Santa Clara County Genealogy
Source: Palo Alto City Directory for 1900 - 1901, Compiled and Published by Noah C. Grider, The Palo Alto Times Press, Palo Alto, California, 1901

 M - Z
A - L

ABBOTT, Mrs. S. H., 173 Lytton ave
ABBOTT, Miss E. H., clerk H W Simkins' , 173 Lyttton ave
ACKLEY, Edward, collector, University ave & Cowper st
ACKLEY, Mrs. Edward, University ave & Cowper st
ACWORTH, J., 455 University ave
ACWORTH, Mrs J., 455 University ave
ACWORTH, Miss A. 455 University ave
ACKWORTH, Miss E., teacher, 455 University ave
ALDRICH, Prof. Morton A., 1251 Bryant st
ALDRICH, Mrs. Charles A., 1251 Bryant st
ALLAIRE, Miss Grace L., 465 University ave
ALLEN, C. P., student, 356 Emerson
ALLEN, G. S., bookkeeper, 405 Tasso st
ALLEN, Mrs. G. S., 405 Tasso st
ALLEN, C. H., Oil ? Gasoline, 520 High st
ALLEN, G. H., 405 Tasso st
ALLEN, Mrs. L., 267 University ave
ALLEN, Mrs. R. L., 652 Kingsley st
ALLEN, W., nurseryman, 756 Middlefield road
ALLEN, Mrs. W., 756 Middlefield road
ALLEN, W. F., student, 225 Emerson st
ALLISON, A. R., tailor, 125 University ave
ALLISON, A. R., Mrs, 125 University ave
ALSTON, J. W., student, 356 Emerson st
ALVORD, Mrs. M. A., 427 Emerson st
ANDERSON, Mrs. A. E., 558 Lincoln ave
ANDERSON, Miss Blanche, 327 Lyttohn ave
ANDERSON, Mrs. C., 318 Middlefield road
ANDERSON, I., student, 455 University ave
ANDERSON, J. B., clerk Husted's cyclery, 183 Lytton ave
ANDERSON, James, coachman, 318 Middlefield road
ANDERSON, Ole, hardward clerk, 613 High st
ANGELL, Dr. Frank, 1005 Bryant st
ANGELL, Mrs. Frank, 1005 Bryant st
ANTHONY, Miss A. E., student, 630 Bryant st
ARNOLD, Ralph, student, 417 Tasso st
ARNOLD, Mrs. Ralph, 417 Tasso st
ASHLEY, Miss F. J., student, 441 Waverly st
ASHLEY, Miss L. C., 441 Waverly st
ATHERTON, Miss Cecelia, student, 531 Cowper st
ATKINSON, W., illustrator, 173 Lytton ave
ATTERBURY, C., student, 334 Cowper st
AYERS, George, carpenter, 271 Addison ave
AYERS, Mrs. George, 271 Addison ave
AYERS, Miss Grace, 271 Addison ave

