Marin County Genealogy

Source: Marin Journal, Thursday, May 22, 1924, page 1.
Transcribed by: Cathy Gowdy

Sixty Students in Graduating Class

The graduating class of the San Rafael High School numbers sixty, one of the largest classes to receive diplomas in the history of the local school.

Exercises will be held on the evening of June 5th at the Orpheus Theatre. Following are the members of the class:

Walter Harvey Abraham, Clarence Anderson Gordon, Lawrence LeRoy Andrews, Frank Vincent Baccagles(?), Howard Perry Bostick, Clermaa(?) Madeline Brown, Evelyn Idella Bulle(?), Genevieve Eleanor burke, Lillian Carolyn Caletti, Benjamin George Clark, Endora Josephine Codoni, Jean Adeline Cranston, Genevieve Madelyune (sic) Cuneo, Eugenia Kathryn Duffy, William Herbert Ellis Jr., Francis Boyle Federline, Annie Marion Gaspar, William Hemseth Giles(?), Roger William Goodwin, Margart Genevieve Grady, Genevieve Agnes Griffin(?), Hugh Graham Hammond, Vera(?) Odelia Hart, Clara Adeline Hendrickson, Margart Mae Howell, Henry Mead Jackson, Margaret Josephine Keona, Blanche Mae Kirner, Lester Robert Knutte, Attilio Louis Leonardi, Raymond Emiel Leonardi, George Vernon Lewis, George Dow Yen Louie, August Joseph Lourenzo, Georgette Rosalie Mazet, Mildred Eva McCurdy, Dahlia Teresa Milani, Val Humphrea Moore, Eugene John O’Brien, Gene Anthony Ostaggi, Lenore Edith Otterson, Clarice(?) Alice Phillips, Daniel Douglas Phillips, Helen Edith Phillips, ??? Elizabeth Feed (sic), Arthur William Rodgers, Francis Earl Sawyer(?), Rose Cecilia Silva, Agatha Vesta(?) _?_th,
Parker Preston Thayer, Charles Edward Walsh, Eugene Nelson Wechsler, Ines Elsie Wayne, Joseph Allen(?) Wayne, William Benjamin Whitney, Warren Henry Williams, Marie Anno(?) Woefl(?), John Louis Slaughter and Margaret Weeden Von Husen.

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