Santa Clara County Genealogy
Source: Santa Clara County And Itís Resources, A Souvenir of The San Jose Mercury, 1895
Courtesy of The Golden Nugget Library (where images of these pages are available online!)
Transcribed and scanned by Nancy Pratt Melton

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
Samuel F. Ayer
Adolph Greeninger
John Roll
George Elmer Rea
J. S. Selby

County Officials
Wilbur F. Parker, Auditor
L. J. Chipman, Supt. Schools
W. J. Wolcott, Supt. Almshouse
Lewis A area Spitzer, Assessor
B. A. Herrington, District Attorney
H. A. Pfister, Clerk
William A. January, Tax Collector
J. G. McMillan, Surveyor
Dr. J. K. Secord, Coroner
Joseph A.  Lotz, Treasurer
Dr. H. A.  Spencer, Veterinarian Inspector
Z. L. Orcutt, Supt. Infirmery

San Jose Physicians Of The Allopathic School
Dr. William D. Dougall
Dr. H. C. Brown
Dr. John S. Potts
Dr. A. C. McMahon
Dr. George W. Seifert
Dr. Chauncey Rea Burr
Dr. Benjamin Cory
Dr. Pedro Merlin Lusson
Dr. J. McMahon
Dr. J. U. Hall, Jr.
Dr. Richard Henry Burke
Dr. F. W. Hatch
Dr. Thomas Kelley
Dr. J. R. Curnow

San Jose City Officials
Paul P. Austin, Mayor
Paul C. Sainsevain, City Engineer
F. P. Russell, Supt. Schools
J. N. Ewing, Treasurer
A. G. Bennett, Street Commissioner
J. W. Cook, Clerk
W. B. Hardy, City Attorney

Young Men Who Are Prominent In Business Affairs.
John Janie Clayton
E. W. Conant
Z. J. Richardson
James T. Rucker
Charles Lux
F. C. Ensign
Samuel Rucker
John W. Ryland
Charles W. Coe
Joseph H. Rucker
Martin Murphy
John Shaw
Charles W. Fay
J. E. Fisher
Daniel Chapman

Santa Clara County Pioneers.
W. L. Woodrow
T. B. Kell
Dr. J. P. Backesto
Abram King
Nigel D'Oyly
C. T. Ryland
J. P. Sargent
Harry Bee
Arrived in the County in 1833.  Now a resident of Milpitas.
I. M. Davis
James A.  Clayton
J. H. Flickinger
William Mathews
Freeman B. Gates
George B. McKee
Dr. B. F. Headen

Prominent San Jose Attorneys.
Jackson Hatch
W.  P. Veuve
D. W. Burchard
Victor A. Scheller
Judge John Reynolds
S. A. Barker
D. M. Delmas
S. M. Shortridge
J. C. Black
Judge W. G. Lorigan
J. B. Kerwin
C. F. Wilcox
Judge J. W. Gass
W. L. Gill

More Prominent San Jose Attorneys.
W. C. Kennedy
H. V. Morehouse
J. R. Patton
Nicholas Bowden
Judge L. Archer
I S. Thompson
S. F. Leib
James H. Campbell
W. A. Bowden
Judge A. L. Rhodes
N. H. Castle
D. V. Mahoney
C. T. Bird
C. D. Wright

Prominent San Jose Society Ladies.
Miss Mabel Adel
Miss Aileen Kelley
Miss Isabella Tennant
Miss Wilhemina Murphy
Miss Nellie North
Mrs. T. B. Kell
Mrs. J. H. Campbell
Mrs. Dr. C. A. Wayland
Miss Sarah Flickinger
Miss Florence Belle Gordon
Miss Emma Faulkner
Mrs. Dr. A. M. Barker
Miss Mae Kell
Mrs. Dr. W. A. Southworth
Miss Wilhelmina Kell

More Prominent San Jose Society Ladies.
Miss Ethel Clayton
Mrs. H. M. N. Spring
Mrs. Dr. C. R. Burr
Miss Veva Burrell
Mrs. F. P. Wright
Miss Lula Schemmel
Mrs. H. Ward Wright
Mrs. B. D. Murphy
Miss Loleta McGeoghegan
Miss Grace Adel
Mrs. J. T. McGeoghegan
Mrs. Joseph Lewis
Miss Lizzie Murphy
Mrs. Charles Lux
Mrs. Albert Flickinger

The Santa Clara County Sheriff and His Deputies.
J. H. Lyndon, Sheriff
S. G. Benson, Chief Lieutenant
F. W. Tennant, Head Deputy
John N. Black, Jailer
Charles T. Smith, Bailiff of B. Superior Courts
Charles M. Gardner, County Jail
Edwin A. Kennedy, Outside Deputy

Prominent Santa Clara County Vineyardists.
T. B. Kerwin
Daniel Sutherland
L. Selenger
J. H. Freyschlag
J. C. Merithew
S. E. Portal
John Snyder
A. L. Williams
A. H. Wood
Richard Heney
Henry Farr
J. D. Williams
A. Zicovich
M. D. Phelps
C. Meyerholz

Prominent Homeopathic Physicians.
Dr. C. A. Goss
Dr. P. G. Denninger
Dr. F. H. Bangs
Dr. C. A. Wayland
Dr. William Simpson
Dr. Leonard Pratt
Dr. Howard B. Gates
Dr. R. E. Freeman
Dr. J. M. Bowen

The San Jose Police Force.
J. A. Kidd ward, Chief of Police
C. J. Nolting
T. Hughes
A. F. Allen
J. A. Monroe
J. Horn
E. A. McClintock
G. E. Pickering
E. Evans
C. Pfau
E. C. Gould
Thomas Vance
J. F. Prindiville
E. W. Bateman
D. W. Campbell
V. L. E. Bache
C. Shannon
R. A. Anderson
J. Humburg
J. Monahan
J. F. Haley

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