BABCOCK, H. S., student, 356 Emerson st
BAKER, Mrs. A.M., 313 Channing ave
BAKER, Mrs. Page, 909 Alma st
BAKER, W.D., student, 515 Waverly st
BALCOM, J.B., student, 310 High st
BALDWIN, Miss Grace, student, 274 Channing ave
BALDWIN, L.K., student, 356 Emerson st
BALE, J.E., carpenter, 481 Everett ave
BALE, Mrs. J.E., 481 Everett ave
BALL, Miss L, student, 533 Ramona st
BALL, R.B., student, 363 Melville ave
BANCROFT, F.W., student, 356 Emerson st
BARBER, Wm., student, 438 Bryant st
BARKER, T., gardener, 333 Marguerite st
BARKER, Mrs. T., 333 Marguerite st
BARNHISEL, Mrs. E.A., dressmaker, 321 Lytton ave
BARNHISEL, Miss C.D., student, 321 Lytton ave
BARNHISEL, W.S., fireman, 322 Lytton ave
BARR, W.L., student, 305 Lytton ave
BARRETT, Frank, 628 Cowper st
BARRETT, Mrs. Frank, 628 Cowper st
BARRETT, Miss A., student, 628 Cowper st
BARRETT, Miss J., 628 Cowper st
BARTHOLOMEW, L.B., piano tuner, Ledyard building
BARTHOLOMEW, Mrs. C.E., Palo Alto Home Bakery
BARTLETT, Prof F.H., 431 University ave
BARTLEY, Miss Lila, clerk, Ferguson ? Co
BARTON, G.C., student, 220 Everett ave
BARTRUFF, Mrs., 642 High st
BARTRUFF, Miss M., student, 642 High st
BSSSETT, L.E., student, 261 Waverly st
BAUER, Rev. D., 183 Lytton ave
BAUER, Mrs. D., 183 Lytton ave
BAUM, Prof. F.G., 337 Hamilton ave
BEAGLES, Walter, student, 438 Bryant st
BEAL, Mrs. A.F., 465 University ave
BEAL, Miss J.L., 465 University ave
BEAN, Miss Jane, student, Ledyard building
BECK, J., teamster, 102 Circle
BELL, Miss J.N., student, Hawthorne ave & Emerson st
BELL, R.B., proprietor of Bell's stables, 335 High st
BELL's Stables, R.B., BELL, Manager, Palo Alto, Fine single and double teams, Carriages Meet all Trains at the Depot
BELL, Mrs. R.B., 335 High st
BELL, Miss Jessie, student, 335 High st
BENNET, F.W., student, 305 Lytton ave
BENOIT, L., tailor, 943 Ramona st
BENOIT, Mrs. L., 943 Ramona st
BENOIT, Miss E., compositor, 943 Ramona st
BERG, Mrs. F., 526 Waverly st
BERNARDIN, Mrs. A.L., 455 Univeristy ave
BERNADIN, A.L., student, 455 University ave
BEWICK, Mrs. J.J., 441 Waverly st
BIRCH, Mr., brickmason, 205 Ramona st
BIRCH, Mrs., 205 Ramona st
BIRDSALL, Miss K., student, 455 University ave
BIXBY, Frank, carpenter, 179 Forest ave
BLACK, Dr. Howard, 405 Marguerite st
BLACK, Marshall, notary public, 406 Marguerite st
BLACK, Marshall, Notary Public, and Sec'y of the Palo Alto Mutual Buildiing ? Loan Ass'n. With J.J. Morris, University ave
BLACK, Mrs. N.A., 426 Emerson st
BLACK, R.H., student, 405 Emerson st
BLACKMAN, Mrs., nurse, room 13, Stanford buildiing
BLAIR, Mrs., 454 Hamilton ave
BLAKE, J.A., butcher, 203 Forest ave
BLAKE, Mrs. J.A., 203 Forest ave
BLAKE, Miss M., 203 Forest ave
BLEATHEN, Miss M., student, 319 Kingsley ave
BLEATHEN, Miss F., student, 319 Kingsley ave
BOALT, G., student, 661 Waverly st
BONNELL, Mrs. C.R., Addison ave & Waverly st
BONNELL, Miss C., student, Addison ave & Waverly st
BONNELL, J.K., student, Addison ave & Waverly st
BORING, Mrs. M.A.. 1022 Webster st
BORING, Miss Florence, 1022 Wester st
BORING, Miss Ora, teacher, 1022 Webster st
BORING, F.H., carpenter, 1022 Webster st
BORGQUIST, Alvin, student, 559 Cowper st
BOURLAND, W.F., student, 451 Channing ave
BOWERS, W, student, 603 Waverly st
BOWMAN, Mrs. G.C., 255 Lytton ave
BOYD, Miss B.A., student, 275 Hamilton ave
BOYD, Miss K.M., student, 275 Hamilton ave
BOYD,m Miss Ada H, student, 575 Forest ave
BOYD, Mrs. Ida E., 575 Forest ave
BRADFORD, S.K., mining man, 527 Waverly st
BRADFORD, Mrs. S.K., 527 Waverly st
BRADFORD, Miss Lou Vee, student, 527 Waverly st
BRADFORD, Miss May, student, 527 Waverly st
BRAUNSCHWEIGER, Mrs. E.,. 926 Cowper st
BRAY, Mrs. G.S., 705 University ave
BREEN, E., student, 611 Waverly st
BREMNER, Miss L., student, 603 Waverly st
BRICKERLL, Howard, student, 163 Bryant st
BRIGGS, Mrs. H.C., 331 Hamilton ave
BRODIE, Miss Julia, 331 Hamilton ave
BROOKS, Miss E.T., 364 Kingsley ave
BROWN, Miss A.E., student, 412 Cowper st
BROWN, Miss A.R., student, 275 Hamilton ave
BROWN, Prof. B.C., 374 Kingsley ave
BROWN, Mrs. B.C., 374 Kingsley ave
BROWN, Mrs. C.G., 412 Marguerite st
BROWN, C.J., carpenter, 251 Ramona st
BROWN, Mrs. C.J., 251 Ramona st
BROWN, E.A., student, 441 Waverly st
BROWN, Rev. E. Woodward, 412 Cowper st
BROWN, Mrs. E.W., 412 Cowper st
BROWN, G.F., student, Hamilton ave & Pope st
BROWN, Miss G.H., teacher, 412 Cowper st.
BROWN, H.L., Hamilton ave & Pope st
BROWN, Mrs. H.L., Hamilton ave & Pope st
BROWN, H.C., student, 334 Lincoln ave
BROWN, Joseph, student, 412 Marguerite st
BROWN, Miss J., student, 207 University ave
BROWN, Miss J., student, 918 Cowper st
BROWN, Herman, student, 630 Bryant st
BROWN, L.H., student, Hamilton ave & Pope st
BROWN, Miss M.E., 565 Hamilton ave
BROWN, Miss O.M., student, 275 Hamilton ave
BROWN, Paul, architect, 630 Bryant st
BROWN, Mrs. P.G., 630 Bryant st
BROWN, Mrs. Z.M., 275 Hamilton ave
BROPHY, J., butcher, 414 Lytton ave
BROPHY, Mrs. J., 414 Lytton ave
BROTHERS, Miss M., 527 Hamilton ave
BROTHERS, Miss C.R., 527 Hamilton ave
BRUCE, Miss Lottie, student, 559 Cowper st
BUELNA, Frank, studnet, 538 High st
BULLIS, F.E., wheelwright, 428 High st
BURCHAM, J.T., student, 465 University ave
BURDICK, W., shingler, 444 Florence st
BURDICK, Mrs. W., 444 Florence st
BURNAP, Christine, student, 445 Forest ave
BURWELL, Rev. L.M., 404 Everett ave
BURWELL, Mrs. L.M., 404 Everett ave
BURWELL, L.S., 207 University ave
BUTLER, J.S., 853 Middlefield rd
BUTLER, Mrs. J.S., 853 Middlefield rd
BUTLER, Miss Maria A., music teacher, 853 Middlefield rd
BUTLER, Miss Isabel, 853 Middlefield rd
BUTTERFIELD, W., 721 Emerson st
BUTTERFIELD, Mrs. W., 721 Emerson st
BUTTERFIELD, Miss Alice O., student, 129 Emerson st

F.E. BULLIS, Carriage Builder
And all Kinds of Repair Work
In Hard and Soft Woods

