Santa Clara County Genealogy
Source: Directory of Palo Alto, Mayfield, and Stanford University - January, 1911

ABBOTT, Mrs. N.J., 421 Oberlin
ACLY, G.N., clerk, 154 Grant
ALLBEE, J.K., City Marshal, 346 Harvard
ALLBEE, Mrs. J.K., 346 Harvard
ALLISON, James A., watchman, 1043 Palo Alto
AMPUERO, Mrs. Mary, laundry, 141 Williams
ANDERSON, Ben, teamster, 431 E. Palo Alto
ANDERSON, Mrs. Clara M., 341 E. Palo Alto
ANDREIS, Joseph, transfer man, 342 Williams
ANDREIS, Mrs. Ida, 342 Williams
ANRIQUE, Lino, laborer, 124 Washington
ASHURST, Bert, principal schools, 460 Ash
ASHURST, Nora S., 460 Ash

BACKUS, F.W., crockery store, cor. Portage & Main
BACKUS, Mrs. Anna L., cor. Portage & Main
BACKUS, Helen, student, cor Portage and Main
BAUCHOU, B., laborer, 139 Grant
BAUCHOU, Mrs. Jennie, 139 Grant
BAUCHOU, Henriette, 139 Grant
BAUCHOU, Leon, chauffeur, 139 Grant
BAUCHOU, Simon, student, 139 Grant
BARTHOLOMEW, F., laborer, 245 Sherman
BARTLEY, R., supt. at univ., 250 Lincoln
BARTLEY, Mrs. Mary L., 250 Lincoln
BEALICH, Pete, laborer, 212 Lincoln
BEALICH, Mike, laborer, 212 Lincoln
BEALL, Mrs. Ida, 185 Cambridge
BEALL, Edward, 185 Cambridge
BEALL, Jack, 185 Cambridge
BEALL, Ralph, 185 Cambridge
BEESON, Ed, cement worker, 214 Sherman
BEESON, Susie, teacher, 214 Sherman
BEESON, Lela, teacher, 214 Sherman
BEKER, John, janitor, 231 Palo Alto
BEKER, Mrs. Helen, 231 Palo Alto
BEKER, Robert Hamilton, student, 231 Palo Alto
Benson's Cigar Store, Cigars. Next to Post Office, Lincoln St.
BENNEY, Mrs. W.W., proprietor Mayfield Inn, Main
BEZ, L., retired, 152 First
BEZ, Mrs. E., 152 First
BIRKETT, Joseph, contractor, 361 Yale
BIRKETT, Mrs. ELecta, 361 Yale
BIRKETT, Margaret, student, 361 Yale
BLETHEN, Jesse W., cement worker, First, Limits
BLETHEN, Mrs. Rosetta, First, Limits
BLICHFELDT, H.F., professor, 201 Columbia
BLICHFELDT, E., 201 Columbia
BROPHY, Edward P., teamster, 342 Lincoln
BROPHY, Mrs. Josephine, 342 Lincoln
BOYLE, Miss Margie, student, 352 Hanover
BRADLEY, Mrs. M., Main and Sheridan
BUCK, S.J., minister, 147 E. Palo Alto
BUCK, Mrs. Lydia A., 147 E. Palo Alto
BUCK, Miss Hulda, 147 E. Palo Alto
BUFANDA, Pedro, 141 Williams
BUNNELL, Miss Julia H., 352 Hanover
BUTTERFIELD, Lewis, carpenter, Second and Rose
BUTTERFIELD, Mrs. Jennie, Second and Rose

CADOVSIC, Tozaf, laborer, 151 Grant
CARLSON, John, laborer, 120 Washington
CARLSON, Mrs. Hilda, 120 Washington
CARNEY, Mrs. George W., 1242 Cambridge
CARNEY, M., R.R. cont., 1242 Cambridge
CASAUCOU, Romain, baker, 192 Lincoln
CASAUCOU, Mrs. Mary Anna, 192 Lincoln
CASAUCOU, John, teamster, 192 Lincoln
CHATEAU, Mrs. Lucile, 180 Lincoln
CORDANO, S., hotel
CONTARD, Mrs. Grace, housekeeper, 170 E. Sherman
CONTARD, Edward, clerk, 170 E. Sherman
CONNELLY, Daniel S., laborer, 231 Sheridan
CONNELLY, Daniel, Jr., cement worker, 231 Sheridan
CONNELLY, Patrick T., laborer, 231 Sheridan
CONNELLY, Mrs. ANnie, 231 Sheridan
COBURN, Mrs. Adelaide M., 331 Dartmouth
COX, Guy, student, 362 Yale
CRARY, C.S., banker, 1211 Stanford
CRIPPEN, C.C., horse trainer, 372 Lincoln
CRIPPEN, Mrs. Augusta, 372 Lincoln
CRIPPEN, Roy, student, 372 Lincoln
CROSSLAND, John, carpenter, 372 Lincoln
CROSSLAND, Mrs. Mary, 372 Lincoln
CROSS, Thomas, supt. sawmill, Oxford
CROSS, Mrs. Elizabeth, Oxford
CROSS, Robert J., student, Oxford
CROSS, Donella M., student, Oxford
CROWLEY, Mrs. J., Portage and Main
CROWLEY, Patrick, billiard hall, Portage and Main
CROWLEY, Mike, farmer, Portage and Main
CUTHBERTSON, Sydney M., real estate, end of Main
CUTHBERTSON, Mrs. Sydney M., end of Main

