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Source: San Jose Mercury News, 15 February 1912
Thank you to Laura Zupko for transcribing this article

Exercises at Horace Mann School Yesterday
Class of 30 Pupils Graduated at Close of Midwinter Term of Work
Graduation Date: February 14, 1912

The desirability of the broader outlook was the subject of a brief but telling address given by Professor Lewis B. Avery, Principal of the San Jose High School, yesterday afternoon at the Horace Mann School graduation.  He told the children who were just finishing their first step in an education not to drop out, as many do at this time, and live to regret their mistake years later.  It s vastly better, he explained, to put in the early years in school than to put in the later years regretting the lack of the schooling.

A similar urgent entreaty to continue their work was given by Alexander Sherriffs, City School Superintendent, who contrasted the facilities in the Grammar and High Schools of today with those of a generation or two ago.  Every possible means known to the profession to assist in teaching is being used by the best schools of today, he said, and practical work is being done in the school now which a few years ago was scoffed at as visionary.  He made brief reference to the activities of the local High School, and said that no one in the class would make an error by deciding today to enter the High School and take up the work there.

The following program was given:
"Absent" (Metcalf) school, "Little Boy Blue" (Nevin) school, Class President's address, Donald Maxwell, "Out of the Deep" (Lohr), male chorus consisting of Oscar Eckstein, Mills Hall, Forrest Ford, Donald Maxwell, Fred Woolley, Russell Miller, Neville Edwards,.Truman Ford, Elmer O'Hanlon, Lawrence Wesnitzer, accompanist, Harriet Stanley, address Prof. Lewis B. Avery, vocal solo: "A Winter Lullaby" (DeKoven) Ruth Mullen, accompanist Bernice Leach, "Fairies Moonlight Dance" (Louis Gough) girls of class, address Alex Sherriffs, class song, arranged from William Tell, words by Marjorie Trueman, presentation of diplomas, John Manzer. A large picture of "The Forum" was presented to the school by the class.

Below is found the names of the graduates:
Catherine Ynes Archibald
May E. Garlinger
Minnie G. Knox
Ruth Alva Mullen
Irene Katherine Perry
Grace G. Thornton
Oscar H. Eckstein
Forrest A. Ford
Mills O. Hall,
Roland I. Hevel
Truman A. Ford
Elmer O'Hanlon
Dora V. Barnett
Mildred Lenora Hevel
Bernice Leone Leach
Celestia E. Perry
Harriet Frances Stanley
Marjorie A. Trueman
Neville G. Edwards
Ernest W. Harker
January Rowland Hale
Donald A. Maxwell
Russell C. Miller
Lawrence Wesnitzer
Fred Woolley

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