CALDERWOOD, Mrs. I.M., 531 Cowper st
CAMP, Miss C., student, 599 Cowper st
CAMP, Miss Grace, student, 559 Cowper st
CAMP, Mrs. R.J., 559 Cowper st
CAMPBELL, C., student, 234 Forest ave
CAMPBELL, Don, nighwatchman, 164 Hamilton ave
CAMPBELL, Donald P., student, 481 Lytton ave
CANIETE, Franmk, 517 High st
CANIETE, Mrs. Frank, 517 High st
CARDOZA, Thomas, 760 Homer ave
CARDOZA, Mrs. Thomas, 760 Homer ave
CAREY, G.J., butcher, 327 Hamilton ave
CAREY, Mrs. G.J., 327 Hamilton ave
CARL, George, student, 438 Bryant st
CARMER, H.C., 667 Channing ave
CARMER, Mrs. Helen, 667 Channing ave
CARMER, Mrs. H.C., 667 Channing ave
CARPENTER, Mrs. J.T., 453 Melville ave
CARR, Jessie, student, 163 Bryant st
CARREL, A.M., harness maker, 171 University ave
CARREL, Mrs. A.M., 171 University ave
CARTER, Miss Lillie, dressmaker, 164 Hamilton ave
CARTER, Miss Pearl, student, 164 Hamilton ave
CARTER, Miss Rose, dressmaker, 164 Hamllton ave
CARY, Miss Iva, student, 531 Cowper st
CASE, L.J., student, 356 Addison ave
CASHEL, Mrs. B., 221 Channing ave
CASHEL, M.C., student, 221 Channing ave
CASHEL, W.D., plumber, 221 Channing ave
CASTILLO, R.M., barber, 167 Lytton ave
CASTILLO, Mrs. R.M., 167 Lytton ave
CAULKINS, A.W., carpenter, 935 Ramona st
CAULKINS, Mrs. A.W., 935 Ramona st
CAVANAGH, A.L., student, 465 University ave
CHADDOCK, Miss Grace, student, Emerson and Hamilton
CHAPPEL, H.W., student, 835 Waverly st
CHARLES, S.W., lawyer, 1106 Bryant st
CHARLES, Mrs. S.W., 1106 Bryant st
CHARLES, Mrs. E.W., 545 Bryant st
CHARLES, Miss Shirley, student, 545 Bryant st
CHARLES, Miss Mabel, teacher, 545 Bryant st
CHRISTENSEN, Chris, plumber, 613 High st
CHRISTENSEN, Chas, plumber, 613 High st
CHRISTIE, Miss M., 1019 Bryant st
CLANCY, T., S.P. Agent, 617 High st
CLARK, Miss M., 481 Lytton ave
CLARK, B., carpenter, 525 Forest ave
CLARK, Mrs. B., 525 Forest ave
CLOARKE, Lawrence, student, 347 Alma
CLARKE, L.N., Kappa Sigma, 405 Emerson st
CLEARY, Miss H., student, 610 Cowper st
CLEAVELAND, Earl, student, 481 Lytton ave
CLOW, Miss Addie, 403 Kingsley ave
COCHRAN, G.T., student, 438 Bryant st
COCKS, B.R., student, 621 Gilman st
COE, Miss Sue S., 381 Lincoln ave
COE, Miss Franc, 381 Lincoln ave
COE, H.S., student, 381 Lincoln ave
COHN, J.B., student, 451 Channing ave
COLEMAN, Mrs. A.L., 641 Waverly st
COLEMAN, R.W., student, 641 Waverly st
COLEMAN, Miss Mattie, 353 Lytton ave
COLEMAN, Miss Cynthia, student, 353 Lytton ave
COLEMAN, Miss Lulu, 353 Lytton ave
COMPTON, Mrs. M., milliner, 337 Hamilton ave
CONEY, B.G., 711 Cowper st
CONNEAU, Mrs. E., clerk Fair, 536 Ramona st
CONNEAU, Miss M., student, 536 Ramona st
CONNOR, G., student, 611 Waverly st
COONS, Mrs. B.W., 820 Byrant st
COONS, James W., student, 820 Bryant st
COOK, Miss S., student, 630 Bryant st
COOVER, J.E., student, 252 Channing ave
COOVER, Mrs. Carrie, 252 Channing ave
CORBERT, Mrs. A.L., 533 Bryant st
CORBERT, Miss Anita, 533 Bryant st
CORBET, Burke, lawyer, 453 Forest ave
CORBET, Mrs. B., 453 Forest ave
CORBET, Miss, student, 453 Forest ave
CORBET, Miss Sadie, 453 Forest ave
CORKER, Mrs. J.F., 261 Waverly st
CORKER, Miss L.A., 261 Waverly st
CORKER, Miss E.A., 261 Waverly st
COUCH, Ed, 620 High st
COUCH, Ed, Stanford Hand Laundry, 827 Ramona st
COUCH, Mrs. Ed., 827 Ramona st
COWAN, J.F., Sigma Chi, 305 Lytton ave
CRAMER, Frank, Manzanita Hall
CRAMER, Mrs. Frank, Manzanita Hall
CRAMER, Sophia, Manzanita Hall
Crandall's Cyclery, 124 University ave
CRANDALL, F.L., cyclery, 737 Waverly st
CRANDALL, Mrs. F.L., 737 Waverly st
CRANDALL, J.R., 420 Ramona st
CRANDALL, Mrs. J.R., 420 Ramona st
CRANE, M. shoemaker, 211 University ave
CRANSTON, Wm., student, 437 Bryant st
CRAWFORD, Miss R.Bl, 851 Cowper st
CRARY, Chas J., student, 827 Webster st
CROSS, R.P., student, 437 Bryant st
CRUTCHER, Dr. E., 664 Channing ave
CRUTCHER, Mrs. E., 664 Channing ave
CROWELL, Royal, student, 163 Bryant st
CULVER, Rev. Mr., 610 Cowper st
CUMMINGS, F., studnet, 334 Cowper st
CURRING, Miss F., studnet, 553 Ramona st
CURTIS, Miss Mary, laundry, 216 Homer ave
CURRY, D.A., furniture dealer, 301 University ave
CURRY, Mrs. D.A., 837 Cowper st
CUTTER, W.J., student, Pillsbury building

