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Source: The Marin Journal, June 7, 1906, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Grammar School Closing Exercises

The graduation exercises of the Grammar School will be held Friday June 8, in the San Rafael Opera House, at 2 p.m.

All interested in Education are cordially invited to be present.

The following programme will be rendered by the pupils of the class of 1906.
1. Class Song Heidelburg
2. Piano Solo (Thine Own) Evelyn Blumenthal
3. Song (Whispering Hope) Girls of the Class
4. Violin Solo (Meditation) Aida Duffy
5. Song (Loch Lomond) Boys of the Class
6. Piano Duet (Grand Military March) Martha Mathews, Sadie Iler
7. Class Song God of the Nations
8. Presentation of Diplomas E. B. Martinelli, President of Board of Education

Names of Graduates:

Olive Evilo Barber
Evelyn Mildred Blumenthal
Aida Magdaline Duffy
Stuart Henry Duffy
Anna Dorthea Daly
David Duncan, Jr.
Ellsworth Y. Dougherty
James Francis Grady
Bert Gilmore
Margaret Graham
Ethel Helen Giloghy
Adolph Huelsdonk
Donald L. Hunter
Sadie Iler
Thomas Jamieson
Rita Henrietta Kaempkff
Constance Henrietta Lede
William Albert Kirkman
Peter Joseph McCarthy
William P. Maghetti
Martha Mathews
Agnes C. Madsen
Margaret Alice McCauley
Irene Francis Marshal
John William Nichols
Irene Bernice Otton
Olivia Theodora Pacheco
Jane Bernadette Ryan
Zora Rachel Roberts
Walter Anthony Renbold
William James Mansie
Mary Janette Scott
Gladys May Strong
William A. Sperry
Reuben Judd Worth
Florence Elizabeth Wood
Clare Alice McCombe
Angelo John Stefani
Sidney Herschel Small
Richard Lyle Crane
Matagaro Talahashi

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