San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 331A, First Township, Post Office School House Station
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
1 1 HENRY Henry 36 m w Hotel Keeper Ireland
      Mary 38 Keeps House  Ireland
      Charles  14  Apprentice Shoemaker  England 
      Henry 10 m w   Cal
      George 8 m w   Cal
      John 5 m w   Cal
      Mary 3 f w   Cal
    KING James 66 m w Works in Garden Eng.
    CUMERFORD A.D. 30 m w Farm Laborer Pa
    QUINN Ann 34 f w House Servant Ireland
    FOLEY John 30 m w Farm Laborer  Ireland
2 2 STODDARD Bridget 59 f w Keeps House Ireland
3 3 ANDERSON Joseph 45 m w Florist Scotland 
      Catherine 40 f w Keeps House Ireland 
      Deborah P. 10 f w   Cal
      Agnes M. 6 f w   Cal
      Catherine 6 f w   Cal
4 4 WHEFLER Joseph 52 m w Farmer Baden
      Terris 39 f w Keeps House Baden
      Josephine 13 f w   Pa
      Valentine 7 m w   Cal 
    SEBACH Herman 20 m w Farm Laborer Baden
5 5 BUCKNER Charles 56 m w Cabinet Maker Prussia 
      Minny 56 m w Keeps House Prussia
      Catherine 16 f w   Pa
6 6 FAY Michael 33 m w Farmer Ireland
      Winnefred 35 f w Keeps House Ireland
      Margaret 10 f w   Mass.
      Mary A. 8 f   Cal
      Catherine 6 f w   Cal
      Ellen 5 f w   Cal 
      Celia 4 f w   Cal
      Michael E. 3 m w   Cal
      Martin m w   Cal 
7 7 KINNY Marshall 24 m w Farmer N.[Pa?]
    MOOR Berris 24 m w Farm Laborer N.H. 
    MOOR Charles 35 m w Farm Laborer N.H.
8 8 KINNY William H. 32 m w Farmer Nova Scotia 
      Eliza M. 22 f w Keeps House  Nova Scotia
      Mary 2 f w   Cal
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