DELYOU, E., shoemaker, 179 Lincoln
De GAC TANI, Joseph, boarding house, Main & Sher.
DISTEL, L., orchardist, 341 Lincoln
DISTEL, Mrs. Catherine, 341 Lincoln
DISTEL, Madaline, 341 Lincoln
DISTEL, Emile J., architect, 341 Lincoln
DISTEL, Florence, student, 341 Lincoln
DORNBERGER, G.L., farmer, 409 Washington
DORNBERGER, Mrs. Lillian, 409 Washington
DORNBERGER, M., brewer, 382 Lincoln
DORNBERGER, Mrs. Adele, 382 Lincoln
DORNBERGER, Louis, mailcarrier, 382 Lincoln
DORNBERGER, Basil, blacksmith, 382 Lincoln
DORNBERGER, Clara, student, 382 Lincoln
DOWDEN, Joe, teamster, 435 Palo Alto
DORGAN, M.H., plumber, 239 Sherman
DORGAN, Mrs. Catherine, 239 Sherman
DUGGAN, Dennis, gardener, 232 Sheridan
DUGGAN, Mrs. Alice M., 232 Sheridan
DUNN, J.A., carpenter, 241 Park
DUNN, Mrs. Carrie M., 241 Park
DUPUIS, Victor, gardener, 237 Sherman
DUPUIS, Mrs. Eugenia, 237 Sherman

ELLENWOOD, F.O., instructor, 344 Park
ELLENWOOD, Mrs. Cecelia F., 344 Park
ELLET, Edward C., banker, 340 Washington
ELLET, Mrs. Fannie W., 340 Washington
ELLIOTT, Dr. D.C., 407 Stanford
ELLIOTT, Mrs. Ada S., 407 Stanford
ELLIOTT, Miss Ethel L., 407 Stanford
ELLIOTT, Harold H., 407 Stanford
ESCALLIER, Emile, shoemaker, 191 Lincoln
EVANS, C.J., merchant, W. Oxford
EVANS, Mrs. May, W. Oxford
EVANS, Gordon, student, W. Oxford
EVANS, C.J., Dry Goods, 143 Main St.
EVANS, C.J., merchant, 142 Oxford
EVANS, Mrs. C.M., 142 Oxford

FAIRFIELD, Barton W., grocer, Third and Palm
FAIRFIELD, Mrs. B.W., Third and Palm
FAIRFIELD, W. Grant, merchant, 142 Lincoln
FAIRFIELD, Mrs. Mary E., 142 Lincoln
FAIRFIELD, Miss Hazel D., 142 Lincoln
FERROLI, Mrs. Fannie, Cambridge and Yale
FISHER, William, butcher, 702 Palo Alto
FISHER, Lester, student, 702 Palo Alto
FLEISHMAN, Albert H., Park Blvd., Manager Santa Fe Lumber Co.
FONBURG, Mrs. L., 345 Harvard
FONT, A., laborer, 202 Lincoln
FONT, Mrs. Julia, 202 Lincoln
FONT, Miss Belle, millinery, 202 Lincoln
FONT, Florence, student, 202 Lincoln
FOGARTY E.P., watchman, 245 Lincoln
FOGARTY, Mrs. Vanlora, 245 Lincoln
FOGARTY, Miss Olive, student, 245 Lincoln
FONTALBAT, Amiel, laborer, 194 Lincoln
FONTALBAT, Mrs. Theresa, 194 Lincoln
FINDLEY, G.W., 235 Amhurst
FINDLEY, Mrs. G.W., 235 Amhurst
FRIEDMAN, S., foreman, Main
FRIEDMAN, Mrs. Elizabeth, Main
FRIEDMAN, CHarles, S.P. clerk, Main
FRANK, Robert, painter, 202 Cambridge
FRANK, Mrs. Lizzie, 202 Cambridge
FREE, L.F., carpenter, 150 E. Palo Alto
FREE, Mrs. DOra B., 150 E. Palo Alto

