cheese & cracker table whenever there was a "wine tasting" gathering. He worked this out with Charlkes Krug Co. Makes 4 varieties of "Rougew et Noir" cheese only. Produces 5,000 lbs. cheese every two days. Picnic area for the public evolved in the 1950's (very successful) Edward was the "outside" salesman for the Company. Lives on the ranch & is still very active in the family business. 16 July 1984
Thompson Joseph S. Mill Valley Early Resident b. 16 June 1878

d. Sep 1970

Joseph S. Thompson was born in San Francisco in 1878 and moved to Mill Valley in 1889. He lived in Mill Valley for about ten years. At the time he moved to Mill Valley he was eleven years old and lived on Molino Avenue. His sister is the author Kathleen Norris. There is a park in Mill Valley named for her on Molino Avenue at Wildomar Street. His father was a member of the Bohemian Club in Sonoma County. Their home on Molino was named (as was the custom of the time( "Treehaven." Mr. Thompson talks about his life in Mill Valley and after when his parents died within a month of each other in 1899. His brother took over the house in Mill Valley with his family and it stayed in the family until 1940. March 1969
Thoney Clinton Mill Valley 1st Mill Valley Fire Chief b. 1 Mar 1904

d. 30 March 1990

Clinton L. Thoney was born 1 March 1904 in San Francisco and has lived in Mill Valley since 1905. The youngest of nine children, Thoney's father was with the San Francisco Fire Department before moving to Mill Valley. Thoney recalls the floods and fires that plagued Mill Valley before 1930. He joined the Mill Valley Fire Department in 1923 and became Mill Valley's first permanent fire chief in 1929. He gives a detailed account of the 1929 fire in which about thirty homes were destroyed. August 1970
Times Betty Coleman Sausalito Public Servant, Library Clerk, Marin Affirmative Action Office, Director Marin County Citizen's Service Office   Thirty six year resident of Marin County, daughter of a black cotton farmer in the south. Tells her story of achievement & her 15 years of public service to Marin County. Starting as a library clerk in the County Library, Betty advanced to Order Clerk, supervisor of Acquisitions, Admin. Asst., Head of Technical Services & in 1978 was appointed to the Affirmative Action Office. She is currently one of two women dept. heads in Marin County Government, i.e., Director of the Marin County Citizen's Service Office. Betty Times is running for County Supervisor, 3rd District (Sausalito, Mill Valley, Belvedere, Tiburon) election to be held in June 1980. A woman of strong character, integrity with keen & perceptive intelligence. 28 March 1980.
Tong George Fairfax Merchant, Grocer b. 24 Jan 1908

d. 22 Aug 1997

Son of George Tong, merchant and owner of Panama Market, San Anselmo. Born in San Rafael 17 July 1930. Relates history of his family; his going to China (age 18 mos.) where he lived near Canton until 1939; his return to the United States; his life in Arkansas; his return to China to marry (age 18); his return to U.S. leaving his bride with his mother for 10 years (Chinese custom); his 30 year association with the Fairfax Market, #14 Bolinas Road, Fairfax and his love of America and the freedom to work and achieve for his family. 
Totheroh Dan Mill Valley Author, Playwright b. 22 July 1894

d. Dec 1976

Author and playwright is associated with the Mountain Play as an actor, director and author. He wrote "Tamalpa" (the legend of Mount Tamalpais) and two more plays produced at the Mountain theatre. Accepted on Broadway and later in Hollywood, he was a friend of many movie stars including Olivia de Havilland, Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn. Other famous names mentioned in the interview include Charlie Chaplin, Gary Cooper and Clara Bow. Richard Nixon is mentioned as having black-listed a friend of Totheroh's during the McCarthy Era. Totheroh discusses his life in New York and California. He moved to Mill Valley following a heart attack in 1961. He also tells humorous stories about the many plays he has been associated with during his lifetime. At the time of the interview Totheroh was working on his memoirs. Dan Totheroh was born in Oakland, California on 22 July 1894.
Treat Laura Ross Pioneer Family b. 17 Dec 1893

d. May 1977

Grand-daughter of Edward Bosqui, "Father of Fine Printing in California." Born in the "Ross House" 17 December 1893 then belonging to her grandfather, Edward Bosqui. Describes her impressions of the 23 acre estate, i.e., house, gardens, driveways, local environs, neighbors, Kent, Davis, & Rose, etc. Then relates the history of her famous grandfather (1832-1917) who came during the Gold Rush, arrived 1850 - worked in Bank (Palmer Cook & Co.), founder member Bohemian Club. Entered business in 1863 - business still flourishing in San Francisco. Published his memoirs in 1904. 11 February 1976
Trubach Serge Sausalito   b. 17 Feb 1907

d. May 1979

Trumbull Robert H., Jr. Novato Pioneer Family   Mr. Trumbull tells the story of early Novato and his family's involvement in the Novato Land Company (later the Trumbull Ranch) which ran 7 dairies, milked 1,000 cows, tended 500 acres of vineyards. His father was a Marin County Supervisor (1948-1952) & one time Patriarch of Novato. Describes life as a boy on a big ranch - Chinese help, etc. The old Ranch House built in the 1860's by DeLong & Sweetster still stands (18 rooms) and is located at #50 Rica Vista in Novato. It has been restored. 27 January 1983
Tuckey Sara (Mrs.Robert H., Jr.) Ross Botanist, Volunteer Gardener and Fundraiser b. 22 April 1903

d. 10 Nov 1994

Marin Botanist and active member (since 1947) of the Marin Art & Garden Center. Founding member of the "Decorations Guild" MAGC, tells the story of the beginnings of the Center and her favorite Guild. Their first Greens sale, held in the Ross Barn in 1947, brought in $600. Over succeeding years the Guild has contributed $25,000 per year to the maintenance of the Center. Sara is also in charge of planting and maintenance of the 10 acre Center, a job that evolved through her selfless and tireless dedication. What a volunteer! 11 October 1982
Tyler Richard Mill Valley Early Resident b. 2 Oct 1904

d. Dec 1980

Mr. Tyler is President of the Marin Art & Garden Center, Ross. In Marin since 1941. Tells of early Marin, Mt. Tam Railroad. Helen joins Mr. Tyler in her reminiscences of trips up Mt. Tam & Muir Woods.

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