Marin County Genealogy

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, June 7, 1923, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Marking their last day as students in the San Rafael Grammar School, forty-six pupils will receive diplomas of graduation tomorrow morning in exercises that are scheduled to take place at 10:30 in Boyd Memorial Park.

The program will be given in the proscenium and will be started with a musical selection by the high school orchestra. Miss Ino Knopf will deliver the Class Presidentís welcome, and this will be followed by an address by City Superintendent O. R. Hartzell. The valedictorians will be Marie Lovejoy and Elizabeth Scarf. Following the presentation of the class by B. B. Heryford, Thomas P. Boyd, president of the Board of Education, will award the diplomas. Remarks by County Superintendent Jas. B. Davidson will close the program. The graduates are:

Herbert Austin, Kate Balzarini, Gwendolyn Bell, Willie Bentham, Elsie Blake, Anna Beckman, Chester Bullis, Ambrose Canziani, Guy Ciocca, Phyllis Collier, Auris Dieckmann, Pete Escallier, Annie Fahle, Regina Fialer, Aletha Galagher, Barbara Ganascia, Eleanor Garatti, Milton Hain, George Harris, Robert Houck, Chas. Hughes, Lee Jenkines, Mary Kelly, Willie Kelly, Clara Kirby, Ino Knopf, Olga Lahore, John Lane, Marie Lovejoy, Dolph Mazet, Charles Mose, Francis Mulhern, Clara Napier, Margie Prescott, Ethel Reh, Lorraine Remley, Caesar Riella, Clayton Shader, Wallace Shaver, Elizabeth Scarf, Katherine Shief, Emma Siebert, Mabel Sims, Jack Vollers, Gladys Whwittemore, Edwin Wood.

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