GABRILOVICH, John, laborer, 159 Sherman
GALLAGER, Margaret, Grimley's hotel
GARNICA, Eugene, 141 Williams
GAUTIER, Frank, retired, 198 Lincoln
GAUTHIER [sic.], Mrs. Alexandrine, 198 Lincoln
GAUTIER, Miss Jane, 198 Lincoln
GAUTIER, Miss Esther, 198 Lincoln
GARWOOD, Miss A.B., clubhouse, 346 Harvard
GARWOOD, Miss Erma, 346 Harvard
GARWOOD, Miss Ada B., 346 Harvard
GARWOOD, W.K., 346 Harvard
GALLAGHER, Mrs. M., 128 Sheridan
GALLAGHER, Miss Mary, clerk, 128 Sheridan
GALLAGHER, Hugh, laborer, 128 Sheridan
GAIRARD, Louis, plumber, 332 Lincoln
GEARY, David, laundry, 215 Bowdoin
GEARY, Mrs. Jennie, 215 Bowdoin
GENWICH, Nick, laborer, 212 Lincoln
GERDES, Mrs. A., asst. postmaser, 435 Palo Alto
GERRITY, Thomas, laborer, 400 Sheridan
GERRITY, Mrs. Nellie, 400 Sheridan
GERRITY, Howard, teamster, 400 Sheridan
GERRITY, Desmond, laborer, 400 Sheridan
GERRITY, George, student, 400 Sheridan
GEORGE, J.R., 131 Lincoln, Fuel and Feed
GEORGE, Joe R., wood and coal, Pepper, Sunnyside
GEORGE, Mrs. J.R., Pepper, Sunnyside
GEORGE, Mrs. J., Pepper, Sunnyside
GEORGE, M.L., plumber, Pepper Sunnyside
GEORGE, Charles, millman, Pepper, Sunnyside
GIVICH, Peter, laborer, 132 William
GIVICH, Mrs. Nellie, 132 William
GLOGOVOCK, Milon, laborer, 119 Sherman
GOURLEY, C.W., gardener, 708 Second
GOURLEY, Mrs. T.B., 708 Second
GOURLEY, Miss Eleanor, tel. op.., 708 Second
GOODELL, Mrs. S.E., 235 Amhurst
GOODELL, Miss Nellie, student, 235 Amhurst
GRIMLEY, Peter, hotel, cor. Main and Grant
GRIMLEY, Mrs. Mary, cor. Main and Grant
GRIMLEY, Mary C., cor. Main and Grant
GRIMLEY, Jane, cor. Main and Grant
GRIMLEY, John P., student, cor. Main and Grant
GREEMAN, J.L., carpenter, 300 Sherman
GREGG, A.M., amusement device, 230 Leland
GREGG, Mrs. Dora, 230 Leland
GREGG, Berg L., lawyer, 230 Leland
GREGG, Harley C., asst. engineer, 230 Leland
GRIFFIS, Mrs. Mary, 741 Palo Alto
GUERREN, Thomas, laborer, Grimley's hotel

