Santa Clara County Genealogy
Source: California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, Published by The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, 1957

Our Society was organized on June 22, 1875, with a charter membership of 274. At this time Judge A.L. RHODES was elected President - to be assisted by John M. MURPHY and Peter O. MINOR as Vice-Presidents. The genial editor of the "California Pioneer" - Alexander P. MURGOTTEN - became our first Secretary - a position which he filled for many years. Our finances were presided over by Judge John H. MOORE as Treasurer.

The first annual meeting took place at O'Donnell's Gardens on June 22, 1876. In September of the same Year, Hon. David BELDEN delivered on ever-remembered address, at our first quarterly meeting, held at the Music Hall.

The second quarterly meeting found the Hon. C.T. RYLAND, speaker of the occasion; and from those days to the present time, these quarterly gatherings have been most outstanding and "looked-forward-to" events in the life of the Society.

Among the great numbers of memorable social events that have graced the past, the best remembered are perhaps the celebration of Admission Day on September 8th, 1877. The California Pioneers of San Francisco, the recently organized Native Sons of the Golden West and Mexican War Veterans were our guests. Following a parade unique for its size and the gradeur of its floats, all adjourned to a barbecue wherein a trench 200 feet long, 3 feet deep and 3 wide, 27 hogs, 25 sheet and 16 beeves were spitted under the direction of Uncle Ike BRANHAM, assisted by Henry LUX and others.

Over a score of years later - December 20, 1899 - we sponsored a three-day celebration - one of the grandest ever held in a county notable for celebration. The old Capital of California was reproduced and here, Mayor Charles J. MARTIN presided.

On November 17th, 1946, in the Hotel Sainte Clarie, we recalled the 100th Anniversary of that picturesque Captain of Cavalry, Don Andres Castilleros, opening of the new Almaden mine. President Allan P. LINDSAY presided at the banquet which followed an address by Dr. Milton H. SHITES on "The Oldest, Richest, Longest-Lived, Most Drama and History Laden Mine in California."

On August 24, 1852, we held a picnic at the old Alma School, as a final tribute to two historical filled villages of the Santa Cruz mountains, Alma and Lexington. The affair was presided over by President Ada CARABAL, and Clyde ARBUCKLE was the speaker of the day. Many old-timers from that area who attended the school, and traded in the town of Alma, were present, together with railroad men, now retired, who operated the narrow-gauge and broad-gauge trains through the little towns. Lexington was an old stage-coach station. These two towns are now submerged under a huge water reservoir.

The society started a note-worthy project during the Presidency of Mrs. Albert LUHRMAN, sponsoring an annual scholarship for college students, majoring in Calfirnia and Santa Clara Valley history.

Lately, the society members, under the able guidance of our President Percy H. THOMPSON, have enjoyed numerous excursions and trips by bus to various points containting historical drama and background, in the State of California. These trips have proven most popular and exceedingly educational to our members and visitors.

The present time finds the society on a firm foundation - socially and financially - with a membership of 235.


OFFICERS 1957-68

President - Mr. Percy H. THOMPSON
First Vice-President - Mr. Charles D. WARBURTON
Second Vice-President - Mrs. Charles F. PETERSON
Treasurer - Mr. Charles A. PAYNE
Financial Secretary - Mrs. Ora H. MERRITT
Corresponding Secretary - Mrs. Andrew J. MALAVOS
Recording Secretary - Mrs. Edith TITCOMB
Parliamentairan - Mr. Herbert C. JONES
Historian - Mr. Clyde ARBUCKLE
Auditor - Mrs. Minnie G. CREIGHTON
Auditor - Mr. J. Winter SMITH
Auditor - Mrs. Mabel G. OGIER
Marshal - Dr. A.T. LEONARD
Director - Mrs. Kate L. OWEN
Director - Mrs. Dan W. GRAY


Miss Jessie ACKERMAN
Mrs. Jane BACON
Mrs. Bertha M. RICE


Judge Augustus L. RHODES
Robert PAGE
Alexander P. MURGOTTEN
John F. PYLE
William E. GAGE
Mrs. Rosalie ANDREWS
Mrs. Hector DE SMET
Mrs. Maurice J. GRAHAM
Mrs. John B. OGIER
Hon. Allan P. LONDSAY
Mrs. Albert CARABAL
Mrs. Albert LUHRMAN

ALLGOOD, Mrs. Lelia G., 533 Locust St., S.J.
ARBUCKLE, Clyde, 988 Franquette Ave., S.J.