DAGGET, H.G., Sigma Chi, 305 Lytton ave
DAHL, Louis, 535 High st
DAHL, Mrs.L., 535 High st
Dahl's Plumbing Shop, 127 University ave
DALE, L.O., student, 515 Waverly st
DALEY, Mrs. S.E., 643 Emerson
DALEY, Gavin, 525 High st
DALEY, J.B., Express and Real Estate, 525 High st
DALEY, Mrs. J.B., 525 High st
DAVIDSON, Miss C., teacher, 319 Kingsleyave
DAVIS, W.E.,. 115 Emerson st
DAVIS, Mrs. W.F., 115 Emerson st
DAVIS, N.H., student, 683 Hamilton ave
DAVIS, Mrs. N.H., 683 Hamilton ave
DAVIS, Paul M., student, 583 Hamilton ave
DAWSON, Miss M.E., student, 331 Hamilton ave
DAWSON, P.B., student, 331 Hamilton ave
DAWSON, R.D., student, 331 Hamilton ave
DAY, Albert, miner, 616 Cowper st
DAY, Mrs. Albert, 616 Cowper st
DAY, Miss Alice, 616 Cowper st
DAYAN, J.W., 811 Univeristy ave
DAYAN, Mrs. J.W., 811 University ave
DEAL, Wm., Phi Kapa Chi, 163 Bryant st
DEAN, W., millman, 819 Alma st
DEAN, Mrs. W., 819 Alma st
DEAN, Miss Emma, dressmaker, 819 Alma st
DECKER, Dr. C.W., dentist, 510 Waverly st
DECKER, Mrs. C.W., 510 Waverly st
DECKER, Miss Ethel, student, 510 Waverly st
DEERING, Miss Elsie, student, 817 Webster st
DEHY, J.G., student, 459 Homer ave
DENNEN, Miss, instucotr L S J U, 173 Lytton ave
DERBY, Mrs. L., 481 Lytton ave
DERBY, Miss M., student, 481 Lytton ave
DICE, Mrs. L.E., 412 Marguerite st
Difani's Barber Shop, 162 University ave
DIFANI, W.C., barber, 834 Marguerite st
DIFANI, Mrs. W.C., 834 Marguerite st
DIGGLES, H.J., real estate, 760 University ave
DIGGLES, Mrs. J.H., 760 University ave
DIGGLES, Miss, 760 University ave
DIGGLES, Miss Lyda, teacher, 760 University ave
DINGLEY, Mrs. C.G., 356 Kingsley ave
DINSMORE, S., carpenter, 536 Ramona st
DINSMORE, Mrs., vocalist, 559 Cowper st
Dinsmore, F.A., Light Cyclery, 214 University ave
DINSMORE, Mrs. F.A., 214 University ave
SIVINY, T.M., stsudent, 741 Waverly st
DIXON, James L., Manzanita hall
DIXON, Mrs. Hannah, Manzanita hall
DODD, R.W., student, 379 Everett ave
DODGE, H.D., dentist, 446 Forest ave
DODGE, Mrs. H.D., 446 Forest ave
DONAGHHO,, J.S., photographer, 349 High st
DORSET, Miss Helen, student, 339 Emerson st
DOTY, Frank, 733 Ramona st
DOTY, Mrs. E.F., 733 Ramona st
DOUGHTY, Miss P., dressmaker, 441 Waverly st
DOUGHTY, G.W., carpenter, 656 Bryant st
DOUGHTY, Mrs. G.W., 656 Bryant st
DOUGHTY, Grace E., teacher, 656 Bryant st
DOUGHTY, Frank, 656 Bryant st
DOUGLAS, J.M., candymaker, Pillsbury building
DOUGLAS, Mrs. J.M., Pillsbury building
DOWNAR, S., plasterer, 538 High st
DOWNAR, R.S., plasterer, 538 High st
DOWNAR, Marion, messenger, 538 High St
DOWNING, Claude, 545 Emerson st
DOWNING, Mrs. Claude, 545 Emerson st
Downing ? Son, feed ? fuel, 565 Emerson st
DOWNING, T.B., feed and fuel, 706 Cowper st
DOWNING, Mrs. T.B., 706 Cowper st
DOWNING, Jessie, 706 Cowper st
DOWNING, Mary, student, 706 Cowper st
DOWNING, Mattie, student, 706 Cowper st

Orders for Cream a Specialty
Phone Black 106

DUDDFIELD, J., lumber dealer, 826 Waverly st
DUDDFIELD, Mrs. J., 826 Waverly st
DUNCAN, C., student, cor Cowper and Lincoln
DUNCAN, Miss L., student, cor Cowper and Lincoln
DULION, A.A., 566 Addison ave
DULION, Mrs. A.A., 566 Addison ave
DUNBAR, Miss F., teacher, 319 Kingsley ave
DUNN, Mrs., 533 Ramona
DUNN, Miss E., 533 Ramona
DUNN, Miss A., 533 Ramona
DUNSMORE, G.D., teamster, 426 Marguerite st
DUNSMORE, Mrs. G.D., 426 Marguerite st
DRYER, George, student, 437 Bryant st
DRYSDALE, Miss F., student, 454 Hamilton afve
DYER, Edgar, Justice of the Peace, 345 Hamilton ave
DYER, Miss S.A.,. 345 Hamilton ave
DYER, Miss S.L., student, 345 Hamilton ave

EARLE, W.M., grocer, 219 Ramona st
Earle ? Co., 159 University ave
EARLSTON, Mrs. R., 620 High st
EDGERLY, Miss E., student, 261 Lytton ave
EDWARDS, C.M., painter, 435 Middlefield road
EDWARDS, Miss C.M., 435 Middlefield road
EDWARDS, H.W., student, 835 Waverly st
EDWARDS, J., student, 234 Forest ave
Elite Market, 218 University ave
ELKUS, Chas., student, 760 Union ave
ELLENWOOD, Mrs., 629 Ramona st
ELLENWOOD, F.O,. student, 629 Ramona st
ELLIOTT, J., baker, 207 University ave
ELLIS, W., gardener, 720 Cowper st
ELMORE, J., instructor L S J U, 827 Middlefield road
ELMORE, Mrs. J., 827 Middlefield road
EMERSON, G.I., student, 426 Waverly st
EMERSON, Mrs. L.D., 329 Homer ave
EMERSON, R.D., student, 329 Homer ave
EMERY, A.L., chemist, 550 Kingsley ave
EMERY, Mrs. A.L., 550 Kingsley ave
EMPERGER, A., grocer, 528 Channing ave
EMPERGER, Mrs. A., 528 Channing ave
ENGLISH, Robert, 933 Webster st
EVANS, Miss Genevieve, student, 427 Bryant st
EVANS, H.F., student, 515 Waverly st
EVANS, Mrs. K.L., 427 Bryant st
EWELL, E.R., clerk Downing ? Son, 625 Middlefield road
EWELL, Mrs. E.R., 625 Middlefield road