HAMILTON, Robert, student, 231 Palo Alto
HALLORAN, Dennis, gardener, 145 Sheridan
HALLORAN, Nellie, waitress, 145 Sheridan
HALLORAN, Hannah, nurse, 145 Sheridan
HALLORAN, Minnie, nurse, 145 Sheridan
HAMILTON, E.G., grocer, 411 Sherman
HAMILTON, Mrs. Maud, 411 Sherman
HARRINGTON, D., section foreman, 811 Stanford
HANSON, Joe, student, 235 Amhurst
HARRINGTON, Mrs. Maggie, 811 Stanford
Hebard, Frederic & Co., Real Estate, 125 Main St.
HARRINTON, Edward, student, 811 Stanford
HENNING, John, teamster, 221 Main
HENNING, Mrs. Matilda, 221 Main
HENNING, Frank, teamster, 221 Main
HENNING, Willie, teamster, 221 Main
HENNING, Birt, teamster, 221 Main
HERMANN, Frank, carpenter, 241 Sherman
HERMANN, Mrs. Mary, 241 Sherman
HENLEY, Mrs. M.A., 330 Park
HENLEY, D.H., substation operator, 330 Park
HENLEY, Mrs. Madge I., 330 Park
HENLEY, Arthur S., mining engineer, 330 Park
HECKMAN, R.J., butcher, Mayfield Inn
HEBARD, Frederic, real estate, 212 Hanover
HEBARD, Mrs. Frederic, 212 Hanover
HEBARD, Mrs. Charles W., 212 Hanover
HICKMAN, Richard, butcher, Benny's Hotel
HIGHT, Leslie, city engineer, 205 Sherman
HIGHT, Mrs. Esther, 205 Sherman
HIGHT, Bruce K., student, 205 Sherman
HIGHT, Ruth May, student, 205 Sherman
HIRONAKA, S., cook, 415 Palo Alto
HIRONAKA, Mrs. S., 415 Palo Alto
HOLSTON, B.R., station agent, 199 Stanford
HOLSTON, Mrs. B.R., 199 Stanford
HOOD, George, gardener, 250 E. Park
HOOD, Mrs. Emily, 250 E. Park
HOOD, Mark, laborer, 250 E. Park
HUGHES, Mrs. Rose, 341 Williams
HUGHES, C.P., plumber, 341 Williams
HUGHES, C.P., plumbing and tinning, 117 Lincoln

ICHIHASHI, Miss SHinjuko, student, 352 Hanover
INGERSOLL, G.F., chauffeur, 362 Yale
INGERSOLL, Mrs. Jean, 362 Yale
ISAACKSON, C., 341 Columbia

Japanese Student Association, 441 Stanford
JOHNSON, Jalma, teamster, 540 Lincoln
JOHNSON, William, teamster, 641 Palo Alto
JOHNSON, Mrs. Arita, 641 Palo Alto
JURY, Joseph A., supt. planing mills, 300 Leland
JURY, Mrs. Meta E., 300 Leland

KAISER, Joe, stonecutter, 311 Stanford
KAISER, Mrs. Kate, 311 Stanford
KAUTE, Herman, tailor, Third and Portage.
KAUTE, Mrs. Herman, Third and Portage
KELSEY, Frank, carpenter, 222 Palo Alto
KELSEY, Mrs. Lydia, 222 Palo Alto
KELSEY, Miss Josie, 223 Palo Alto
KELLER, H.R., contractor, 160 Stanford
KELLER, Mrs. Della, 160 Stadford
KISSELL, S.M., clerk, 810 First
KISSELL, Mrs. Orelia, 810 First
KINGHAM, Edward J., contractor, 310 E. Palo Alto
KINGHAM, Mrs. ELlen E., 310 E. Palo Alto
KLEVASHI, C.J., brewer, 131 Palo Alto
KRALI, Mike, laborer, 119 Sherman

LALICH, Nick, 150 Sherman
LaFOND, Frank, painter, 198 Grant
LaFOND, Mrs. Rose, 198 Grant
LaCROIX, J.H., carpenter, 401 Williams
LaCROIX, Mrs. Leona, 401 Williams
LaCROIX, Lucile, 401 Williams
LaCROIX, Eloise, 401 Williams
LARKIN, Percy, teamster, 221 Main
LARKIN, Mrs. Annie, 221 Main
LAFON, C., baker, Lincoln
LAFON, Mrs. Leontine, Lincoln
LAFETTE, Mrs. Rosa, merchandise, 180 Lincoln
LAFAYETTE, John, 180 Lincoln
LACY, Patrick, timekeeper, cor. Oxford & Hanover
LACY, Mrs. Patric, cor. Oxford & Hanover
LAURIDSON, A.K., butcher, 311 Stanford
LAURIDSON, M.C., butcher, 311 Stanford
LeCOUNT, S.N., retired, 280 Park
LeCOUNT, Mrs. Ellen J., 280 Park
LeCOUNT, Mabel C., 280 Park
LADOVICO, Pete, laborer, 245 Sherman
LADOVICO, Mazzola, laborer, 345 Sherman
LePAGE, Mrs. Thomas, 212 Hanover
LePAGE, Kalidasa, 212 Hanover
LEWIS, George F., doctor, 362 Hanover
LEWIS, Mrs. Katherine, 362 Hanover
Lincoln Market, meats, 200 Lincoln
LINDBLOM, Erick, gardener, 615 Palo Alto
LINDBLOM, Mrs. Mary, 615 Palo Alto
LOCKWOOD, W.S., real estate, 200 Leland
LOCKWOOD, Mrs. W.S., 200 Leland
LYON, W.S., foreman, 345 Harvard
LYON, Miss Sadie, student, 345 Harvard
LUCA, John, laborer, 227 Lincoln

