Santa Clara County Genealogy
FACULTY - 1949
Source:  The 1949 Redwood, Published by the University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California, June 1949

Reverend William C. GIANERA, S.J.
Fr. James A. KING, S.J. - Dean of Faculties, Dean of Arts and Sciences
Edwin J. OWENS - Dean of Law
George L. SULLIVAN - Dean of Engineering
Charles J. DIRKSEN - Dean of Business Administration
James A. KING, S.J. - Dean of Faculties
Karl VON DER AHE, S.J. - Dean of Men
Ernest P. WATSON, S.J. - Secretary-Treasurer
Charles F. GUENTHER, S.J. - Administrator
Edward M. STRETCH, S.J. - Vice-President

Phillip N. ALLEN - Business Administration
Robert O. ANDERSON - Business Administration
David P. ARATA - Registrar
Eugene M. BACIGALUPI, S.J. - Physics
James M. BECCHETTI - Business Administration
Edwin A. BEILHARZ - History
LeVerne E. BLOUNT, Captain - Military Science
Edward A. BOLAND, S.J. - Librariean
Lloyd L. BOLTON - Biology
Jules E. BOURET - History
Alexius W. BYRNE, S.J. - Philosophy
Clark L. CAMPBELL, M/Sgt. - Military Science
Donald R. CAMPBELL - Mathematics
William A. CARTER - Chemistry
Leonard J. CASANOVA - Director of Football
Charles S. CASASSA, S.J. - Philosophy
Edward J. CAVANAUGH - Mechanical Engineering
James E. COLLINS - Business Administration
John J. COTTRELL - Director of Baseball
Wilfred H. CROWLEY, S.J. - Philosophy
Lester A. DAUGHERTY, Colonel - Military Science
Joseph F. DECK - Chemistry
Cornelius F. DEENEY, S.J. - Political Science
Samuel DELLA MAGGIORE - Director of Tennis and Wrestling
Hugh C. DONAVON, S.J. - Religion
Thomas E. EAZARSKY, Sgt. 1/Cl. - Military Science
Austin J. FAGOTHEY, S.J. - Philosophy
France R. FLAIM - Biology
Carlo M. FLUMIANI - Political Science
Edmund C. FLYNN - Civil Engineering
Edwin G. FORREST - Assistant Football Coach
William C. GIERISCH, W.O.J.G. - Military Science
Martin C. GLAVINA - German
James D. HAND, Lt. Colonel - Military Science
Harold P. HAYES - Mechanical Engineering
Dennis A. HEENAN - Athletic Department
Richard M. HERMES - General Engineering
Bernard R. HUBBARD, S.J. - Geology
Davis HUTCHINSON - Mechanical Engineering
James F. KEARNEY, S.J. - Philosophy
William F. LESTER, S.J. - Latin
Gerald E. McDONALD - English
Robert E. McMAHON, S.J. - Economics
John L. MADDUX, S.J. - English
Joseph L. MARTIN, S.J. - Religion
Herman A. MEISTER - Assistant Football Coach
John H. MERRYMAN - Law
Joseph F. MONASTA - Business Administration
Henry P. NETTESHEIM - Electrical Engineering
Edward J. NILAND, Jr. - Law
John P. O'CONNELL, S.J. - English
Umberto OLIVIERI - Italian
Donald E. PAULSEN - Chemistry
Robert J. PERILLAT - Philosophy
Ray S. PESCO - Director of Basketball
Carlos F. PEVERLEY - English
Brainerd PLEHN - General Engineering
Dean PRITCHETT, M/Sgt. - Military Science
Donald J. RANNEY - English
Woodrow W. REEDY, M/Sgt. - Military Science
Jack J. ROCHE, Jr. - Assistant Football Coach
RIchard R. SCHINDLER - Civil Engineering
Henry F. SCHMIDT - Athletic TraIner
Richard M. SCHMIDT - English
Walter E. SCHMIDT, S.J. - Religion
Herbert E. SCHONLAND - Mathematics
George J. SEIGEL, M/Sgt. - Military Science
Edward SHIPSEY, S.J. - English
Ferdinand SPIELER, S.J. - Physics
Floyd O. TACKLIND, Major - Military Science
William J. TOBIN, S.J. - Relition
Robert TOMASHEK - Education
Clemens D. VAN PERRE - French
Victor B. VARI - Spanish
James L. VIZZARD, S.J. - Political Science
Karl E. VON DER AHE, S.J. - Student Counselor
James E. WADE - English
Henry L. WALSH, S.J. - Religion
Edward V. WARREN, S.J. - English
William J. WARREN - Electrical Engineering
Albert D. WASEL - Mathematics
Maureice W. WELDS - Publicity Director

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