Fair, The, 202 University ave
FARMER, E.E., instuctor L S J U, 228 Bryant st
FARMER, Mrs. H.C., 228 Bryant st
FARMER, Miss L., student, 228 Bryant st
FARMIN, James, billiard parlor, 538 High st
Farmin ? Slade, billiard parlors, 154 University ave
FAVER, Mrs. H.M., 827 Webster st
FAVER, Eugene B., student, 827 Webster st
Ferguson ? Co., dry goods, 180 University ave
FERGUSON, A.S., merchant, Stanford building
FERGUSON, James, student, 465 Lytton ave
FERGUSON, Mrs. J., 465 Lytton ave
FERNALD, R.G., student, 261 Waverly
FERRELL, Mrs. Mary, 419 Waverly
FETTER, H.G., 727 Bryant st
FETTER, Mrs. H.G., 727 Bryant st
FICKE, T.H., student, 261 Waverly
FICKES, Miss Helen, student, 446 Hamilton ave
FICKES, Miss Frances, student, 346 Hamilton ave
FIELD, E.G., 827 Waverly st
FIELD, E.G., Jr., printer, 827 Waverly st
FISCHER, Mr., former concrete work, 352 Everett ave
FISHER, Walter, student, 661 Waverly st
FICKE, Miss C.W., tgeacher, 364 Kingsley ave
FLANNELLY, J.E., Feed ? Fuel, 431 High st
FLANNELLY, Miss Maud, teacher, 431 High
FLINT, Mrs. L.A., Forest Court
FLINT, Miss Maud, teacher, Forest Court
FLINT, E.R., student, Forest Court
FLUGEL, Prof. E., 1153 Cowper st
FLUGEL, Mrs. E., 1153 Cowper st
FORBES, James, 267 University ave
FORBES, Tom, 267 University ave
FORBES, Miss Maggie, 267 University ave
FORD, Miss Cornelia, 925 Waverly st
FORD, Mrs. Julia L., 925 Waverly st
FORD, Miss Georgiana, student, 25 Waverly st
FOREST, Curtis, student, 163 Bryant st
FOSDICK, A.M., principal public schools, 225 Lytton ave
FOSTER, Mr., clerk Curry's furn store, 837 Cowper st
FOSTER, Mrs., 937 Cowper st
FOSTER, Mrs. George, 445 Homer
FOSTER, Hugh, 445 Homer ave
FOSTER, Miss Mary, student, 445 Homer ave
FOWKLER, Mrs. J.L., Bryant st ? Kingsley ave
FOWLER, Frederick, student, Bryant st ? Kingsley ave
FOWLER, Miss Ruth, student, 327 Lytton ave
FRANK, Miss Anna, 912 Cowper st
FRANKLIN, Miss Ida, 652 Kingsley ave
FRANKLIN, J.C., photographer, Circle
FRANKLIN, Mrs. J.C., Circle
FRASER, Mrs., 333 Marguerite st
FRASER, Roy, student, 333 Marguerite st
Free Reading Room, 519 Emerson st
FREEMAN, Miss A., 335 Hamilton ave
FREEMAN, Miss E., 325 Hamilton ave
FREIN, Prof. P.J., 823 Marguerite st
FREIN, Mrs. P.J., 823 Marguerite st
FRENCH, Mrs. E.N., clk Ferguson ? Co., 219 Ramona st
FRISBIE, Mrs. A., 420 Everett ave
FRISBIE, C.A., engineer, 420 Everett ave
FRISBIE, G.R., student, 420 Everett ave
FROST, Miss H., 1143 Webster
FUJII, Juroku, student, Waverly st
FUKUKITA, Y., student, 526 Waverly st
Fuller ? Co., grocers, 158 University ave
FULLER, Mr. T.N., grocer, 426 Waverly st
FULLER, Mrs. T.N., 426 Waverly st
FULTAON, Miss Nellie, nurse, 1022 Webster st
FURBUSH, Mrs. C., 445 Forest ave
FURBUSH, Miss Ida, 445 Forest ave

GABB, John, 427 Middlefield rd
GABB, Mrs. John, 427 Middlefield rd
BAIRAUD, L.A., plumber, 833 Emerson st
GALBRAITH, Mrs. E.C., student, 731 Emerson st
GARDNER, Rev. D.C., 526 Waverly st
GARDNER, Mrs. D.C., 526 Waverly st
GARDNER, Miss A.L., 356 Kinsley ave
GARDNER, Mr., blacksmith, 102 Circle
GARLINGHOUSE, Miss L.E., 536 Ramona st
GATTS, Miss Gertrude, music tchr., 529 Hamilton ave
GATTS, Mrs. M., dressmaker, 529 Hamilton ave
GATTS, Silas, lumberman, 529 Hamilton ave
GATtS, Thomas, mgr Virginia Lmbr Co., 425 Waverly st
GATTS, Mrs. T., 425 Waverly st
GEIS, Miss H.D., student, 334 Lincoln ave
GEISSLER, A.D., 356 Emerson st
GIBSON, E.O, farmer, 829 Addison ave
GIBSON, Mrs. E.O., 829 Addison ave
GIBSON, Miss Cora, student, 785 University ave
GIBSON, S.C., shoemaker, 129 University ave
GIBSON, Mrs. M.B., 129 University ave
Gibson's Shoe Store, 129 Univeristy ave
GILBERT, Dr. C.H., 433 Melville ave
GILBERT, Mrs. C.H., 433 Melville ave
GILBERT, H., teamster, 336 Emerson st
GILBERT, Mrs. H., 336 Emerson st
GILCREST, C.E., blacksmith, 601 Emerson st
GILES, J.T., student, 326 Lytton ave
GILES, Mrs. J.T., 326 Lytton ave
GILLESPIE, C.B., student, 405 Emerson st
GILLESPIE, Mrs. M.F., 405 Emerson st
GODBOLD, J.H., 305 Alma st
GODBOLD, Mrs. J.H., 305 Alma st
GOEBEL, Dr. J., 1247 Cowper st
GOEBEL, Mrs. J., 1247 Cowper st
GOODMAN, T.H., University ave ? Hale st
GOODMAN, Mrs. T.H., University ave ? Hale st
GOODWIN, Miss L., student, 660 Waverly st
GORDAN, E.E., 252 Channing ave
GORDON, Dr. C.G., 318 Lytton ave

