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Contributed: pre-2006

National Archives Microfilm Publications

in the National Archives

Pacific Sierra Region

Contributed by Ken Tessendorff

National Archives Microfilm Publications in the National Archives--Pacific Sierra Region, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington, DC,1990.

This 80 page book lists all the microfilm holdings of the Pacific Sierra Branch in San Bruno, California as of 1990. The book is divided into 6 parts.

Part 1 List of Record Groups
Part 2 Descriptive list of Microfilm Publications
Part 3 Numerical List of Microfilm Publications Numbers
Part 4 List of Microfilm Publications arranged by Record Group Number
Part 5 List of Microfilm Publications Arranged Alphabetically by Record Group Title
Part 6 Subject Index

The following paragraph from the book's Introduction explains the different microfilm series available.

"Microfilm publications are divided into two series, identified by "M" and "T" numbers. Usually, and "M" publication reproduces an entire series of records and has an introduction describing the origin, contents, and arrangement of the records filmed. Descriptive pamphlets are available for most "M" publications. The pamphlet contains the publication's introduction and a roll-by-roll breakdown of the records filmed. Microfiche or paper (sometimes microfiche and paper) copies of the pamphlets may be examined at the regional archives. A "T" publication is not always a reproduction of complete series of records but may be a segment, selected by date or subject, of a larger series. In many cases "T" publications were filmed as the result of a special reference request. These publications usually contain no introductions, and pamphlets are not usually available for them. However, in the case of census microfilm publications, which are "T" publications, separated descriptive information is available."

Forty three Record Groups are listed in Part 1. Typical Record Groups of interest to genealogists are, Records of the Bureau of the Census, Records of the Customs Service, Records of the Bureau of Land Management, Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, and others. Each Record Group is described in detail as to its contents.

I was told by a member of the staff at San Bruno that this book is available to people who ask for it, but it is generally not found as a handout in the research room.