BAKER, Mrs. Juanita, 1966 Meridian Rd., S.J.
BARNARD, Mrs. L.C., 125 Valley View Ave., S.J.
BATCHELOR, Mrs. Lillian J., 908 W. Julian St., S.J.
BATCHELOR, Miss Vanley J., 908 W. Julian St., S.J.
BAYLEY, Mrs. Rachael, 640 E. Julian St., S.J.
BEALE, Mrs. Mabel, 1060 Lincoln Ave., S.J.
BENDER, Mrs. Irene, 251 Spencer Ave., S.J.
BENNETT, Mrs. Ellen D., Rt. 2, Box 2865, Aptos
BERBERICH, Elizabeth, 319 N. 16th St., S.J.
BERNHARDT, Miss Gertrude, 470 E. Santta Clara, S.J.
BLACKIE, Mrs. H. Gertrude, P.O. Box 413,, Redwood Estates
BLUM, Mrs. Anna, 1806 Emory St., S.J.
BOHLIN, Mrs. Hazel M., 1898 Emory St., S.J.
BOLINGER, Mrs. Edith, Box 19681 Prospect Rd., Cupertino
BORCHERS, Mrs. Abbie Simons, 1660 University Dr., San Jose.
BRENNAN, Florabel (Dan), 156 Davitt St., Oakdale
BRIGGS, Mrs. Clara B., 1460 Davis St., S.J.
BROOKS, Mrs. Flora G., 1235 Benton St., Santa Clara
BUCHANAN, Mrs. Pauline (H.H.), 2027 Lynwood Terrace, San Jose
BUDDE, Mrs. Gladys, 690 Jackson St., Santa Clara
BULMORE, Mr. Laurence E., 1831 San Pedro, Berkeley
BURKE, Wm. Stanislaus, 271 S. 13th St., S.J.
BURNETT, Mrs. Harriet, 2341 Richland Ave., S.J.
BURNETT, Mrs. Mabel A., 1915 Emory St., S.J.
BURNETT, David M., 1915 Emory St., S.J.
BURTNER, Millie, 474 Hull Ave., S.J.

CARABAL, Mrs. Ada Fox, Rt. 6, Box 3959
CASSINGHAM, Mrs. Linda, 1158 Settle Ave, S.J.
CASTERSON, Mrs. Martha, 27 Peter Drive, Campbell
CASTRO, Lucille M., 332 Vine St., S.J.
CHARGIN, Mrs. J.M., 167 Vine St., S.J.
CHARGIN, Joseph A., Jr., 111 Norwood Ave., S.J.
CHARGIN, Victor A., First Nat'l. Bk. Bldg., S.J.
CHLOUPEK, Mrs. Minette, 1069 Morse St., S.J.
CHRISTOPHER, Mr. A.L., Rt. 2, Box 602, Morgan Hill
CLARK, Mrs. Howard, P.O. Box 60, Madera
CLARK, Mrs. Minnie L., 1327 Cherry Ave., S.J.
COLEMAN, Bessie, Sr., 345 South 12th St., S.J.
COOK, Mrs. Louise J., 1950 Park Ave., S.J.
COOPER, Miss Elizabeth P., 115 S. 12th St., S.J.
COX, Mrs. Mary K. (Geo H.), 536 N. 12th St., S.J.
CREIGHTON, Mrs. Minnie, 1005 Camino Ramon, S.J.
CRIBARI, Mrs. Emily (Angelo G.), 2063 Linwood Terr., S.J.
CROSS, Ralph, 111 Sutter St., #1333, San Francisco
CRUSOE, Miss Katherine M., 364 S. 6th St., S.J.
CUNNINGHAM, Mrs. Florence, 14065 Saratoga Ave., Saratoga
CURRLIN, Dr. Albert R., P.O. Box 51, Milpitas
CURRLIN, Mrs. Lillian Fox, 1207 Emory St., S.J.

DAWSON, Mrs. Leah, 1112 Delmas SAvenue
De VOE, Mrs. Kathryn, Morgan Hill
DOERR, Mr. Fred, 465 S. 16th St., S.J.
DOUGHERTY, Viola B., 1971 Park Ave., S.J.
DRAKE, Mrs. Pearl B., 1058 Chapman St., S.J.
DREW, Mrs. John, Sr., 456 Almaden Ave., S.J.

EDDY, Miss Viginia, 376 N. 5th St., S.J.