Cameron G. Gordon, M.D., C.M.
OFFICE HOURS: 2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p.m.
ROOMS: Opposi8te Postoffice

GORDON, Mrs. C.G., 318 Lytton ave
GOSSETT, Mr. Joseph, farmer, 657 Channing ave
GOSSETT, mrs. Joseph, 657 Channing ave
GOSSETT, Miss Edith, student, 657 Channing ave
GOSSETT, Miss Evangeline, student, 657 Channing age
Grace ? Dudfield, Lumber dealers, 515 Alma st
GRACE, W.J., lumber dealer, 515 Alma st
GRAEBE, Mrs. M.D., student, 727 Bryant st
GRAFFE, Miss S., teacher, 337 Hamilton ave
GRAY, Mrs. S.L., 745 Waverly st
GRAY, Doc, Teamster, 102 Circle
GRAY, W.P., bookkeeper, 419 Waverly st
GRAY, Mrs. W.P., 419 Waverly st
GREEN, Mrs. E.G.,. 225 Lytton aver
GREEN, Mrs. S.E., 438 Bryant st
GREEN, Miss M.P., 438 Bryant st
GREENLEAF, Mrs. E.L., 938 Florence st
GREENLEAF, Chas. H., student, 938 Florence st
GREGG, Mrs. E.C., 413 Florence st
GREGG, Dr. R.J., 413 Florence st
GREGORY, G., student, 481 Lytton ave
GREGORY, Mrs. M.F., Pope st
GREGORY, Miss Lulu, student, Pope st
GREGORY, C.G., student, Pope st
GRIDER, J.S., constable, 536 Ramona st
GRIGSBY, J.L., student, 156 Hamilton ave
GRIGSBY, Miss Lillian, 426 Waverly st
GRINNELL, Joseph, student, 661 Waverly st
GRISWOLD, W.H., furniture, 445 Bryant st
GRISWOLD, Mrs. W.H., 445 Bryant st
GROUT, Mrs. M., 439 Middlefield road
GUIDERY, Miss M, student, 261 Waverly st
GUILD, Dr. C.L., 611 Waverly st
GUILD, B., student, 611 Waverly st
GUILD, E.T., student, 611 Waverly st
GUILD, A.H., student, 611 Waverly st