MANESS, Benjamin F., foreman, 611 Palo Alto
MANESS, Benjamin F., Sr., rancher, 611 Palo Alto
MANESS, Mrs. Angeline, 611 Palo Alto
MANESS, T.P., clerk, 611 Palo Alto
MAGNUSON, Peter, cement worker, 230 Grant
MAGNUSON, Mrs. Hilda, 230 Grant
MAZLAGUERI, George, teamster, 362 Lincoln
MALMGREN, Clarence, laborer, 332 Lincoln
MALMGREN, Mrs. Pancy, 332 Lincoln
MALMGREN, Rudolph, painter, 332 Lincoln
MARCH, Mrs. M.A., 331 Dartmouth
MAZZOLA, Sam, bricklayer, 345 Sherman
MASTSERSON, B., cement worker, 391 Sheridan
MASTERSON, Mrs. Mary, 391 Sheridan
MACKARCH, Pete, laborer, 212 Lincoln
Mayfield Package Co., grocers & Hdw., 142 Lincoln
Mayer's Drug Store, Main Street, University Drug Co., Prop.
MAYER, Bernard, druggist, 242 Palo Alto
MAYER, Mrs. Olivia, 242 Palo Alto
MAYER, Kenneth, 242 Palo Alto
MAYER, Hazel, 242 Palo Slto
Mayfield Brewing Co., E. KLEVESAHL Mrg., Cor. Lincoln & Second
Mayfield News, S.J. BUCK, Proprietor. We Do Job Printing. Call and See Us. 152 Lincoln
MESA, Miss Mary J., cor. Second and Sheridan
MESA, Alvino, painter, cor. Second and Sheridan
MESA, Demas T., farmer, cor. Second and Sheridan
MESA, Ramon, laborer, 229 Washington
MESA, Ramon, laborer, 219 Washington
MESA, Mrs. Rufufio, 219 Washington
MESA, Joseph, laborer, 219 Washington
MESA, Antonio, laborer, 219 Washington
MILLIGAN, Frank, laborer, Grimley's Hotel
MILLS, Thomas, laborer, 140 Sheridan
MILLS, Mrs. Margaret, 140 Sheridan
MILLS, David, teamster, 140 Sheridan
MILLS, Walter, laborer, 140 Sheridan
MILLS, George, teamster, 140 Sheridan
MINAKER, F.D., blacksmith, 131 Yale
MINAKER, Mrs. L.J., 131 Yale
MINAKER, Chauncey, 131 Yale
MINAKER, Samuel, 131 Yale
MOSCONI, M., carptenter, 211 Stanford
MOSCONI, Mrs. Mary, 211 Stanford
MOORE, G.B., Contractor, 139 Stanford
MOORE, Mrs. Bertha, 139 Stanford
MOUNT, Mrs. Huldah, boarding house, 111 Yale
MOUNT, William, clerk, 111 Yale
MOSHER, W.R., printer, 341 E. Palo Alto
MOSHER, Mrs. Lizzie, 341 E. Palo Alto
MORRISON, W.W., real estate, 340 Oxford
MORRISON, Mrs. Lucy M., 340 Oxford
MORRISON, Leon A., 340 Oxford
MURPHY, Mrs. Julia, 702 Palo Alto
MYERS, Charles, barber, 188 Oxford
MYERS, Mrs. Sadie, 188 Oxford
MYRICK, W.H., town clerk, 154 Grant
MYRICK, Mrs. Julia, 154 Grant
MYRICK, Charles G., 154 Grant

McCORMACK, Ed, plasterer, 411 Sherman
McCORMACK, Mrs. Tessie, clerk, 411 Sherman
McGLINN, John, plumber, 435 Palo Alto
McGLINN, Mrs. Lizzie, 435 Palo Alto
McGLINN, Willie, plumber, 435 Palo Alsto
McAULEY, Mrs. Salisbury, candy store, 342 Lincoln
McLAREN, J.L., doctor, 224 Stanford
McLAREN, Mrs. Frances A., 224 Stanford
McLAREN, Miss June, 224 Stanford
McINNIS, A.C., blacksmith, 139 Sherman
McINNIS, Mrs. Emily, 139 Sherman
McInnis Bros., blacksmithing & horsewhoeing, Main
McCALL, Joseph, laborer, Grimley's Hotel
McCLINTOCK, Raymond, 342 Lincon
McINTOSH, Josephine C., student, Oxford
McINNIS, P., watchman, 201 Stanford
McINNIS, Mrs. Addie, 201 Stanford
McINNIS, Miss Esther, student, 201 Stanford
McLURE, Mrs. Dora A., boarding house, 801 Stan.
McNAIR, Stuart S., student, 611 Palo Alto
McNAIR, Mrs. Marvel Dawn, 611 Palo Alto