FARRELL, Mrs. Wm. C., 135 Graham St., Apt. D., S.J.
FAULKNER, Mrs. Martha, 954 N. 4th St., S.J.
FEIGION, Mrs. Elsie, 2361 E. 29th St., Oakland
FISCHER, Clyde E., 471 E. Santa Clara St., S.J.
FLANDERS, Miss Edith M., 1198 Brace Ave., S.J.
FOUNTAIN, Mrs. Mildred F., Tr. 1, Box 1190, Santa Clara
FRANKLIN, Mrs. Josephine, 347 North 14th St., S.J.
FRASSE, Mr. Irvin A., Commercial Bldg., S.J.
FREVERT, Olive B., 321 Mayellen Ave., S.J.
FARNSWORTH, Ann, 2020 Santa Clara Ave., Santa Clara

GALE, Mrs. Gertrude J., 1060 Westwood Drive, S.J.
GALLAGHER, Mrs. Mamie A., 1550 Calaveras Ave., S.J.
GERLACH, Mrs. E. Regina, 831 Santa Clara-Los Gatos Rd., San Jose
GETCHELL, Mrs. Inez Green, 429 N. 6th St., S.J.
GILL, Mrs. James, 1050 Greenwood Ave., S.J.
GILMN, Miss Maud R., 2079 Scott St., S.J.
GOLDING, Mrs. Gladys (Cyril), 21529 Old Mine Rd., Los Gatos
GRAF, Jack J.R., 232 E. Empire St., S.J.
GRAHAM, Miss Catherine, 615 Franklin St., Santa Clara
GRAHAM, Miss Nell, 615 Franklin St., Santa Clara
GRANT, Mrs. Frances F., 73 E. Julian St., S.J.
GRAVES, Mrs. Kathleen M., 64 S. 4th St., S.J.
GRAY, Mrs. Gertrude W., 93 Devine St., S.J.

HACKETT, George M., 1516 Franklin St., Santa Clara
HALFORD, Miss Frances M., 165 S. 16th St., S.J.
HALL, Marshall S., First Nat'l. Bk. Bldg., S.J. Wardell Rd., Saratoga
HARDING, Mrs. Emma, 518 S. 2nd St., S.J.
HARDING, Mr. George L., 1030 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto
HARRIS, Mrs. Alice V., 258 N. 17th St., S.J.
HENNING, Nellie B., 235 S. 16th St., S.J.
HOLZER, Ernest N., 1630 Lincoln Ave., S.J.
HOLZER, Mrs. Theo M., 1630 Lincoln Ave., S.J.
HOURECAN, Miss Mary F., Saratoga
HUGHSON, Mrs. Una B., 1233 Sierra Ave., S.J.

JAMES, Judge William F., Santa Clara Co. Court House, S.J.
JENSEN, Mrs. Elsie, 520 Brandley Av., S.J.
JOHNSON, Mr. Arthur L., 1254 Redondo Dr., S.J.
JOHNSON, Mr. Herschel, Rt. 4, Rox 241A, S.J.
JONES, Herbert C., 2795 Ori Ave., S.J.

KARSTEDT, Mrs. Eulah, 668 Morse St., S.J.
KAYSER, Mrs. Phoebe G. (Wm.), 375 S. 17th St., S.J.
KEFFEL, Edward G., 945 Fremont St., Santa Clara
KEFFEL, Adelene V., 945 Fremont St., Santa Clara
KELLOFF, Alice Yates, 418 Hamilton Ave., San Francisco
KEVILLE, Mrs. Hugh J., 18 Clarendon Rd., Burlingame
KIERSTED, Mrs. Dorothy I., Rt. 6, Box 1041 Gish Rd., San Jose
KNICKREM, Mrs. Louise, Clio, Plumas Co,. Calif.
KNOEPPEL, Mrs. Velma H., 1622 Shortridge Ave., San Jose
KOOSER, Mrs. Dollie B., 665 Coe Ave., S.J.
KELLEY, Amelia, 191 S. Morrison Ave., San Jose

LEDYARD, Dr. B.C., American Trust Co. Bldg., S.J.
LEONARD, Dr. A.T., 1515 Masonic Ave., S.F.
LESTER, Mrs. Viola B., 1135 Camino Pablo, S.J.
LEWIS, Mrs. Lenore, 747 Short St., Pacific Grove, 1326 Iris Court, San Jose
LINDEMAN, Mrs. E. Lavinia, 1118 Brace Ave., San Jose
LINDSAY, Allan Peter, 5 S. 13th St., S.J.
LEWIS, Mrs. C.C., 296 So. 10th St., S.J.
LOGUE, James M., 654 S. 16th St., S.J.
LOWE, Mrs. Annie W., 543 N. San Pedro, S.J.
LUCE, Mrs. Mable G., 32 S. 14th St., S.J.
LUCHSINGER, Miss Anna A., 555 E. St. James St., S.J.
LUHRMAN, Miss Lou, 55 S. 16th St., S.J.
LUHRMAN, Mrs. Lovene, 1062 Cherry Ave., S.J.
LUND, Mrs. Hazel S., 331 University Ave., Los Gatos
LYNN, Mrs. Josephine E., 10076 Endfield Way, S.J.

