San Mateo County Genealogy
1870 Federal Census
San Mateo County, California
Page 372A, Third Township, Post Office Belmont
Dwelling # Family # Surname Given Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Place
20 17 DAILY Michael 65 m w Farmer Ireland
      Bridget 40  Keeps House  Ireland
21 18 RALSTON William C. 45 m w Banker Ohio
      Elizabeth 32 f w Keeps House Ill
      Samuel 11 m w   Cal
      William 7 m w   Cal
      Emma 5 f w   Cal
    FRY Zelpha 52 f w House Keeper Ky
    HALL Fred 30 m w Waiter Pa
    FA[RR?] Louis 28 m w House Servant Switzerland
    LUNG Ah 22 m c Cook China
    CHANG Ah 21 m c Cook China
    YOUNG Ah 31 m c House Servant China
    HAMPSTEAD Mary 25 f w Laundress Ireland
    HAMPSTEAD Maggie 23 f w Laundress Ireland
22 19 SULLIVAN John 28 m w Groom Ireland
    MURPHY Edward 28 m w Groom Ireland
    GRACE John 25 m w Blacksmith Ireland
    WILLIAMS Joseph 30 m w Farmer N.Y.
    WHEELER William 30 m w Farmer Ireland
    RYAN Thomas 25 m w Farmer Ireland
    SWANSON Neal 24 m w Farmer Sweden
    INGLESBY Charles 40 m w Farmer Ireland
    GREEN George W. 32 m w Carpenter Me.
    GREEN Caroline S. 23 f w   N.Y.
    EWING Ira 30 m w Carpenter Canada
    HEALD William 42 m w Carpenter N.Y.
23 20 MEZES Simon M. 43 m w Capitalist Porto Rico [sic.]
      Juliet J. 26 f w Keeps House Italy
      Carmelita 9 f w At Home Cal.
      Isabela 8 f w At Home Cal.
      Sydney E. 8 m w At Home Cal.
    SULLIVAN Margaret 31 f w Cook Ireland
    ABRAHAM Maggy 20 f w House Servant Ireland
24 21 McLELLAN John 40 m w Coachman Ireland
    BERTOREL Christopher 50 m w Gardener Italy
    BERTOREL John 34 m w Gardener Italy
    BERTOREL Manuel 28 m w Gardener Italy
    SILVER John 21 m w Gardener Italy

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