NAUDE, Charles V., retired, 229 Lincoln
NAUDE, Mrs. Louise, 229 Lincoln
NAUDE, Albert, mill man, 136 Oxford
NAUDE, Mrs. Albert, 136 Oxford
NELSON, I., tailor, 212 Sherman
NELSON, Mrs. Josephine, 212 Sherman
NELSON, Otto, carpenter, 412 Oberlin
NELSON, Mrs. ALma, 412 Oberlin
NELSON, O., carpenter, 412 Oberlin
NELSON, A., laborer, 452 Main

OHNSORG, W.H., mining engineer, 611 Palo Alto
OHNSORG, Mrs. Ida May, 611 Palo Alto
OHNSORG, Nroman L., mining eng., 611 Palo Alto
OLSEN, Paul, laborer, 452 Main
OLSEN, O., carpenter, 841 Stanford
OLSEN, Mrs. Amanda, 831 Stanford
OLSEN, Roy, carpenter, 831 Stanford
OLUND, Andrew, gardener, 404 Washington
OLUND, Mrs. TIlda, 404 Washington
ORR, James, county roadmaster, 130 E. Sherman
ORR, Mrs. Elizabeth, 130 E. Sherman
ORR, H.H., 130 E. Sherman
ORR, Mrs. H., 351 Yale
OBERAH, George, laborer, 159 Sherman

PALAMOUNTAIN, Walter, plumber, 349 Yale
PALAMOUNTAIN, Mrs. W., 349 Yale
PAVELONA, A., laborer, 169 Cambridge
PAVELONA, Mrs. A., 169 Cambridge
PALMATEER, Theron J., instructor, 171 E. Oxford
PALMATEER, Mrs. Marie, 171 E. Oxford
PETERSON, Otto, laborer, 140 Main
PETERSON, Mrs. Otto, 140 Main
PEERS, Alexander, retired, 724 Sherman
PEERS, Mrs. Elizabeth, 724 Sherman
PEARSON, S.P., laborer, 144 Grant
PEARSON, Mrs. Amanda, 144 Grant
PELLANDA, P.J., 312 Lincoln
PALLANDA, Mrs. Ellen, 312 Lincoln
PEERS, Richard, retired, 702 Lincoln
PEERS, Mrs. Margaret H., 702 Lincoln
PEERS, Miss Susie, 702 Lincoln
PEERS, Alexander, student, 702 Lincoln
PEACOCK, Alison, hay dealer, 351 Lincoln
PEACOCK, Mrs. Elsie, 351 Lincoln
PEACOCK, Prescott, student, 351 Lincoln
PETERSON, R.P., teamster, 540 Lincoln
PETERSON, Mrs. Hilda, 540 Lincoln
PETERSON, Edward J., butcher, 702 Palo Alto
PETERSON, Mrs. Josie, 702 Palo Alto
PEARSON, Pat, teamster, 363 Grant
PEARSON, Mrs. TIlda, 363 Grant
PEARSON, Par Jansen, 363 Grant
PEARSON, Mrs. Huldah, 311 Grant
PELLANDA, Frank, carriage painter, 222 Sheridan
PELLANDA, Vincent, gardener, 222 Sheridan
Peterson's Blacksmith Shop, Main
PETERSON, Ed, teamster, 454 Main
PETERSON, Mrs. Ed., 454 Main
PHIPPEN, J.S., horse trainer, 352 Lincoln
PHIPPEN, Mrs. Georgia, 352 Lincoln
PHIPPEN, Frank, student, 352 LIncoln
PHELPS, R.R., druggist, 841 Stanford
PHELPS, Mrs. Annette, 841 Stanford
PHELPS, Miss Ethel, student, 841 Stanford
PHELPS, Delma, student, 841 Stanford
PITCHER, Robert L., painter, 213 Yale
PITCHER, Mrs. Annie, 213 Yale
PLAT, gaston, machinist, 1142 Lincoln
PLAT, Mrs. Henrietta, 1142 Lincoln
PONCE, J.P., retired, 110 E. Sherman
PONCE, Mrs. J.P., 110 Sherman
PONCE, Margaret, bookkeeper, 110 E. Sherman
Ponce's Blacksmith Shop, cor. Main & Grant
Postoffice, 138 Lincoln
PONCE, S.A., blacksmith, 242 Lincoln
PONCE, Mrs. Ida, 242 Lilncoln

