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Contributed: pre-2006

The West: A Select List of

National Archives Microfilm Publications

Contributed by Dan Mosier

The West: A Select List of National Archives Microfilm Publications. National Archives Catalog, no date.

The microfilm resources at the National Archives are tremendous especially for genealogists. Most genealogists go to the National Archives to use the Federal Census Schedules or Military Records. But the National Archives is a depository for many more types of records and many of these have been preserved on microfilm. Knowing what the National Archives has on microfilm is what this booklet is about.

This is a select list of microfilm publications covering the Western States of Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. For each State are listed and briefly described the different types of government records.

For California, the records are grouped under three types of records: 1) Judicial Records, 2) Executive Records: Civilian, and 3) Executive Records: Military.

Judicial records include court records, naturalization records, and land grant cases.

Executive civilian records include Fremont Expeditions, Internal Revenue Tax Assessment Lists, Interior Department Appointment Papers, Extension Service, Census Records, and Diplomatic Records

Executive military records include War Department and Civil War records.

This booklet is a great source to check before making a visit to the National Archives. Look for it in your local library or request a copy, if it is still available, from the National Archives, Washington, D.C., 20408.

Some California libraries that have the above item:

  • Laguna Niguel, National Archives
  • San Bruno, National Archives
  • Santa Clara, Santa Clara Library, GS 929.379 N27 Gen Rm