HAAG, Miss E, student, 418 Ramona st
Haberdasher, 150 University ave

HOURS' 2-4, 7:30 - 8:30
TEL. RED 131

HADDEN, Dr. David, 660 Waverly st
HADDEN, Mrs. David, 660 Waverly st
HAEHL, Miss A., 704 Webster st
HALEY, Mrs. P.C., 820 Bryant st
HALL, B.F., druggist, 135 University ave
HALL, Mrs. Addie S., 135 University ave
HALL, Dr. Geo. E., 133 University ave
HALL, Ward Hall, student, 133 University ave
Hall's Drug Store, 135 University ave
HAMILTON, Mrs. M., 264 Channing ave
HAMILTON, Will, student, 264 Channing ave
HAMILTON, Miss Helen, 638 Channing ave
HAMMOND, P., student, 531 Cowper st
HANDY, Miss K., 1146 Waverly st
HANSEN, gardener, 657 Cowper st
HARMS, G.W., blacksmith, 465 Lytton ave
HARRELL, Mrs. A.J., 647 Cowper st
HARRER, Joseph, carpenter, 626 Homer ave
HARRER, Mrs. Joseph, 626 Homer ave
HARRIS, A., 425 Middlefield rd
HARRIS, Mrs. A., 425 Middlefield rd
HARRIS, P.C., 418 Ramona ave
HARRIS, Mrs. P.C., 418 Ramona ave
HARRIS, I., wool merchant, 541 Cowper st
HARRIS, Mrs. I., 541 Cowper st
HARRIS, Miss Blanche, student, 541 Cowper st
HARRIS, Miss May, student, 541 Cowper st
HARRIS, Miss Rosalie, student, 541 Cowper st
HART, Mrs. A.J., 325 Hamilton ave
HART, F.R., student, 325 Hamilton ave
HART, Gen. W.H.H., Block 1, Alma st
HART, Mrs. W.H.H., Block 1, Alma st
HART, Miss J., clerk Ferguson ? Co., 219 Ramona st
HART, Mrs. M.L., 321 Lytton ave
HART, Miss E.T., student, 321 Lytton ave
HARVIE, A.B., driver for Mosher, 523 Alma st
HARVIE, Mrs. A.B., 523 Alma st
HARVIE, N.B., carpenter, 523 Alma st
HATHAWAY, Miss A., student, 446 Hamilton ave
HATHORNE, Mrs. A.M., 380 Kingsley ave
HATHORNE, Miss E.H., student, 380 Kingsley ave
HAUB, Miss HlD.F., studnet, 334 Lincoln st
HAVEN, Mis M.E., 329 Lincoln st
HEASLIP, Miss M., student, Univeristy ave ? Cowper st
HEATH, Prof. Harold., 813 Marguerite st
HEATH, Mrs. Harold, 813 Marguerite st
HENLEY, A., student, 832 Marguerite st
HENRICKSEN, M.E., student, Pillsbury Bldg,. Circle
HENRY, Miss Helen, student, 129 Emerson st
HERGET, Miss M., 926 Cowper st
HETTINGER, E.A., 527 Ramona st
HETTINGER, Miss E.A., 527 Ramona st
HEYWOOD, Miss F., student, 443 Marguerite st
HEYWOOD, J.B., 443 Marguerite st
HIBBARD, Mrs. Julia, Hawthorne ave ? Emerson st
HICKS, A.R., student, 451 Channing ave
HIDDEN, Mrs., 656 Bryant st
HIDDEN, Miss M., 1027 Bryant st
HILL, Miss Bl, student, 356 Kingsley ave
HILL, Wm., driver for Paulsen's stables, 523 Alma st
HILL, Miss E.G., teacher, 450 Kingsley ave
HINMAN, Mrs. F.E., 454 Hamilton ave
HINMAN, Frank, student, 454 Hamilton ave
HOBART, E., railway employe, 935 Ramona st
HODGE, Miss M.A., student, 1146 Waverly st
HOERLE, Miss J., student, 558 Lincoln ave
HOGAN, W.R., sdtudent, 445 Forest ave
HOHL, L.L., student, 603 Waverly st
HOLDEN, Mrs. Frances, student, 630 Bryant st
HOLLY, G.W., 847 Bryant st
HOLLY, Mrs. G.W., 847 Bryant st
HOLLY, Miss T., student, 847 Bryant st
HOLLY, H.H., 234 Forest ave
HOLLY, H.H., Jr., student, 234 Forest ave
HOLLY, Mrs. H.H., 234 Forest ave
HOLT, Miss G., student, 430 Marguerite st
HOOD, George, 333 Marguerite st
HOOK, Mrs. Annie, 253 Ramona st
HOOVER, T.J., student, 417 Tasso st
HOOVER, Mrs. T.J., student, 417 Tasso st
HOPPER, M.D., student, 642 Webster st
HOPPER, Miss L.M., student, 642 Webster st
HOPPER, S.G., 642 Webster st
HORINE, Mrs. E.W., 718 Webster st
HORN, Mrs. David, 454 Forest ave
HORN, D.M., student, 454 Forest ave
HORN, Miss Grace, student, 454 Forest ave
HORN, Miss Gertrude, student, 454 Forest ave
HORTON, Mrs. M., 240 Ramona st
HOSKINS, Mrs. G.O., 704 Webster st
HOSKINS, Miss Grace, 704 Webster st
HOSKINS, Miss L., 704 Webster st
HOSKINS, Miss O., 704 Webster st
HOSKINS, Prof. L.M., 1027 Bryant st
HOSKINS, Mrs. L.M., 1027 Bryant st
HOSMER, Joseph, Hale st ? Forest age
HOWARD, Dr., 611 Waverly st
HOWARD, Mrs., 611 Waverly st
HOWARD, Mrs. M.A., dressmaker, 183 Lytton ave
HOWSE, Mrs. H.L., Lytton ave ? Ramona st
HUDSON, Geo., student, 438 Bryant st
HUDSON, Miss M.B., teacher, 626 Homer ave
HUDSON, J.L., 626 Homer ave
HUGHES, Mrs. A., 1248 Waverly st
HUGHES, Miss E., 1249 Waverly st
HUGHES, Miss F., cataloguer, 1249 Waverly st
HUGHES, A.W., butcher, 536 Ramona st
HUGHES, E.C., 969 Univeristy ave
HUGHES, Mrs. E.C., 969 Unibversity ave
HUGHES, Watt, miner, 444 Florence st
HUGHES, Mrs. Watt, 444 Florence st
HULL, A.C., student, 457 Bryant st
HUMPHREY, Edgar C., real estate, Circle
HUNTLEY, Mrs. L., music teacher, 424 High st
HUSTED, W.H., Palo Alto Cyclery, 185 Univeristy ave
HUTCHINSON, Joseph, lawyer, 403 Kingsley ave
HUTCHINSON, Mrs. Joseph, 403 Kingsley ave
HYDE, W.F., 483 Channing ave
HYDE, Mrs. W.F., 483 Channing ave
HYDE, E.L., clk Univeristy book store, 334 Lincoln ave
HYDE, Miss L., 334 Lincoln ave
HYDE, J.M., student, 334 Lincoln ave
HYDE, Miss L.S., student, 334 Lincoln ave
HYDE, Miss M.E., student, 334 Lincoln ave
HYDE, W.P., 334 Lincoln ave
HYDE, Mrs. S.S., 334 Lincoln ave
HYDE, O., Wingfiel Hall, 219 Ramona st

ILLINGWSORTH, F., student, 481 Lytton ave
IUEN, Mrs. L.C., 446 Hamilton ave

JACKSON, Byron N, student, 422 Tasso st
JACKSON, Mrs. E., 422 Tasso st
JACKSON, Mr., 819 Marguerite st
JACKSON, Mrs., teacher, 819 Marguerite
JAGGER, Mrs., White House, Lytton ave ? Ramona st
JAMES, Carlton C., student, 225 Emerson st
JEFFERS, G.B., student, 430 Marguerite st
JEFFERS, Miss Hattie, 430 Marguerite st
JENSEN, Antone, carpenter, 225 Homer ave
JENSEN, Mrs. Antone, 225 Homer ave
JENSEN, P.J., student, 426 Florence st
JOHNSON, O., gardener, 969 University ave
JOHNSON, Miss Mae, student, 558 Lincoln ave
JOHNSON, Mrs. M.A., 545 Bryant st
JOHNSON, Miss Sophia, 179 Forest ave
JOHNSTON, O.B., bus driver, 307 University ave
JOHNSTON, Prof. O.M., University ave and Tasso st
JOHNSTON, Mrs. O.M., University ave and Tasso st
JONES, Mrs. G.H., 1061 Bryant st
JONES, O.G., student, 305 Lytton ave
JORDAN, C.E., grocer, 168-170 University ave
Jordan Bros' Cash Store, 170 University ave
JORDAN, C.H., grocer, 168-170 University ave
JORDAN, L.L.D., student, 168-170 University ave
Jordan Bros' Cash Store, 168-170 University ave
JORDAN, Mrs. S.A., 656 Bryant st
JORY, Albert, 828 Ramona st
JORY, Mrs. Albert, 828 Ramona st
JORY, Miss Agnes, 828 Ramona st
JOYCE, Miss Bessie, clerk Ferguson ? Co., 347 Alma st