RANDLE, B .F., carpenter, 216 Sherman
RAINES, H., student, 741 Palo Alto
RANDLE, Alta, 216 Sherman
REECE, Mrs. E., 714 Second
REECE, Edward N., carpenter, 714 Second
REECE, Ethel, stenographer, 714 LIncoln
REECE, Charles Soto, sewer inspector, 714 Second
REED, H.W., oilman, Benny's Hotel
REED, Mrs. A.E., 1115 Palo Alto
REED, L.C., electrician, 545 Stanford
REED, Mrs. Florence, 545 Stanford
RIOZ, Fred, plumber, 362 Grant
RIOZ, Mrs. Clorinda, 362 Grant
REGAN, Dennis, plumber, 362 Grant
ROSS, Charles, laborer, 400 Washington
ROSS, Mrs. Sarah, 400 Washington
RODGERS, J., liveryman, Benny's Hotel
ROGERS, B.F., miner, 188 Oxford

SANDERS, Yancy B., butcher, Main nr. Sunnyside
SANDERS, Mrs. Alice L., Main nr. Sunnyside
SANDERS, Clyde H., Main nr. Sunnyside
SANDERS, Ray D., Main nr Sunnyside
Santa Fe Lumber COmpany, A.H. FLEISHMAN, Mgr., Alma Road
SANS, Charles, retired, Palo Alto nr. Park
SANS, Mrs. Sarah E., Palo Alto nr. Park
SALECITI, Mrs. J.A., 136 Sheridan
SALECITI, William, 136 Sheridan
SALECITI, Mrs. Agnes, 136 Sheridan
SALICITI, Rodman, 136 Sheridan
SCULLY, Mrs. Susie, 342 Lincoln
SCOBEE, Bert M., real estate, 222 Grant
SCOBEE, Mrs. Luanna, 222 Grant
SALISBURY, candy and stationery, 126 Lincoln
SCOTT, E.C,, teamster, 262 Grant
SCHNELL, F., stone and wood carver, 341 Columbia
SCHNELL, Mrs. Victoria, 341 Columbia
SCHNELL, Miss Hilda, 341 Columbia
SCHNELL, Eugene, 341 Columbia
SCHNELL, Dalis, 341 Columbia
SCHAEFER, J.P., plumber, 173 Lincoln
SCHAEFER, Mrs. Lillian, 173 Lincoln
SCHAEFER, J.P.W., 173 Lincoln
SCHAEFER, Ethel, 173 Lincoln
SCHAEFER, Elmer, 173 Lincoln
SCOTT, T. Benjamin, storekeeper, 149 Sherman
SCOTT, Mrs. Mattie E., 149 Sherman
SCARPA, Paul B., butcher, 141 First
SCARPA, Adeline V., 141 First
SCARPA, Stephen G., 141 First
SCARPA, Mrs. Ellen, 141 First
SEIBERT, F.M., doctor, cor. Palo Alto and Main
SEIBERT, Mrs. E. Mabel, cor. Palo Alto and Main
SHREVE, W.O., traveling man, 1102 Lincoln
SHREVE, Mrs. Pearl, 1102 Lincoln
SHOW, A.B., professor, 201 Columbia
SHOMEY, Frank, laborer, 198 Lincoln
SMITH, P.L., mining engineer, 422 Washington
SMITH, Mrs. Leva, 422 Washington
SMITH, Frank, railroad man, Benny's Hotel
SMITH, Richard, teamster, 141 Bowdoin
SOTO, John, hodcarrier, 300 Washington
SOTO, Mrs. Agnes, 300 Washington
SOLUSICH, Nick, laborer, 159 Sherman
SOHREN, Tom, bookkeeper, 403 Williams
SOHREN, Mrs. Florence, 403 Williams
SPALDING, J.S., retired, 352 Lincoln
SPAULDING, Joseph, billiard hall, 220 Lincoln
SPAULDING, Mrs. Rose, 220 Lincoln
STEWART, Mrs. A.G., laundry, 400 Grant
STEWART, Mrs. Alma, 400 Grant
STEWART, Burton, 400 Grant
STEWART, Frank, student, 400 Grant
STEVENS, Mrs. Katherine, 334 Amherst
STEVENS, Ralph P., student, 334 Amherst
STACY, A.C., shoemaker, 322 Lincoln
STACY, Mrs. Lida, 322 Lincoln
STACY, Albert, watchman, 154 LIncoln
STACY, Mrs. Ella R., 154 Lincoln
STACY, E. Fay, 154 Lincoln
STENGEL, L.C., laborer, 170 Stanford
STENGEL, Mrs. Katherine, 170 Stanford
STENGEL, B.M., laborer, 170 Stanford
STREETER, Francis, engineer, 131 Yale
STREETER, Mrs. Iva, 131 Yale

