San Francisco Colma Cemetery Index
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This database includes cemetery records from the following collections: 
  • Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, 1887-2012 (387,979 records) (dates are burial dates). Only records greater than (>) 10 years are shown.

  • Calvary Cemetery, San Francisco, 1851-1916 (59,140 records) (dates are burial dates)
    The Calvary Cemetery data was transcribed from removal index cards by the following volunteers: Cathi Disbrow, Marilyn Baldwin, Gale Wentworth, Cathy Gowdy, Pamela Storm, Suzanne da Rosa, Doug Urbanus, Martha Williams, John Nulty, Alyssa Lalanne, Rita Garcia, Marianne Elllis, Donna Gatts, Ann Hill, Jill Chesnik, J Lipton, Jennifer Oberly, Michael Dunlap, Mary Scoppettone, Susan Pinto, Aviva Ernst, Robert Fernquist, Tricia Harreschou, Gene Murray, Melinda Gould, Catherine Morley-Dubrow, Joanne Sholes, Christine Hollender, Kim Young, and Ron Filion.
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Updated: 29 December 2014