KANE, Miss Emily, student, University ave ? Cowper
KANE, Miss Martha, governess, 411 Waverly st
KANE, Miss Mary, 830 Bryant st
KANE, Thomas, 830 Bryant st
KANE, Miss Winifred, teacher, 830 Bryant st
KARR, Frank, buss driver, 523 University ave
KASSON, Frasnk, prihnter, 459 Channing ave
KASSON, Mrs. Frank, messenger, 459 Channing ave
KATSUNO, S., student, 631 High st
KEATINGE, Miss Annie, 835 Middlefield road
KEATINGE, Harte, 835 Middlefield road
KEATINGE, Percy, 835 Middlefield road
KEATINGE, Richard, 835 Middlefield road
KEATINGE, Mrs. R., 835 Middlefield road
KEITH, R.J., student, 356 Emerson st
KELLEY, Miss Alice, 275 Hamilton ave
KELLEY, Chas., bricklayer, 352 Everett ave
KELLEY, Mrs. J.W., 275 Hamilton ave
KELLEY, Mrs. K., 327 Hamilton ave
KELLEY, Miss V., teacher, 275 Hamilton ave
KELLOGG, Miss Emma, student, 1061 Bryant st
KELLOGG, Harry, buss driver, Pillsbury building
KEMP, Mrs. C.E., 545 Bryant st
KENDALL, Mrs. C.S., 576 Lincoln ave
KENNEY, Mrs. C.E., 454 Hamilton ave
KENNEY, Edward, student, 454 Hamilton ave
KIDDER, Mrs. E., 353 Lytton ave
KIDDER, Miss May, student, 353 Lytton ave
KIMBALL, A. De W., 839 Emerson st
KIMBALL, Miss Dora, student, 833 Emerson st
KIMBALL, Mrs. M.A., 839 Emerson st
KIMBALL, Miss Mary A., 839 Emerson st
KIMBALL, Miss Sarah L., 839 Emerson st
KIMBALL, Sherman, 959 Waverly st
KIMBALL, Rufus H., 959 Waverly st
KIMBALL, Mrs. W.A., 959 Waverly st
Kimura, Mrs. M.C., Woman's Exchange, 206 University ave
KING, Miss Mabel, student, 446 Hamilton ave
KING, Mrs. Nettie, 217 Emerson st
KINGERY, W.H., student, 335 High st
KIRKPATRICK, F., Wells, Fargo ? Co., 403 Bryant st
KIRKPATRICK, Miss Grace F, studnet, 403 Bryant st
KNAPP, Miss Bertha, student, 633 Channing ave
KNAPP, Miss Gertrude, student, 633 Channing ave
KNAPP, James E, student, 633 Channing ave
KNAPP, Mrs. W.H., 633 Channing ave
KOONTZ, J.A., student, 205 Ramona st
KOONTZ, Mrs. J.A., 205 Ramona st
KRAFT, Mrs. L., 734 Webster st
KROECK, L.S., student, 515 Waverly st

Practical Horseshoer
Wagonmaker ? Blacksmith
Corner Hamilton Ave. and Emersonm st

LAIRD, Miss M, student, 356 Kingsley ave
LAKE, W.H., bricklayer, 1026 Webster st
LAKE, Mrs. W.H., 1026 Webster st
LANGFORD, T.J., farmer, 1150 Middlefield road
La Peire's Grocery Store, 519 Ramona st
LARKIN, Joseph, cigars ? tobacco, 167 Lytton ave
LARKIN, Mrs. J., 167 Lytton ave
LATHROP, Prof. H.B., 918 Cowper st
LATHROP, Mrs. H.B., 918 Cowper st
LATHROP, Midss Myrtle, student, 127 Cowper ave
LATHROP, Miss Winona, student, 127 Cowp4er ave
LAUMEISTER, Gustave, Contractor ? Buiklder, 173 Lytton ave
LAYES, Mrs. Kate, 347 Alma st
LAYES, Miss Frasnces, clerk Univ. Bk Str, 347 Alma st
LEAKE, R.F., grocer, 733 Ramona st
LEAKE, Mrs. R.F., 733 Ramona st
Ledyard Building, 207 University ave
LEE, D.T., 727 Bryant st
LEE, Mrs. D.T., 727 Bryant st
LEE, Mrs. M.a., 1143 Webster st
Le FORT, Prof., 661 Waverly st
Leland Hall, Rooms ? Board, 455 University ave
LEONARD, Miss Maud, student, 425 Florence st
LEUTGERDING, G.H., student, 305 Lytton ave
LEWIN, Mr. and Mrs. J.J., 927 Ramona st
LEWIS, Fred, clerk Earle ? Co., 307 University ave
LEWIS, Rev. J.M., 325 Hamilton ave
LEWIS, Mrs. J.M., 325 Hamilton ave
LEYSHON, A., student, Forest ave ? Bryant st
Light Cyclery, 214 University ave

131 University Avenue
Next to Hall's Drug Store

LIND, F., 323 Marguerite st
LIND, Mrs. F., 323 Marguerite st
LINDI, Miss Annie, 324 Hamilton ave
LIST, K., mgr Virginia Lumber Co., 405 Marguerite st
LOCKWOOD, L.D, student, 515 Waverly st
LODER, Edward, 446 Florence st
LODER, Mrs. E., 446 Florence st
LOESER, Robert, student, 445 Homer ave
LOESER, Mrs. R.M., 445 Homer ave
LORD, Miss C.M., student, 660 Homer ave
LORD, Mrs. M.C., 660 Homer ave

Plumber and Gas Fitter
General Repair Work

LUCAS, George, plumber, 209 University ave
LUCAS, Harry, painter, 209 University ave
LUCAS, Joseph, painter, 209 University ave
LUCAS, H.C., student, 405 Emerson st
LULL, G., student, 611 Waverly st
LUND, Mrs. Wm., 352 Everett ave
LUTTS, Miss E., student, 760 University ave
LYNN, E., grocer, 555 Lytton ave
LYNN, Mrs. E., 555 Lytton ave
LYNN, Miss Annie, 555 Lytton ave
LYNN, Miss Ellen, student, 555 Lytton ave
LYNN, Miss Laura, 555 Lytton ave
LYON, John, coachman, 626 Homer ave
LYON, Mrs. J. 626 Homer ave

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