TEAGUE, D.M., retired, 351 Stanford
TEAGUE, Mrs. Augusta, 351 Stanford
TELMONT, D.D., grocer, Main
TELMONT, Mrs. Isabella, Main
THOMSON, A.M., real estate, 222 East Park
THOMSON, Mrs. M. Eva, 222 East Park
THOMSON, Mrs. Louise M., 222 East Park
THORNTON, Roy, student, 1112 Palo Alto
TROWBRIDGE, A.L., cabinet maker, 1115 Palo Alto
TRASK, H., student, 341 Columbia
TRIFKO, Kozica, laborer, 119 SHerman
TRINQUAL, A., bicycle shop, 175 Lincoln
TUCKER, Albert, shoemaker, 178 Oxford
TUCKER, Mrs. Caroline F., 178 Oxford

VAN BUREN, C., justice of peace, 199 Sherman
VAN BUREN, Mrs. Ettie, 199 Sherman
VARGAS, Joe, 128 Sheridan
VARGAS, Mrs. Anna, 128 Sheridan
VOTE, H.J., teamster, 809 FIrst
VOTE, May, 809 First
VOTE, Vivian, 809 FIrst
VOTE, Earl, 809 First
VESMARD, E., laborer, 109 Sherman
VESMARD, Mrs. Adan, 109 Sherman
VESMARD, Marrio, baker, 109 Sherman
VAUGHN, Mrs. A.B., teacher, 422 Princeton
VAUGHN, Geral, student, 422 Princeton
VESTNYS, Walter N., cement, 142 Washington
VESTNEYS [sic.] Mrs. Elsie H., 142 Washington
VIOLLAND, Louis, retired, 142 First
VIOLLAND, Mrs. Mary, 142 First
VIDECOQ, Charles, designer, 131 First
VIDECOQ, Mrs. Julia, 131 First

WARD, N., student, 341 Columbia
WARRIOR, Thomas, carpenter, 238 Stanford
WARRIOR, Mrs. Linda, 238 Stanford
WARRIOR, Miss Mabel, 238 Stanford
WARING, Mrs. Ella F., seamstress, 1112 Palo Alto
WATSON, W.A., longshoreman, 132 Sheridan
WATSON, Mrs. Nettie M., 132 Sheridan
WATSON, Daniel, 132 Sheridan
WALKER, George, laborer, 132 SHeridan
WALKER, Mrs. Frances, 132 Sheridan
WALSH, Mrs. John, 132 Sheridan
WAW, Lee, storekeeper, Portage
WEISSHAAR, Miss F.M., 271 Main
WEISSHAAR, F.M., retired, 271 Main
Wilder Shoe Co., Mayfied and Stanford Universtiy
WILLIAMS, Mrs. E., 391 Sheridan
WILLIAMS, Elmer, carpenter, 391 Sheridan
WILLIAMS, Jane, tamale maker, 122 Sheridan
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Frances, 131 Yale
WILLIAMS, Louis, student, 122 Sheridan
WOOD, F.F., carpenter, Portage
WOOD, Mrs. Lucy P., Portage
WOOD, Jessie, student, Portage
WOOD, Grace, student, Portage
WOOD, William, student, Portage
WONG, Lung, storekeeper, Portage
WO, Ling, storekeeper, Portage
WRIGHT, C.F., attorney, 421 Oberlin
WRIGHT, C.F., Post Office Bldg., Lawyer and Notary Public
WRIGHT, Annie L., teacher, 421 Oberlin
WRIGHT, Charles W., liquor merchant, 362 Lincoln
WRIGHT, Mrs. Josephine, 362 Lincoln

YOHURA, Daniel, laborer, 159 Sherman
YOSHUZUMI, I., cook, 340 Washington
YOUNG, James, Palo ALto

ZAREVICH, Peter, laborer, 132 William
ZUTTERLING, Paul, laborer, 141 Grant
ZUTTERLING, Mrs. Pauline, dressmaker, 141 Grant

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