MADERIS, Gussie, 75 N. Claremont Ave., S.J.
MALOVOS, Mrs. E., 595 So. 13th St., S.J.
MARTIN, Mrs. Carolyn, 730 Palm Haven Dr., S.J.
MATTEI, Mrs. Susie, 456 S. Genevieve Lane, S.J.
MAYNE, Mr. George, Box 1810 Coffin Rd., Santa Clara
MAYNE, Miss Virginia, Box 1810 Coffin Rd., Santa Clara
MERRITT, Mrs. Ora H., 256 N. 3rd St. Apt. 5, S.J.
MIGNON, Miss Helen, 1094 W. San Fernando St., S.J.
MILLER, Frank H., 591 Coe Ave., San Jose
MILLER, Mrs. Adelaide C.B., 591 Coe Ave., S.J.
MINER, Mrs. Tina, Box 244, Saratoga
MOENING, Mr. Milton G., 1094 S. 2nd St., S.J.
MORE, Martha A., 248 S. 9th St., S.J.
MOULTHROP, Elizabeth M., 14450 Esther Dr., S.J.
MURPHY, Mrs. Be, 1947 The Alameda, S.J.
MURRAY, Charles A., 45 Cleaves Ave., S.J.
MURRAY, John A., 45 Cleaves Ave., S.J.
McCARTY, Mrs. Eldora, 125 Eldora Dr., Mt. View
McGLYNN, Mrs. Ellen, 806 S. 6th St., S.J.
McCOY, Mrs. Frances C., Rt. 1, Box 124A, Saratoga
McKECHNIE, Mrs. Mary H., 603 S. 1st St., Apt. 1, S.J.
McMAHON, Mrs. Maye, 1215 Yosemite Ave., S.J.
MOREHOUSE, Ada R., 585 North 16th St., S.J.

NOAKES, Mrs. Louise, 323 Rutland Ave., S.J.
NORRIS, Mrs. Evelyn, 1742 Cottle Ave., S.J.

O'BRIEN, Jerry, 600 Old Orchard Rd., Campbell
O'CONNELL, Mr. Dan, 135 S. 13th St., S.J.
OGIER, Mrs. Mable Guerraz, Tr. 4, Box 210, S.J.
OLINDER, Mrs. Selma B., 108 N. 3rd St., S.J.
OLIPHANT, Violet H., 481 N. San Pedro, S.J.
OSEN, Mrs. Lottie H., 1192 Cherry Ave., S.J.
OVERFELT, Miss Mildred L., Rt. 5, Box 97, S.J.
OWEN, Mrs. Kate L., 362 6th St., S.J.
OWEN, Mrs. Dora, 17355 Doyle Rd., S.J.

PAYNE, Charles A., 1233 Sierra Ave., S.J.
PARMENTIER, Mrs. Charlotte, 425 N. 14th St., S.J.
PETERS, Mrs. Annie T., 1530 Davis St., S.J.
PETERSON, Mrs. Charles F., 9 Glen Eyrie, S.J.
PHILLIPS, Miss Gladys E., 163 N. 13th St., S.J.
PRICE, Mrs. Louise, 92 S. 15th St., S.J.
PROSSER, Ethel, 47 Brookline Ave., S.J.
POOR, Mrs. J.C., 995 Willow St., S.J.
PRATT, Mrs. Gertrude WS., 160 S. 12th St., S.J.
PINARD, Naomi, 562 South 6th St., S.J.

REDONICH, Eleanor E., 169 Viola Ave., S.J.
REED, Frazier O., 136 S. 13th St., S.J.
REED, Susie, 132 N. 5th St., S.J.
RENDLER, Eugene, 1233 McKendrie St., S.J.
RENDLER, Mrs. Edna, 429 Lakehouse St., S.J.
RHOADS, Mrs. Earl, 1385 Lincoln Ave., S.J.
RHOADS, Dr. Earl E., 1385 Lincoln Ave., S.J.
RIDLEY, Mrs. Edna C., 1321 Ridley Way, S.J.
ROBINSON, Mrs. Mildred, 336 S. 5th St., S.J.
RODRIGUES, Mrs. Edna, 155 E. Empire St., S.J.
ROGERS, Mrs. Wilma Foss, 237 Littleness Ave., Monterey
ROURKE, Mrs. Margaret, 569 14th St., San Francisco
RUTAN, Mrs. Emma Jane, Montgomery Hotel, S.J.
RYAN, Mrs. Luella S., 1038 Camino Ricardo, S.J.
RYAN, Mrs. Sophie, 162 Locust St., S.J.

SANFORD, Mrs. Alice, 502 Hull Ave., S.J.
SALAS, Dorothy, 1681 Parkside Ave., S.J.
SCHOENHEIT, Mrs. W., 1926 McDaniel Ave., S.J.
SCHORN, Ethel, Box 224, Morgan Hill
SERPA, Mrs. Marie E., 474 E. Empire St., S.J.
SHERBURNE, Miss Jane E., 1069 Morse St., S.J.
SHORE, Mrs. GLadys K., 124 Wilder Ave., Los Gatos
SHUMAN, Mrs. Elayne C., 145 Wilder Ave., Los Gatos
SICOTTE, Mrs. Minnie F. (Wilfred), 63 S. 19th St., S.J.
SIMPSON, Fred J., P.O. Box 3, Palo Alto
SKOW, Mrs. H.C., 1057 Glen Echo Dr., S.J.
SMITH, Bessie C., 180 West St. James Street, S.J.
SMITH, J. Winter, Rt. 6, Box 384, S.J.
SMOTHERS, Miss Ethel, 460 N. First St., S.J.
SOURESSEAU, Miss Eva, 165 E. Humboldt St., S.J.
SPECIALE, Mr. O.H., 560 N. 1st St., S.J.
SPITZER, Mr. Louis A., 3855 Demont Ave., Oakland
SPRUNG, Mrs. Anna L., 1611 Hanchett Ave., S.J.
STAATS, Mrs. Christine L., 741 Madison St., Santa Clara
STACKHOUSE, Mrs. Mabel, 477 N. 3rd St., S.J.
STEINAGEL, Mrs. Ida S., 430 S. 2nd St., S.J.
STILLWELL, Mrs. Mae J., 452 S. 9th St., S.J.
STUART, Mrs. Lottie, Rt. 2, Box 363, Martinez
SULLIVAN, Mrs. Henrietta (C.J.), 1222 Sierra Mar, S.J.
SULLIVAN, John R., 84 S. 1st St., S.J.
SULLIVAN, Mrs. Helen, 865 Chapman St., S.J.
SUND, Mrs. Mabel Grant, 615 E. St., Marysville

TAYLOR, Arthur P., 828 S. 7th St., S.J.
TELFER, Mrs. Elizabeth B., 877 Myrtle St., S.J.
THOMPSON, Mrs. Edith, 203 S. 14th St., S.J.
TITCOMB, Miss Edith, 1250 Magnolia Ave., S.J.
TOURTILLOTT, True Trevor, Rt. 3, Box 440, S.J.
TROIA, Salvatora, 228 Meridian Rd., S.J.
TUCKER, Mrs. Leone A. (Chas E.), 881 Arbutus St., Reno, Nev.

VEIT, Mrs. Ellen B., 606 Delmas Ave., S.J.
VETTERLE, Miss Alice, 760 E. St. James St., S.J.
VON DORSTEN, Forrest F., 19750 Douglas Lane, Saratoga

WALKER, Mrs. Margaret, 198 Sycamore St., San Carlos
WALTER, Mabel C., 1091 Warren Ave., S.J.
WARBURTON, Austen D., 790 Locust St., Santa Clara
WARBURTON, Mrs. Mary D., 790 Locust St., Santa Clara
WATSON, Mrs. P.J., 655 Riverside Dr., S.J.
WHITE, Harriet Ortley, 212 N. Spring St., Ukiah
WILLISTON, Alice, 93 S. 19th St., S.J.
WILLIAMS, Miss Carrie F., 410 E. San Fernando St., S.J.
WILLIAMS, Mrs. M.B. (Amos), 323 S. 15th St., S.J.
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Gertrude, 351 Brookwood Ave., S.J.
WILLIAMS, Kate Eaton, 1618 Shortridge Ave., S.J.
WISE, Helen F., 1015 Hedding St., S.J.
WOELFFEL, Mrs. Gertude, 51 Park Court, Santa Clara
WRIGHT, Charles F., P.O. Box 700, S.J.
WRIGHT, Mrs. Muriel M., 16331 Englewood Ave., L.G.

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